10 Random Facts About Me

Thursday 3 November 2016

It's been a while since I did a blog post about 'me', rather than about fashion or body politics, so I thought I'd throw in a random facts post to say hey to any newbies to my blog!

First, here's a little general 'about me' - 

I'm Kitty Morris, age 28, recently married the love of my life Stu in June. Step parent to 3 children (I don't blog about them at all to respect their privacy), and Momma to 3 cats and a dog (who I talk about constantly online). Our cats are called Stitches, Patch and Lemmy Katmister, and our dog is Ashen. All 4 are rescues, adopt don't shop!

So, some random facts...

1) I got talking to my husband because I told a teeny tiny white lie the night I met him. He asked me if I liked Skid Row, and if I wanted to come see a tribute with him and some friends in a week's time. I told him I loved them, and would totally go with him... When I got home that night I googled Skid Row and desperately hoped I'd like them. Turns out I knew some of their songs, and they were absolutely my sort of thing. They quickly became one of my favourite bands. I fessed up 2 years later.

2) I have green eyes. When I was a kid they were more blue/grey, but once I hit my teens they settled on green. I once attracted a troll on instagram who gave me a load of abuse for saying I had green eyes... even though I do.

3) I really, really, really hate peppers. Like bell peppers. The texture of them creeps me out so badly. I think it feels like flesh, and it creeps me out, I can't eat them. Stu finds this totally hilarious and teases me relentlessly about it.

4) My ultimate cheer me up film that I watch whenever I'm poorly, or down, is Con Air. I must have seen it 70 times. I love it. It's ridiculous and hilarious. Put the bunny back in the box!

5) I don't like even numbers. When I set alarms or set volumes it has to be at an odd number, preferably a 1, 3 or 7. Setting an alarm for 8:00 just bugs me and I can't do it. 8:01 it has to be.

Photo by ClickClickBang, flowers by Fleurations.

6) I collect succulents and cacti. I have about 30 varieties in the house currently, and have planted more into pots in the garden that have grown too big for the house. It's why we had them in our wedding in our table decorations and flowers, I just adore them.

7) Lemmy Katmister, our newest cat, loves to sleep under the covers with us, which is so weird. He likes to be the little spoon. He's so odd. It can be very disconcerting haha! We recently discovered that this is because he doesn't understand blankets. When I'm under a blanket, the only bit of me he thinks exists is the bit that isn't covered, so my head/face most of the time. So when I life the covers he then understands I exist even when under the blanket, but wants to stay under the blanket in the alternative blanket dimension.

8) I can't say the word phenomenal. I just can't say it. I get stuck in the middle of it and can't get to the end of it. Never have been able to say it and I have no idea why.

9) I didn't always have the gap in my front teeth. I had braces for a couple of years, and they were removed before they were ready to be removed. It left me with gaps either side of my mouth that were about a tooth width, my teeth have slowly moved backwards into those gaps, leaving me with my front tooth gap and small gaps at the sides to. Over time it is slowly getting wider as my teeth move.

10) Speaking of my mouth, I also have my smiley piercing. I've had it for 4 years now and absolutely adore it. I wear piercing suitable plastic in it so it doesn't rub on my gums, and my dentist is happy with it. Most people find over the period of a few years theirs grows out, mine hasn't budged. Apparently I have quite the sturdy upper lip frenulum.

So, there, you go, some random facts about me, leave me one about you!

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. I love the little white lie anecodate - I'm impressed you kept that sectret from your husband for two full years! :) Tx

    1. haha right? I felt so terrible when I fessed up, but so worth it! xx

  2. Love your hair, so pretty!
    Lemmy Katmister - love the name! Mine wouldn't snuggle under the duvet with me, he just lies on the top when I'm not looking and gets hair everywhere to let me know he's been in! x


    1. Thank you honey! He's the only cat I've ever had that likes to haha, such a creeper, the other 2 sleep on the covers :) x

  3. This is a fun post and a great way to get to know more about you. I totally agree with you - adopt pets, never buy them!

    1. Thanks! Totally, I've only ever adopted and have had the sweetest furbabies <3

  4. I love this post ... I feel I probably need to talk more about myself, just worried no one will ever really care!

    Also - I like succulents ... I just don't own any as I tend to kill things!

    C xx

    1. Succulents are pretty hard to kill, it's one of the many reasons I like them so much haha! :) You should totally talk about yourself more, I for one would absolutely read it :) xx

  5. Awww, that's so cute about Lemmy Catminster. My friend had a Skid Row tribute band at her wedding 2 years ago. They were awesome and the singer was fiiiiiiiiit with hair just like Seb Bach.

    A fact about me? Hmmm. I'm double jointed pretty much everywhere and I used to be able to get my knees behind my ears. Now there's too much tummy in the way but it was fun while it lasted! xx

    1. Oh I bet that was my friend Nuno's old band, Subhuman Race! Their singer was very Seb Bach and beautiful. And also had amazing skin, apparently Nivea is his top tip haha. I'm very flexible too, I was an acrobat and performed in the West End when I was 18! xx

  6. Fab post! I love learning bizarre things about people! I am the opposite to you though. Everything has to be even, alarms, volume controls, you name it! Odd numbers freak me out xx