July Favourites

Friday 31 July 2015

July was a super busy month once again! It seems I start off every monthly favourites saying that these days. I picked up a variety of different bits and pieces, so here are my faves!

The most exciting thing that happened this month will get his own blog post very soon ;)

Festwich 2015. I actually wrote a whole blog about Festwich which you can read here. Awesome music, great friends, a fab time!

My new blog header by the incredible Murderofgoths! I am so thrilled to see Kat taking the plus size world by storm. She's a wonderful and inspiring force to be reckoned with, and her art skills are just fabulous. I couldn't resist commissioning her to make me a new blog header after she surprised me with one of her famous quick-fire illustrations.

BloodyMary Metal Crossbones ring
BloodyMary Metal Sleep Tight ring

I treated me and Stu to some more BMM. Stu was gutted when I got the Sleep Tight ring because it looks like the Metallica Death Magnetic album cover, so it was an easy choice for him, and as I have the triple and lonely bone rings, I had to have the crossbones! We both wear all our BMM every day. It's sturdy and amazing.

Missguided Rust Swing Dress

For £5, there was no way I wasn't going to give this dress a go, and I love it! It's really cute and soft, and still on sale now. I also bought it in black. Perfect for cute but comfy office wear.

Panika Jellyfish Necklace

I love sea creatures and this necklace is just lush. The way the light shines off it is gorgeous.

New Look dress

For £6, this dress was an absolute bargain! I've found the fit of New Look Inspire stuff to be incredibly iffy lately, and this is the first dress I've bought from them in ages, and it's so lightweight and comfy. Perfect for summer.

New Look Silver Iridescent Statement Necklace

I get most of my basic tops from New Look, and as I stood to buy a couple in the queue I spotted this necklace and had to have it. It's really different from anything I own, and the opalite style stones mean it will match anything. It hangs beautifully, and has an extender chain so it can be worn longer too. My Mum keeps trying to steal this one off me!

Apopantos Watermelon Skirt

Available in a variety of patterns, from a size 6-32 and in various lengths, this skirt is awesome and I plan to buy more ASAP! Love it!

BloodyMary Metal Horse Shoe ring

This is an old design from BMM that I was heartbroken to not get while it was on sale. So when BMM brought it back for a limited run in their Last Chance Saloon I simply had to have it. When Clarence and Alabama get married in True Romance they have horse shoe rings, so there was no way I wasn't having one! It's not bulky enough for Stu's liking, or he would have had it for his engagement ring.

What are your July faves?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx