Tie Dye Magic

Wednesday 7 May 2014

So I had this blue dress that I got last year from New Look that I love the style of, but find totally boring, because blue is so not my thing.

This is the blue dress, I always feel a little blah when I wear it, but  it has this cute hemline that is shorter at the sides and longer at the front and back. Oh, my awesome shark necklace is from Sugar & Vice, I love it!

So, what to do? I've worn it a fair bit so it's gotten a little worn which just made my desire to wear it even less, but that hemline, I wanted to be able to wear it! So, after a slight hair dying accident ruining one of my tshirts I decided to give tie dying a go. I used to tie dye everything as a hippy teenager, so I knew how to do it straight away :)

And this is how it came out! So happy with it :D (shoes are second hand fake converses I bought from a friend)

How did I do it? It's easy!

First get a bucket you don't mind getting bleach in, a full bottle of bleach, gloves and hair bobbles. Depending on how patterned you want the item of clothing to be will depend on how you do the next part. Take a section of the dress, twist it up, fold it over, and use a hair bobble to secure it. Take bigger sections if you want bigger patterns, like the one at the bottom of the dress. Do this all over the garment, once I had done this to the majority of the dress I also twisted the whole dress loosely as well. Take the bucket, and put a small amount of water in it, enough to get the garment all wet and no more. Put the gloves on, take care as you do not want to get bleach on your skin! Pour the bleach so it totally soaks the whole garment, now leave it for a bit! Keep a close eye on the item as different colours and materials will lose colour at different speeds. This dress I had in the bleach for the length of Game of Thrones, I checked on it in the adverts haha, once I realised it was going a pink colour in places I also made sure to turn over the dress so both sides sat in the bleach for an even length of time. Once I was happy with it, I took it out of the bleach (still in gloves), and gave it a good rinse under the tap for about 10 minutes. I also put it in the wash for a quick 30 minute wash (on a cool temperature as that is all I use the washing machine on) to make sure all the bleach was gone.

I wore it today with my Mermaid necklace from Sugar & Vice, and matched it with pink and blue eye shadow from Sugarpill. I love to match!

I am so loving how this came out, I am planning on getting another dress I've seen specifically to tie dye soon :D

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxxxx