Party Season OOTD's

Sunday 10 January 2016

I went out rather a lot over Christmas and the New Year, so rather than bombard you with outfit posts, as I mostly took mirror selfies rather than proper photos, I decided I would share a whole bunch of them all in one post instead!

Dress - Lady V London
Pleather Jacket - Matalan
Sneakers - ASOS
Bag - New Look
Hair flowers - Crown & Glory

I wore this to a 50th birthday party for a family friend. I like to do pretty with a casual/rock edge, so the holographic sneakers and pleather jacket, with a daft pineapple bag finished this look off.

Dress - Everything5Pounds
Jacket - Boohoo
Boots - Demonia

The last weekend before Christmas my parents always take me, Stu, my brother and his partner out for dinner. We were headed to an amaaaaaazing all you can eat Chinese, which rather than being served buffet style, is all cooked on demand. It's bloody brilliant. I also know it tends to be a little cool in the restaurant so I opted for leggings and slightly longer sleeves.

Dress & gilet- New Look
Bag - ASOS
Boots - Yours Clothing
Necklace - BloodyMary Metal
Belt - ASOS

The day after Boxing Day was a party at my Grandparent's house, so a sparkly dress from last year's January sales, faux fur and shiny patent boots was an easy choice! Comfy but super glam.

Skirt - New Look
Top - Sainsburys
Gilet - LovedRobe
Boots - Yours Clothing
Necklace- BloodyMary Metal

This was an outfit I wore to our local for our first pub quiz of the year. We came 5th out of 7 but at least I looked adorable! I got so many compliments on this skirt, it was £6 in the sale!

Dress - Candy Strike
Jacket - Matalan
Boots - Yours Clothing
Leggings and bag - ASOS

I wore this to Yardbirds to go and see our good friends Evil Scarecrow play for the annual alternative New Year party. They are so much fun and totally ridiculous. You've never seen anything quite like a room full of metal heads scuttling like crabs to Crabulon! We ended up having a lock in with the band and crawled home at around half 4 in the morning. I don't do bad for a teetotaller!

Now things have calmed down and we are back into the swing of things, I will take some proper outfit of the day photos soon rather than just mirror selfies. I also got a new camera for vlogging, so expect to see my YouTube channel grow a lot this year.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. The candystrike dress is beautiful!!!!

    C xx

    1. I hope so much that they come back and start making new designs again! xx

  2. You went through the holiday season in style! Loving all your outfits.

  3. I love the suede skirt look. It looks amazing on you :)

  4. Oh wow so many great outfits - looks like you had a lot of fun - the festive period is a great time to get social

    Laura x

    1. thanks so much! I'm not the most sociable haha, so it was good fun xx