May Favourites

Monday 1 June 2015

May was a fabulous month! Finally Spring seems to have arrived, and the sun has been shining, and I've been blogging up a storm. My blog giveaway went amazingly well, with the winner announced this month after an incredible 229 entries, far more than I ever dreamed of! The support and love I have been shown has been mindblowing, and means the world.

Now, to stop being soppy, here are my favourites!

ASOS Curve Blue Denim Bardot Dress £30

Now this dress isn't actually denim, which makes me love it even more, because it's so soft and comfy! I also have it in the black acid wash which is lush!

Look how cute I/the dress am!

May brought lots of adorable new succulents my way. I love them so much. Sepavarum and echeveria babies. From Aldi of all places!

Yours Clothing Chevron Top £16

The neck line, and the Twin Peak-esque print made me fall in love.

Polly Grace Penny Shirt £22*

This month Polly Grace contacted me to work with them, and I just adore what they sent me! This pale pink shirt is stunning, and I got so many compliments on it.

My friend Max bought me these to say thank you for throwing her a last minute birthday gathering when her birthday plans fell through. What a sweetie! These are kalancho rubinea and aloe vera. Again, from Aldi, and they came in these little lovely terracotta pots. I need to go to Aldi!

TUK Sunset with Jute Wrap Creepers £90*

I was super lucky during April and won an instagram competition that TUK ran! I got to pick a pair of creepers and it had to be these. Totally different to any pairs I currently have, they have a real summery feel, are vegan friendly, and the jute wrap is so cute! 

DIY Jewellery holder made in collaboration with Sass & Belle*

Is it daft to be super proud of myself for thinking of a DIY project like this? Cause I am! Sass & Belle's drawer knobs were the most wonderful touch I could have found for this, so thank you Sass & Belle!


So apparently May really was a super planty month for me! But how can I resist such adorableness!

Polly Grace Katrina Dress £30*

I love this dress so much! It's like beautiful firework explosions and it's so pretty. I also love these photos that Stu took of me!

What are your favourite goodies that you got in May? Please comment and let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*certain items were given to me for review purposes/were gifts/were won in competitions. In no way does this affect my opinions, which are entirely my own.


  1. Really love the ASOS Curve dress ... it looks fantastic!

    C xx