An Autumn OOTD

Sunday 6 November 2016

I've realised recently that I haven't shared too many 'real' outfits with you guys. I've mostly shared things I've been sent to blog in fashion posts, when I am sent them, rather than casual, everyday, real outfits. Winter is coming, and I intend to change that! I started this blog to share the real looks I wore, and my style journey, so back to my roots I intend to go. Collaborating with brands is amazing, but I also want to share the real things I wear on a day to day basis, as so often the outfits I share are for nights out, or are that bit more dressed, so here we go with the comfy everyday Kitty looks.

Sunglasses - Quay Australia via ASOS
Top - ASOS
Jeans - ASOS
Sneakers - Dunlop, probably bought from Sports Direct (very old!)
Cardigan - Navabi* (gifted)
Necklace - BloodyMary Metal (won in a competition a few years ago)

Once the colder weather hits, I love skinny jeans with draping layers. I think it's an easy way to look like I've made at least a bit of an effort, whilst also being super comfy! Lots of black with pops of colour is also a fave look of mine, and something I wear rather a lot.

My hair was not compliant when I woke up this day. It was frizzy and fluffy and I couldn't be bothered. 4 grips later and tiny messy buns hide at least some of the mess! I'm basically rubbish at makeup, even though I love it, but a slick of a bright lipstick always hides that. This is LBB by Colourpop which I review here.

I've blogged about my adoration of this cardigan* from Navabi here, but it is one of the softest and comfiest things I've ever owned, whilst also being so damn cool. The colours are autumn perfection. I love how long and over-sized it is, I feel so wrapped up and cosy in it. I am obsessed with it and never want to take it off.

My top is super old. About 3 or 4 years old at this point. I have it in red too, because when you find a good thing in your size that you love, you buy it in every colour! It has a V cut in the back too which makes it a bit more interesting, but mostly I like it because it's easy. Skinny jeans with an over-sized top is always a classic look.

The jeans however are a whole different story. They are ASOS Ridley fit jeans, and I've owned that style in several different colours, with rips and without, and every damn pair has fitted completely different. These are way too short, and are too big in my regular size, so I'm holding them up with a belt. I ordered them in a sale really cheap and they didn't have the size down in stock, so I just kept these. I seem to have ruined all my jeans in a very short space of time and it was desperate times. I like the wash, they aren't a true black, just slightly off without being faded, but the fit is awful. I wish ASOS would sort their jeans out. You should be able to buy the same style jean and know it will fit you no matter the colour. These are also really short on me, so I've rolled them up once to make it look deliberate. I've also had Ridley jeans that are too long even on my legs which is ridiculous when they are a standard length. I've also had them so badly designed I couldn't get my feet through the ankle holes. Go figure.

So! This is the start of more 'real' outfits that are more day to day and lazy. I won't promise I'll post them often, but I will try to do them more.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

*denotes an item that was gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. I also love skinny jeans and long length layers - although I seem to be in a mini skirt and polo neck slump right now! You look great, I love the colours of your cardi!

    C x

    1. I used to be terrified of jeans, now I adore skinnies! I need more jumpers badly though, my office has no central heating! x

  2. LOVE this outfit! The cardigan is wonderful and looks very warm. It's a perfect casual autumn weekend affair :)

  3. Absolutely love the entire outfit especially the cardigan which I wouldnt usually go for, but I love the style x

    1. Thanks! It's not what I would usually go for, but I am obsessed with it x

  4. I love how you're saying that your hair wasn't complying, but my first thought upon seeing the photos was how amazing your hair looks! :) I love this cardigan too, the colour is so wonderful on you and perfect for Autumn. As ever you look amazing! x

    1. Haha thank you honey! It's my go-to hide my bad hair day style x

  5. You look absolutely fabulous! Love the colour of the jacket, really warms up a cold autumn day! Great styling x