Thursday 23 July 2015

I recently discovered the incredible Panika on Etsy, and couldn't resist ordering myself a little something. They describe themselves as making jewellery for fairies and witches, and I can totally see that.

I ordered myself the green and yellow holographic jellyfish necklace. It was on sale at the time and usually retails for around £23 depending on the current exchange rate as they are based in Ukraine.

Seriously, how could I resist ordering this!

The detail is beautiful, the colours amazing. And the holographic tint is such a unique look, I haven't seen it before. The chain is also green which is really cute. It's such a good size, a real statement piece.

I wore it the day after I got it, how could I resist!

I wish I had been able to afford more from Panika. They have so much gorgeous stuff in their shop.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx