2016 Favourites

Sunday 1 January 2017

For the first blog of 2017, I thought I'd share some of my favourite things of 2016!

Favourite Song - Daddy Lessons by Beyoncé and The Dixie Chicks

I fell absolutely in love with this song after hearing it at the CMAs. I haven't listened to all of Lemonade yet, but this song is fantastic. It's catchy country as it's best and I love it. Beyonce emerging as a political artist this year has been so incredible.

Favourite Shopping Website - ASOS Curve

This year I've bought so much from ASOS Curve. Getting Premier was a real bargain for how much I buy from them, and getting points that turn into vouchers as part of ASOS A-List is awesome! They release so many new pieces daily that there's always something new to look at. It's my go-to place for basics and it's very reasonably priced. Even my bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS.

Favourite Makeup Company - Makeup Revolution and Colourpop

It's a tie for this one as I couldn't pick just one. The Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes are just everything and I use them daily, they are particularly great for travelling. Colourpop are my fave for lip products and both are cruelty free! The Makeup Revolution advent calendar was a particular highlight.

Favourite Movie - I am reasonably sure I haven't seen a movie that was released this year, I haven't even seen the new Star Trek yet which is very unlike me. It's not been a year of films for me!

Favourite TV Show - The Walking Dead & Luke Cage

I hadn't seen The Walking Dead till this year but we binge watched the whole thing and are now up to date. I love it! Daryl and Michonne are my favourites, she's such a bad ass. Negan is also the best villain I've come across in a long time, he really enjoys being a villain and is great to love to hate. It has it's problems, but it has some really strong female characters that don't need anyone to save them and I love that.

Luke Cage was incredible for totally different reasons. Taking the Luke Cage story and setting it in modern day Harlem and making it political was a brilliant choice, and it is the incredible story of a reluctant superhero. It discusses the Black Lives Matters movement, it celebrates blackness, and it is so powerful. The images of Luke Cage in his hoodie, impenetrable by bullets, defending his neighbourhood as a hero are something else.

Favourite Clothing Company - Navabi

Consistently wonderful, a stunning range of clothing, the best customer service, and they are never, ever problematic. They celebrate plus size bodies and are proud to cater for us. Love them! Plus size brands need to take note of Navabi and see how they run their social media and learn all of the things.

Favourite Event - Easy choice, our wedding! Best day of my life and just ridiculously fun. Everything went so perfectly and I got to marry my best friend. Yay! Being married is so wonderful and I am so lucky to have Stu.

What were your 2016 favourites?

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. Lovely post. Asos is also my favourite website. You look lovely.

  2. Loved reading through your favourites, I think we're both in agreement with ASOS Curve, Navabi and Makeup Rev! You're the billionth person to mention Colorpop though in their favourites roundups and its pushing me to place an order!x

  3. What a great post! I love Makeup Revolution, have yet to try Navabi and need to start watching The Walking Dead!! Have a great 2017 my lovely xxx

    1. Oh you will love Navabi, such a lovely company. Same to you sweet! xx

  4. I love the wedding photo. It's looks like a fab event and of course a highlight for you. I have not tried asos but will be looking into it.