Size 10 Shoe Haul!

Thursday 5 January 2017

Some of my more regular readers may know that I have pretty big feet. They are a UK size 10 in fact! It makes shoe shopping rather interesting, especially as I don't wear any animal products. This Christmas was a rather unusual one for me, as I got shoes galore! As I have size 10 feet I thought I'd share all my new shoes and where they are from so other big footed types might get some inspiration too.

First up, my husband Stu totally surprised me and got me these amazing fringed faux suede ankle boots from Yours Clothing. I am obsessed with these! I shared them on my Facebook dropping serious Christmas hints and Stu ordered me them as soon as he saw them.

These are like the Dolly Parton boots of my dreams. The heel is cute but not too high, and I can't wait to wear them. I just wish they also did a longer calf length version too!

I've been wearing Converses constantly since I was about 12 years old, and I also dropped major hints about these as a potential Christmas present idea. I've got a few pairs of hi top Converses but no lo tops, so these produced instant lust.

These are part of the Andy Warhol Converse collection, and this particular style is available in up to a size 13 which is awesome. The lips featured on the shoes belong to Marilyn Monroe and I love that they are pink and red.

I'm not a Warhol fan, but these were too much fun to resist. A pair of quirky Converses can really finish off an outfit and I can't wait for dryer weathers to wear these constantly. Thanks Momma!

I've shared my love for the men's shoe section on ASOS before, and these were a great find. My Nanna kindly got me these River Island iridescent trainers and they are so cool. As with all the shoes I've featured, these are faux leather, and the iridescent patent area is like a beautiful oil slick in the sun. The photos really do not do these justice!

These are available in up to a size 12 and the 10 fits me great, because they are from the men's section they tend to be a wider fit which is great for babes with wider feet. Never be afraid to shop the men's section! Gender is a construct society made up, feet do not have a gender.

Now these I didn't actually ask for, but my Mum saw them and got me them and they are SO cute. Another Yours Clothing special, these go up to a size 10 too. These are the open toe platform shoes and I don't think I've ever owned such a 'normal' and 'fashion' pair of women's shoes. Discovering Yours do a size 10EEE has been a revelation!

These has a platform on the front so the heel is less intimidating. I find platforms so much more comfortable than heels without.

And the final pair (I told you it was a shoe heavy Christmas!) are another Yours Clothing find from my Nanna. I love a good gladiator sandal and the other ones I have from Yours are ridiculously comfy so I am hoping these are too.

My shoe collection has drastically expanded this Christmas and I really need to rearrange my shoe cupboard now!

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. OH MY GIDDY GOD THOSE CONVERSE. Must. Investigate.

    I got sparkly Kate Spade Keds for Christmas, but they only go up to a 7.5 because there is no justice in the world.


    1. There truly is no justice! What I wouldn't give for some glittery shoes! I love that these Converse go up to a size 12 despite being a traditionally 'girly' colour and print, yay for Converse! xx

  2. They look great. I, like you, don't wear animal products, so I know how hard is to find the perfect design that fits and it's in budget.

  3. Wow some gorgeous shoes. Nice when someone buys you something nice especially when it's often harder for you to buy x

  4. Oh I love them all! And they look so YOU �� Those pink converses are everything for the spring! Amd the versatility of those black your clothing heels....oh they look so comfy too! Need to pay a visit to yours clothing!

    1. Thank you honey! They are really really comfy, love any platforms from Yours :)

  5. What a cowboy shoes :) It is interesting does these are still popular these days? :) I've never saw anything like that on shopping centers or e-shops. Neither distributors do offer cowboy style shoes.. It's a pity - they are quite unique to wear.