Plus Size Blogger Promise

Friday 29 May 2015

This summer, I am taking part in a special plus size blogger promise, inspired by the adorable Katt. I am going to promise 5 things to myself this summer! So here are my promises....

1. I promise to not cover my arms.

My arms have always been a problem area for me, I have stretchmarks on them, this weird sort of crease in them, and I am so aware of them. I have gone whole summers boiling hot, wearing sleeves and cardigans and hiding them away. And I won't do it anymore!

2. I promise to try out new styles.

For the longest time I wore a uniform of black skirt, short sleeve tshirt, full length leggings. All plain. Never ever will I go back to that again!

3. I promise to not live in leggings all summer long.

So me and leggings have a long history. Since about 2009 I've probably worn them with basically every outfit until relatively recently, feeling like I had to cover up my whole legs. I hated my knees, my calves, my ankles, all of them! Since I started getting my legs tattooed last year, this changed. Rather than focus on the eczema scars, and the shapes of my legs, all I see are these beautiful designs and I love my legs. I can't wait to get them tattooed more and have them out!

4. I promise to embrace bright colours.

I love black clothing. I think it's instantly classy, sexy, and just generally bad ass. But wearing black all the time is also part of my clothing security blanket thanks to that old adage that black is slimming. No more, I want colour, colour and more colour!

5. I promise to share the love!

Summer so often means more snark than usual for us fat women. And I know that I am no angel, we've been programmed to judge each other, and be catty, and we are better than that. Instead of seeing someone wearing something I'm not brave enough to wear and judging them, I want to celebrate them instead. Share the love!

And in the theme of sharing the love, I'm going to share with you all the other babely bloggers who are taking part in this #PlusSizePromise

Please check them out!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. You look amazing in all those photos, I think you suit so many different styles and colours, so I look forward to seeing you try even more of them!

  2. Your legs look amazing- you should definitely be getting them out!

    C x

  3. My number 1 was basically the same as yours. :) xx

    1. I think it's a common one for a lot of us! Go us! xx

  4. I want to get my legs tattooed too. These are awesome xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Mine are all by Keely Rutherford, she's amazing xx

  5. I'm loving that so many of us want to bin the leggings and share the love! �� you look lovely in your pics. X

    1. thanks sweetheart! I love that so many of us want to share the love :D :D x