Alivya V Free Photoshoot

Tuesday 3 January 2017

It's always a privilege to photograph Alivya V Free, so she was perfect for my last photoshoot of 2016. We've been working together for 10 years this year! Liv is a wonderful human being and we hadn't had chance to really hang out since the wedding (she was one of my bridesmaids) so I was super glad to get to squish her and photograph her too.

We don't tend to do much planning in the way of photoshoots, all we decided this time was that we'd shoot head shots and beauty portraits exclusively, and wing it!

It wouldn't be a shoot with Liv if we didn't involve one of her amazing headpieces. She makes the coolest accessories! I can't even begin to imagine how long it would have taken to cover this in crystals. Side note - I don't photoshop skin, Liv's skin is just this flawless.

One of the fun things about improvising with Liv is how creative she is. We used a cut up Christmas decoration for this look!

When Liv and I first started working together she was super goth, and I was a terrible walking alternative photographer cliche. Deep down inside we are both still secret goths, so we always like to shoot something spooky together. We actually used the leftover tulle from my wedding veil that Liv made me for this look!

For my personal favourite set of the shoot 'The Wild Queen' the makeup got smeared and Liv really went for it with the expressions. I love this set so much! She got the crown from Ebay, such a good bargain.

I just adore Liv, and I can't wait to work with her again. In 2017 I plan on much more of this sort of work, so get in touch!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. These are beautiful as is this lady and here headwears!!!

  2. Wow seriously gorgeous photos! What is give for skin that perfect! X

  3. These photos are great. Very talented Kitty. I'm well impressed! Angela

  4. wow these are amazing, and I agree she has amazing skin. Love it <3