Halloween Outfit!

Sunday 9 November 2014

A little late I know, but I thought I would post an outfit of the day blog about my Halloween themed outfit. I don't really do 'fancy dress' as such, I can never think of anything I would do well, so I tend to stick with a spooky or Halloween themed outfit instead. This year I also decided to go with some more elaborate makeup after seeing some fab inspiration on tumblr.

Dress - ASOS Curve (no longer available)
Tights - Evans, ripped artfully by me
Bag - ASOS Curve
Pentagram harness - Malice
Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Creepers - TUK (no longer available)
Denim jacket - New Look, a few years old now, modified by me, with various patches

I forgot to get Stu to take a full outfit photo for me before we left the house, so this is me getting Stu to take one in the street outside of Yardbirds haha, thankfully we were the first people in as usual so no one saw me be all awkward! I wear my Malice harness most years, I just love it so much, and got jealous compliments from my friend who is a barmaid at Yardbirds hehe. I must warn you, Evans tights are a terrible fit. Absolutely awful. I'm a size 22, and 5ft 11, and I'm wearing a size 3 here, which is supposed to fit a 28-32, who is up to 5ft 9. These just fit me. So be aware!

A closer shot of my makeup. I was quite pleased with myself! I went for relatively basic, as I'm pretty terrible at makeup. I got the white face paint from Lidl, and then used Sugarpill Love+ for my red eye, and just a random black eyeliner pencil I had left over I didn't mind wrecking! My false eyelash is from Asda's cheap Halloween range. It lasted about 2 minutes in Yardies before it fell off and I had forgotten to take my eyelash glue with me grr!

My shoes are UV! UV vegan shoes are clearly the best.

And for an added bonus, a photo of me and Stu. I look like a giant because I'm taller than Stu to begin with and had my creepers on, sorry babe! Pout at the Devil played, and disaster struck. Poor Dirk Steele, the singer, very suddenly got ill, about 20 minutes into the set, and had to run off stage to puke. The rest of the band carried on, he came back for a short while, but the poor guy was so ill, he couldn't continue. The band debated what to do, and decided to offer up the lead vocals microphone to anyone who fancied jumping in if they knew the words to the song. By total chance, a bloke called Tim volunteered, and boy could he sing, and he knew pretty much all the words to a bunch of their set list! He was amazing, and the band were great, way to save the day Tim! An awesome night indeed with much dancing.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx