Friday, 28 November 2014

Dancing Boots

Last week I went to see I AM I, for about the fourth time. I'm going to do a separate post about the gig itself which was incredible, and do a quick outfit post!

Dress - Hell Bunny
Leggings - New Look
Boots - Vegan Doc Martens
Denim jacket - New Look, modified by me using Kreepsville 666 patches
Necklace - Sugar & Vice

I was lucky with this dress, I bought it second hand from a friend and it's so cute. I've never owned anything by Hell Bunny before and will totally be buying from them! It's adorable and fits me so well. It works really well with the Sugar & Vice necklace with the black, white and red print. I forever adore my denim jacket and I can't resist throwing it on to make myself feel more rock and roll. It's the perfect light cover up. Yardbirds tends to always be on the warm side, even now in winter, so it's my go-to.

I'm hoping to keep posting my outfits as regularly as I have been lately, what more do you want to see from me? Let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Monsters of Mock

I recently attended the first ever Monsters of Mock Festival in Derby. As a big fan of hair metal, when I saw it get announced me and Stu just had to go! We got a deal on a hotel thanks to some googling quite last minute so we could have our first weekend away together, without the step-kids, or any other family. We've done lots of family trips but nothing with just us, so we were looking forward to it!

Badge and necklace - Sugar & Vice

After a minor car accident on the way there (not our fault, and thankfully we were both OK), we finally got to the hotel and got changed. We both decided something glam rock was in order, so of course I went for leopard print and Stu went for a Skid Row t-shirt I had modified for him. We figured we would walk to the venue, then find somewhere near by to eat. We found a traditional Irish pub called Ryan's Bar, which unfortunately has no website I can find. They had an amazing list of burgers, with a lot of veggie burger options which sold me straight away. The food was delicious and very reasonably priced, I think we paid about £6-£8 each in total. It was proper, homemade burgers, and so delicious.

My love in Ryan's

We then finally headed off to the venue, The Spot in Derby. This was a new location for me, and it was really great. A good size, quite big but also intimate, and the stage was a good height.

Surreal Panther opened the gig, doing their best version of Steel Panther's special brand of rock. They were, as they always are, absolutely great fun and really got the gig started off to a rocking start. Jamie Fowkes the singer really knows how to amp up a crowd and has such an incredible vocal range. I just wish they had a longer set! Far too short and they deserved longer. Thankfully they will be back at Yardbirds soon!

Surreal Panther stole my boyfriend!

Next up was The Darkmess, a Darkness tribute, who well.....I hatw to be negative on this blog but they totally killed off the vibe that Surreal Panther had worked so hard for, and were terrible. The place went silent and their set dragged on way too long. Honestly, if I had been running MOM that night, I'd have found a way to cut the set short when I saw what they were doing to the crowd.

Thankfully, Pout at the Devil were up next and they totally made up for the mess that had been on stage before them. Me and Stu went right up the barrier and sang our hearts out. SO much fun and we danced our asses off. Love seeing them live and I can't wait to see them again! All those years I lived in Norwich and couldn't go to gigs, and I could have been seeing these guys! Pout at the Devil cover a wide variety of hair metal, from Poison, to Bon Jovi to Whitesnake and everything in between, awesome!

Last up were Hotter than Hell, a Kiss tribute. They certainly look the part, and had pyros and everything, but after Pout at the Devil they just seemed lacklustre, and the venue quietly emptied. I felt bad for them, because they were okay, but Pout at the Devil should really have headlined.

While there were some low points, we still had a great night and I really hope that there is a second MOM, I think the likes of Poizon and Subhuman Race would work perfectly for the bill!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Saturday, 22 November 2014

All Wrapped Up

Jeans - ASOS Curve
Poncho - BHS
Boots - Vegan Doc Martens
Schwings - Ebay
Watermelon Bag - Asda

A cosy outfit of the day it is! My love of my new jeans is not over at all. So I was a little heartbroken when I ordered another pair of Ridley jeans from ASOS and the size and fit of them was tiny compared to these! So I still only have the one pair :(

With it being wintery now, I am however lusting after a new coat. My big problem with coats is my wool allergy, so many coats are a wool mix! Here are some lush ones I've found that are not.

Junarose Check Coatigan £45

Coatigan is a new word for me. A coat cardigan. I'm guessing that means it's lighter than a regular coat because it isn't lined. Proper winter coats can be too heavy for me to wear when I'm walking Ashen, they get too warm, so this looks much more suitable, and the check print is very on trend.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Premium Lace Jacket £55

Well OK, I guess technically this would be a pretty rubbish winter coat, but look at it!! The perfect mix of cute and rock and roll. I really like this. It's a perfect way to punk up a cute dress, pair it with stompy boots and you have the perfect gig outfit.

What are your favourite winter looks?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Last Autumn Outfit of the Day

Blurred Rose Print T-Shirt £18
Ridley Berry Ripped Jeans £32
Black Hi-Top Converses

So it seems that Autumn is finally over. Boo. On the last truly lovely day of Autumn I took full advantage of it wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and everything. The t-shirt is something totally different to what I would usually wear, but with the jeans it seemed so right. I love the colours, and the way the rose print almost looks like a skull on the front. The berry colours are perfectly autumnal and I now totally need more skinny jeans and more t-shirts. Please Santa?

Oversized Oh Deer Christmas T-Shirt £18

Once I start getting into the Christmas spirit, in December of course, this would be a perfect and adorable top to pair with skinny jeans. So cute!

Ridley Smoked Black Ripped Jeans £32

Given how soft and comfy the Ridley jeans I own are, these are top of my wishlist. I love the smoked black colour so much, totally grunge but could easily be glammed up!

Check Shirt £28

This, with the smoked black jeans. I'd feel like 15 year old grunger me in the best possible way. I love men's fit shirts on women. I think it's really sexy in an odd sort of way.

So Santa, please do bring me more jeans and oversized tops. Now I've accepted that I really do have 2, totally seperate legs and can wear jeans, I want them aaaaaaall.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Welsh Adventure

The first week of November, I finally had a week off. I don't often get to go away, in fact, it's been years since I last did, so this was a real treat. We stayed at Boffins Barn, a brand new cottage just outside of Mold in North Wales. It is in fact, so new, that we were the second people to ever stay there! It is an absolutely beautiful converted barn. It is a perfect mix of everything modern you could need, with the aesthetic maintaining the original feel of the barn. The couple who own the barn are ever so lovely and were happy to help whenever needed.

The view we woke up to everyday, just beautiful! The best bit about the barn? Two things, pets are allowed, and the gigantic super king size beds. Ashen had the time of his life! He made friends with Paddy and Charlie, the two dogs who belong to the couple who own the barn.

What a bunch of cuties right?! Paddy is a boxer cross, and Charlie is either a Norfolk or a Norwich Terrier, I'm not sure which.

As we drove towards the barn, I had this wonderful moment when I realised we were staying right near an old friend of mine, Lara, whom I hadn't seen for 8 years. I managed to scrape together enough of a phone signal to message her and we met up <3 it was like we had never been apart! So so thrilled I got to see her again. It had better not be 8 years till next time!

I did some major Christmas shopping in Chester, and managed to snag myself an incredible bargain. Stu and I spotted this tshirt at the same time and both made a beeline for it, and luckily for me, there was one left in my size!

Seriously. £3 for a tshirt with Dolly Parton's face on. Primark, I don't often say this, but I love you. Best tshirt ever,

It was the best holiday I've had in years, super relaxing, lots of fun, and surrounded by my family and my love, what more could I want? Except for maybe a second week!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Friday, 14 November 2014


Recently the lovely folks at endlessleather contacted me to ask if I would like to make something using their products. They sell leather cords, beads, charms, clasps and all the goodies you would need to make some lovely jewellery. I agreed on the proviso that I would make something using a cord I sourced myself, as I do not wear leather.

I browsed through their website and totally fell in love with their murano bead selection. They have a beautiful range of colours, and I decided I wanted to make something somewhat mermaidy because of the greens and blues in their range.

The beads I picked are all from the gold/siver foiled murano range. Aren't the colours just lovely? The mix of blues and greens inspired the mermaidy sort of theme, and the pale pink and very light blue just worked together to be more 'me'.

For the fastening on the bracelet, I wanted to go for something a little different to make more of a feature of it. I picked the silver closure with end cups. Isn't it fab? I love the big ring so much.

The finished piece! I grabbed a cheap pleather cord from ebay in a light blue, and made sure I bought more than I needed, as I liked the idea of being able to wrap the bracelet around my wrist a few times, and I am really pleased I did!

And some close ups of the bracelet. I am really happy with it. The beads are just stunning and I love the unusual clasp. The only problem I have had with putting the bracelet together was gluing the cord into the closure. For some reason the glue just won't set, so I think I'm going to use contact adhesive to make it never goes anywhere!

Thank you so much to Endless Leather for sending me the beads and clasps. I really want to make more jewellery and you have inspired me.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

endlessleather sent me the above products free of charge. In no way has this affected my review of them or this blog post.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I should be Christmas shopping...

But instead I'm naughtily eyeing up goodies for myself. It's terrible, I can't help it! I'm doing well with my Christmas shopping so it's totally OK if I go ogle shinies for me right? Right? Help a gal out!

ASOS Curve Exclusive Dress in Dip Dye Check £40

Isn't this adorable?! I love the shoulder cut outs, and the dip dye look. Warm enough to make all snuggly for winter, but also light enough to wear in the spring time too when it starts warming up. I really, really love this.

ASOS Hologram Envelope Clutch Bag £12

ASOS have this whole amazing range of holographic bags, purses and more. They are exactly the sort of colours you can wear with anything, and they will help dress an outfit up easily. The makeup bag is adorable and is so going on my Christmas list. There is a coin purse and a credit card holder, perfect to go inside this to keep your bag light.

ASOS Oversized Grid Grid Check Square Scarf £18

The office I work in has no in-built heating, it used to be a barn, so portable radiators and scarves are a must-have, and this looks so cosy and warm!

Katzeshop Holographic Crescent & Full Moon Necklace £35

OK, so maybe I am liking the holographic trend kind of a lot, and this stunning necklace is really just feeding that! Katzeshop are a new discovery and they have the most beautiful jewellery. With recurring themes of moons, cats and shininess, how could I resist?

What are you lusting after for this winter?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Halloween Outfit!

A little late I know, but I thought I would post an outfit of the day blog about my Halloween themed outfit. I don't really do 'fancy dress' as such, I can never think of anything I would do well, so I tend to stick with a spooky or Halloween themed outfit instead. This year I also decided to go with some more elaborate makeup after seeing some fab inspiration on tumblr.

Dress - ASOS Curve (no longer available)
Tights - Evans, ripped artfully by me
Bag - ASOS Curve
Pentagram harness - Malice
Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Creepers - TUK (no longer available)
Denim jacket - New Look, a few years old now, modified by me, with various patches

I forgot to get Stu to take a full outfit photo for me before we left the house, so this is me getting Stu to take one in the street outside of Yardbirds haha, thankfully we were the first people in as usual so no one saw me be all awkward! I wear my Malice harness most years, I just love it so much, and got jealous compliments from my friend who is a barmaid at Yardbirds hehe. I must warn you, Evans tights are a terrible fit. Absolutely awful. I'm a size 22, and 5ft 11, and I'm wearing a size 3 here, which is supposed to fit a 28-32, who is up to 5ft 9. These just fit me. So be aware!

A closer shot of my makeup. I was quite pleased with myself! I went for relatively basic, as I'm pretty terrible at makeup. I got the white face paint from Lidl, and then used Sugarpill Love+ for my red eye, and just a random black eyeliner pencil I had left over I didn't mind wrecking! My false eyelash is from Asda's cheap Halloween range. It lasted about 2 minutes in Yardies before it fell off and I had forgotten to take my eyelash glue with me grr!

My shoes are UV! UV vegan shoes are clearly the best.

And for an added bonus, a photo of me and Stu. I look like a giant because I'm taller than Stu to begin with and had my creepers on, sorry babe! Pout at the Devil played, and disaster struck. Poor Dirk Steele, the singer, very suddenly got ill, about 20 minutes into the set, and had to run off stage to puke. The rest of the band carried on, he came back for a short while, but the poor guy was so ill, he couldn't continue. The band debated what to do, and decided to offer up the lead vocals microphone to anyone who fancied jumping in if they knew the words to the song. By total chance, a bloke called Tim volunteered, and boy could he sing, and he knew pretty much all the words to a bunch of their set list! He was amazing, and the band were great, way to save the day Tim! An awesome night indeed with much dancing.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Thursday, 6 November 2014

October Favourites

October was a fun month for me! A few gigs, a few adventures, seeing some lovely folks and of course, new Halloween themed goodies that I will wear with great joy all year round. Anyway, onto my monthly favourites....

First off, this amaaaaazing ghost dress from ASOS Curve, and skeleton leggings, also from ASOS Curve. As is typical with ASOS, these are already sold out, I am lucky I grabbed them when I did! The dress is so soft and lovely, and the leggings are super cute and fun. They've both been worn several times and have washed really well. Super glad I snatched them up!

I wrote a whole blog about my first crop top, and I am still so pleased I bought it. The ASOS Halloween range was amazing, and I was super lucky with it. The boxy style of this, combined with the monster face is adorable. I think it is still available in straight sizes.

My first pair of jeans, and my super limited edition Sugar & Vice alien necklace. I was so scared to wear jeans, and they have quickly become one of my favourite things in my wardrobe, and the pretend-internet-shopping I've been doing lately has all been about jeans and how I'd style them. (I can't be the only person who online shops all the time even when they know they have no money just for the fun of it?)

My weekend with Maja Stina! I met Maja when I lived in Norwich, but haven't seen her since I moved back to Grimsby, so she came to spend a whole weekend with me and we took soooo many photos and generally goofed around. Much fun was had and I hope it happens again soon! Maja is a Youtuber and you should go check her out.

And of course, my beautiful new addition from Keely Rutherford <3 my batterfly! My full blog post about my new tattoo is here. I can't wait for the next part of my leg sleeve :D

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My first pair of jeans in 5 years....

Last week I bought the first pair of jeans or trousers that I have worn since 2009. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, but it took me a good while to be brave enough to. My thighs/stomach are probably the area I am most insecure about, and I tend to wear skirts and dresses to cover myself more. I want to get through this. I want to love myself more. So, jeans were a must!

Jeans - ASOS
Jumper - New Look
Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Sneakers - Converse
Hat - Er...'borrowed' from someone in the pub

So. This is my first pair of jeans. I dove right in at the deep end with skinnies as well. I figure most of my clothes are black, so I opted for purple jeans, they also have a rip at the knee that you can't see because I stand all awkward like. I wasn't convinced when I first tried these on. Stu had been determined to get me in some form of trousers for a long time (I suspect so he can see my butt more!) and he promised me that these looked good, so I wore them the day they arrived, and the next day. And you know what... I really, really like them. They are super soft, ever so comfy and really cute. I want more longer style tops and have my eye on a few I think would look fab with them.

What do you think? What are your 'scary' items of clothing?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Winter is coming....

Now the clocks have gone back, and the nights have drawn in, winter is finally looming and that means warm, cosy, comfy clothes!

I know, I know, Halloween is over and I am still sharing spooky cuteness. But seriously, the pale blue and the cartoony eyes are so me. I tend to wear my jumpers with the sleeves pushed up so that that is how it is styled it makes me happy!

I love a good boyfriend shirt, the red and black checks are great. Pair it with black skinnies and converses and you have the perfect autumn/winter look.

I love a good textured fluffy jumper, and this has such a fun print! It looks nice and long too, so no risk of your back getting cold.

These leggings are awesome! I love the sheer panels, what a fab way to dress up a funky dress at a work do, or just to channel your inner rock star every day.

You can get this dress in hot pink, white and blue. The block panels are fabulous! Match the colour to your accessories and what an amazing outfit you have with so little effort.

And lastly, a spooky new piece from Sugar & Vice. I just love this! At 100mm wide this is a kick ass statement piece that is just so deliciously creepy.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx