My Favourite Photos of 2015

Thursday 7 January 2016

As many of you know, as well as being a blogger, I am also a photographer! I always like to do a blog post featuring some of my favourite photos from the year (check out 2014's post here) so here it is!

Alivya V Free in Creations by Liv Free. Beauty portraits are not my forte, so when a model trusts me with them, and we can produce results like this, I am so thrilled!

Beautiful Boneyard Belle, shot with homemade lighting gels, I love the light in the PVC.


Indie Fox was a dream to work with her, we shot a lot together than I love and I hope we get to work together again in 2016.

I love experimenting! I shot Alivya with a really cheap plastic holga lens for this, I plan to experiment more with it soon.

I worked with Dee Dixon twice in 2015, she's such a babe and so much fun! I love the arch of her back in this, and the colours!

Twig is a model I really adore, and she always has the most lush lingerie! I'm really pleased with how the post worked on this along with the incredible styling.

I love me some shiny shiny latex! Alivya is wearing Kaori's Latex Dreams in this, I love the high shine and glam.

A killer headshot with Roswell Ivory in Lady Allura's Latex. She gives such bad ass face.

The doll-faced Mary Burgers! We had about 5 minutes to get the shot before a tremendous thunderstorm hit and we got it!

A super goth model in a super pretty beauty portrait, I love the juxtaposition, and Belle is so pale and perfect.

Jessica <3 my sweet! I love a simple portrait, and I think this feels so retro in it's own way.

More gorgeous Indie Fox! She rocks her curves and has the most amazing face.

Twig serving serious face. Experimenting with tones really made an appearance in my work this year.

Dee wanted floortraits, I was so happy with how I lit this, really bright and clean!

I can never resist a classic black and white.

And finally, I got to shoot a total dream set in a swimming pool, which I have always wanted to do!

In 2016 I want to work with more plus size babes and POC, so get in touch!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

PS. I had a terrible accident in the January sales!


  1. I looked at all of the photos before scrolling up and realising they were all taken by you! Absolutely love some of these, they're beautiful.
    I ADORE the colours in the shot of Mary Burgers!

  2. Iv always wanted to have a shoot in a swimming pool! I love your style especialy the rapeseed image.

    1. I was so thrilled to get the chance to, thank you lovely!

  3. Oh wow these photos are beautiful. I am particularly taken with the one of Mary Burgers - what stunning colours! The last one is beautiful too. Well done Kitty they are wonderful.