Festwich 2015

Tuesday 28 July 2015

This weekend I was away for Festwich, a free rock tribute festival in Prestwich. We went last year and had an incredible time, so as soon as tickets went on sale we snapped them up! Initially we were taking Stu's sons with us, but due to some unexpected last minute changes to their plans, we ended up taking one of our best friends Max instead.

Me, Stu and Max

Saturday had sunshine, and some awesome bands! The highlights on the Saturday for me were Ozzbest, their Ozzy is seriously a better Ozzy than Ozzy at this point, Pantera UK who were sadly playing their last ever show, and Mentallica who headlined the second stage. I've seen all 3 before and am never disappointed! The big thing that did let me down over the weekend was a distinct lack of vegetarian food. Usually at these festivals there is a veggie food truck, but this year there wasn't, leaving our choices as chips, deep fried veggie burgers or mushrooms. I missed Beets and Beans, who serve incredible burritos and veggie hot dogs, but who seem to have been told they weren't needed this year from reading their facebook page. They were sorely missed!

Necklace - Custom from Sugar & Vice
My sunglasses - Next
Stu's sunglasses - Oakleys (an ebay bargain!)

I also enjoyed Scamthrax. I've never really given Anthrax much of a listen, but I will be doing after hearing their stuff live. I love discovering new music through seeing bands live!

I didn't take an outfit photo on the Saturday because I wore an outfit I've blogged previously. I ordered a few different dresses to wear but all of them were too short so had to be sent back, gutted!

Top - New Look
Skirt - Ebay
Boots - Demonia

I owe Debz of The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess big time for this skirt. She shared the fab shop who make them on facebook and I fell in love. Watermelons! In a skirt! You can choose from a variety of different prints, sizes between 6-32 and from 4 different lengths! I went for 24 inch long which was just right for knee length on me. It's so cute, and I definitely plan to order from them again.

Sunday kicked off with the brilliant BigFoot. I bought a t-shirt and their EP after seeing them previously at Boltfest, and decided to modify it and wear it for their set. As it turned out, it was much colder and rained all day, so I was glad for the extra layer! They've been recording their second EP and I can't wait for it.

These guys put on such a high energy show. They played at 12:30, the first set of the day, and they managed to attract such a crowd and rocked.

We met up with out friend Jess and her lovely fella Graham (who actually made me feel short). Max is just about ready to pop, security at the event were really nice letting her jump the queue so she could sit down quicker. At 37ish weeks pregnant and on crutches with SPD it much was much appreciated, thanks guys!


Sunday had an unbelievable line up. Pearl Scam, as always, were incredible, John the singer put on such a show and was clearly having the time of his life! Our friends Claire and Frankie's band played, the super glam rock and fun Spandex Rising. They played our favourite Skid Row song 'Sweet Little Sister' and even had security singing along. Glamtastic! Pinked Floyd were also spectacular. Such serious talent on display, that even if you aren't a Floyd fan, you have to appreciate their talent.

The real stand out surprise of the day, was A Band Apart. A concept I've never seen before, they exclusively play music from Quentin Tarantino films. You've never seen anything quite like a tent full of metal heads twisting and jiving! They had the whole crowd going. Only part of their band performed, with a backing track, I'd love to see their whole band play! Bloody amazing. If you get the chance, you have to go see them.

The headliner on Sunday on the main stage were Supreme Queen, who coincidentally are also headlining a festival I'm going to in early August. Honestly, before they started I was really nervous. And then they started and so proved me wrong. The singer had Freddy nailed on and had that crowd from the moment he hit the stage. I can't wait to see them again!

All in all, a fantastic weekend with great friends, extra thanks to my Pops for letting us stay in his flat so we didn't have to pay for a hotel!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx