Trick or Treat

Saturday 3 May 2014

Now this, this is a favourite outfit of mine, but this is the only photo I have of it at the moment, as the skirt needs some repairing due to getting caught on a door, grr!

I love Halloween themed clothes. Every year I try to find cute Halloween themed clothes I can wear all year round, my inner goth kid loves it. This Trick or Treat vest top is from New Look last year. The text is glow in the dark! It's a slouchy style which I wouldn't normally wear, so I actually wear it tucked into this skirt, which is a midi length, also from New Look last year.

My aaaaaaamazing necklace is of course, Sugar & Vice. It is the Pastel Cross Charm Necklace, I love how it hangs, total pastel goth love for it.

My boots are my trusty Demonia Disorder 301 Black Matte Lace Up Chain high calf boots that I always wear.

My denim jacket is my pride and joy. It is from New Look again, but with a lot of modification by myself. It is a constant work in progress and a lot more has been done to it since these photos were taken. These are some of the better photos I have of it (with help from my Auntie's adorable cat Reggie playing parrot). Most of the patches are either random Ebay finds, or are from Kreepsville 666. They do just my sort of creepy but cute.

You'll notice some badges on the jacket, again, random finds from places, mostly Star Trek themed, some Little Miss Delicious, and one is a special Star Trek badge from the group I am a member of which was started for DSTL in 2012, a Star Trek con I went to. Only the first 250 group members have it, so we could identify each other easily at the con, made making friends super easy and fun!

The back of the jacket is most most beloved Blackcraftcult Lucifer the Cat back patch. As soon as I saw this back patch, there was to be no other, but it was out of stock! So for literally months, I checked the site every single day to see if they were back in stock, till finally I was lucky and it came back in! :D I love it, I need to get it sown on properly still as it is safety pinned at the moment, I can cross stitch, but I just wouldn't do sewing this on justice, it needs a machine.

Once I get the skirt repaired I will totally be resurrecting this outfit this spring, it is so me, and so comfy too which is always a bonus!

Much love,