Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Colourpop Eyes

When I first fell in love with Colourpop I was all about their lip products, but my more recent obsession is their eye makeup products. They've got some fantastic and bright colours and I can't resist them. I picked some of these shades up a while ago, and some more recently, but thought I'd share them together.

Both of these super shock shadow shades are no longer available, and were part of their really fun Hello Kitty collaboration. The white shade is 'Rainbow', and the grey is 'Bento Box'. Rainbow is a pretty odd choice for the white shade, but it's memorable for sure!

I always do my swatches with one swipe so you can see the colour pay off, and you can see that Rainbow is incredibly sheer. It's pearlescent and pretty and would make a good blending shade, but to get a really solid colour you'd have to build it up with layers. Bento Box on the other hand is solid and has great opacity right away. I love the slate tone of it, grey eye shadow is a fave of mine and I think this will be one I reach for a lot.

I also picked up three of the creme gel liners. I've had some of the creme gel colour pots before but found them a bit harder to apply, so I prefer the liners. I love makeup but I'm not the best at it, so the eye liners are the easier option.

Left to right - Teaspoon, Punch and Kicker.

I love a super bright cat eye and all of these are so pretty. Green is my go-to colour so teaspoon was an easy choice, it's one I reach to several times a week. Punch is so unusual that I couldn't resist, whoever has seen a bright yellow eye liner before?! I think it'll look great on it's own, or paired with a black for a double flick that makes you stare. Kicker is a true silver that I had to have. Ideally I'd have liked it to be a bit darker because on my skin it's not the best tone, but again it'll work for a double cat eye or layered with another colour.

I absolutely plan on getting more more of the gel liners, they last all day and do not budge!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Bell Sleeves & Stripes with LovedRobe*

When it comes to this season's trends, one of my absolute favourites is bell sleeves. It really throws me back to my wannabe goth youth that involved a lot of very long and dramatic sleeves and floating about. When it came to picking out a new piece from LovedRobe's range to try out for my blog, it had to have bell sleeves, and I knew right away what I wanted to try.

Leggings - ASOS
Trainers - Rose gold Converses (old)
Sunglasses - Quay Australia Princess style (old)
Bag - ASOS (old)

I mean are those sleeves not an absolute dream?! I'm obsessed! I'm loving monochrome right now, so once I saw these vertical stripes along with the bell sleeves I had to have this. It's a nice lightweight material so it's great for the transitional weather, I can see myself wearing this throughout autumn too.

You guys, those sleeves, just look at them! I want to twirl about and do my best Stevie Nicks impression in them, and for me, that's always a good thing. The top of the neck is a V neck, it's not too low but it gives a nice shape to the top of the dress. It doesn't need much detailing because the sleeves and the stripes say everything you need the dress to say.

I'm 5ft 11 and the dress sits just above knee length on me, so on most it would probably be just below the knee. I love the length, I could wear this for work happily if I wanted to! I was originally going to wear this to a meal we were going out to so I made it a bit more 'me' and put on these new fishnet leggings and some converses. The fishnet leggings are from ASOS and they have a jersey panel along the inner thigh so there's no risk of chub rub, genius! 

The fit of the dress is pretty good overall. It doesn't have any stretch to it, and it is a little tight across my back, but not in a way that really worries me. The waist is elasticated so you could wear it with more of a loose sort of style if you wanted to by pulling the waist up to right under your bust. The arms have plenty of room in them and I have quite chunky upper arms so I don't think that would be a problem in terms of it, but if you are bustier it may be worth sizing up just in case because of the snugness across the back.

This is definitely a new favourite piece that I've added to my wardrobe in a while. It's flamboyant and fun and vertical stripes aren't something you see often enough! It also comes in 3 other prints, all gorgeous florals, and I might just have to get my mitts on one of those as well because I think for £35 this is really reasonably priced.

Are you loving bell sleeves too this season?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*indicates an item gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Two Favourite Bloggers Right Now

One of the things I think it's important to do as a blogger is share other bloggers you adore, so today I wanted to share my two current favourite bloggers and some looks from them that have been absolutely stellar!

First up, Stephanie of Nerd About Town. Steph rocks every style she wears and looks bad ass, but just lately she is killing it. Every look she has shared lately just inspires me SO much and really makes me think of styling things in ways I wouldn't usually have. She's magnificent and you absolutely need to check out her blog for constant style inspiration. Her photos have been truly magnificent too! Steph is someone who is out there fighting for true inclusivity in the blogging world and giving a voice to women of colour. She's one of my favourite people that I've met in a long time and she has the most beautiful heart. Here are my favourite looks she's shared recently!

A post shared by S T E P H A N I E Y E B O A H (@nerdabouttown) on

A post shared by S T E P H A N I E Y E B O A H (@nerdabouttown) on

And my other current favourite blogger is Amanda Apparel. Amanda is a blogger who has a true signature style that is reflected in every thing she does. Her thing is pastels and I just love it. While Amanda's outfits are always peak Amanda and I love them, her writing lately has just taken on a whole new level! She writes about life with a plus size body in an academic way and it's brilliant, definitely check out all her recent blog posts. I've also had the pleasure of hanging out with Amanda IRL and she is a treasure! And in terms of style, these are my favourite looks of Amanda's recently.

A post shared by • Amanda Apparel • (@amandaapparel) on

Who are your favourite bloggers right now? I'd love to know!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Why I'm Voting Labour

There are a lot of people out there who think bloggers shouldn't talk politics. They think we shouldn't share our views because it might alienate us from brands or our audience, but one thing I've never been scared to do is speak up for what I think is right. And today, that means I'm talking about why I'm voting Labour in the general election on 8th June. 

For me, voting Labour is the only choice. Over the last few years I've watched in horror as the Conservative party has worked to privatise the NHS, a beloved institution that serves every one in the UK. As someone with a chronic pain condition, the NHS is tremendously important to me. Every 3 months I have a very costly treatment that allows me to live a normal life. It means I'm not in A&E in agonising pain needing painkillers on a drip, it means I can work, and it means I am not in pain 24/7. My greatest fear in life is that this will be taken away from me and I will go back to the pain I was in two years ago. As the NHS is privatised and savings are forced, my unusual, expensive and somewhat controversial treatment is one that isn't understood, and I am terrified that it will be a treatment that is withdrawn. (For reference, I have Botox for chronic migraines and it has been life changing!). No one should ever not be able to get the treatment they so desperately need, or have to pay for it, or beg an insurance company to cover it. The NHS is an incredible thing, and I don't want to lose it. I look at the US health care system and my heart breaks, and I do not want to see us head in that direction.
Over the last few years we've also seen those who are most at risk have the most taken from them. From the bedroom tax, to cuts to Disability Living Allowance, the henious rape clause and more. For me, a vote for Labour isn't just what is best for me, it's what is best for those that need us most. DWP figures show that around 90 people a month are dying after being found fit for work (Guardian 2016), people have starved to death after their benefits have been cut (Guardian 2014), and there have even been reports of people suffering from mental health problems asked why they haven't tried to kill themselves in PIP meetings (Metro 2017). We should be helping and protecting those that need us most, not isolating them and taking everything from them. A vote for the tory party feels like a vote against the disabled, a vote against caring for those that need us, and a vote against children.

If the neglect and abuse of humans doesn't phase you, maybe the fact that Theresa May wants to overturn the fox hunting ban will. She is in favour of repealing the ban and allowing the barbaric practice to come back with a bang (BBC 2017). The ban has never been properly enforced so illegal hunts have occurred throughout the country with little policing, and repealing the ban would legitimise a hideously cruel 'sport' and abuse of innocent animals.

I want to see a party in power that cares about everyone, not just those who line their pockets. I want to see a party take from the rich and give to the poor, not the other way around, which it seems to be right now. I want to see a party that cares about the vulnerable in our society. I want to see a party that will care for the sick, the disabled and the mentally ill. I want a party that is for the many, not the few, and that is why I am voting Labour on June 8th.

Much love,
 Kitty xxx

You can read more about Labour's manifesto here.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Monochrome and Red with Navabi*

When I was a greebo teenager my 'thing' was wearing black with a super bright accent colour. I particularly loved all black with pops of bright pink, purple or red. To this day I still love a monochrome outfit with a single bright colour and this dress was just begging for a bright colour to be paired with it, so monochrome and red it was!

Jacket - Zhenzi at Navabi*
Shoes - Converses

I was lucky enough to win a voucher from Sazzmatazz Clothing a little while ago on twitter, so I picked out this fab striped dress that I'd seen them share and everyone who has it looks so great in it. It has long sleeves, stripes in two different directions and POCKETS. I love a dress with pockets and this made me really happy. It's got no stretch to it but fits relatively true to size. I do find the arms a little snug and it's a little tight across the shoulders for me, but I am pretty broad. I'm 5ft 11 and it sits just below the knee on me, so on someone of more average height it would be a true mini length style.

I've been loving denim jackets lately and when I saw this red one on Navabi it had to be mine. It's stretchy and soft and just lovely. With a dress like this I think it works so well as a statement piece. I'd almost be tempted to wear double denim with this being bright red and less obviously denim. Almost.

It's a very classic denim jacket, just in an awesome tomato red colour. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this, sometimes in the summer an all black dress feels like it needs brightening up and this will do the job perfectly.

This outfit feels really 'me', I often don't buy things that are monochrome for fear of them not washing well but I do so love them that I really need to give them more of a chance!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes an item gifted to me for review purposes, in no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Purple Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

When I placed my recent order from Colourpop one of the things I really wanted to pick up was more of their purple super shock shadows. I love purple eye shadow with my green eyes but hadn't bought any from them, so this time around I grabbed four!

I love the formula of the super shock shadows, I know it's not for everyone because people struggle with the creamy texture of it, but I love it. I find they have great staying power and feel really comfortable to wear. The colour payoff is always good, and they are super build-able too. 

If you do struggle with applying these, I recommend a more solid brush rather than something too fluffy. When I bought these Colourpop were offering free brushes with every two shadows so I picked up some that I think will work well with these shadows. Colourpop's brushes are all cruelty free too!

This is 'Dare' which is a metallic. It's a very bright purple with a lovely pinky shimmer to it.

This is 'Lace'. which has a satin finish. It's a deep eggplant purple.

This is 'Envy' and it's an ultra glitter, part of their holographic range. It's a black filled with stunning violet glitter that really catches the light.

'Stereo' is described as a blackened purple with gold and pink and is again from the ultra glitter range. The combination of colours in this shadow give it more of a bronze feel than purple, and it was the least true to the website description in my opinion.

Left to right - Dare, Lace, Stereo and Envy. 

All of these swatches are done with my fingers, and are one swipe. You can really see how good the colour pay off is! Dare is an absolute delight, it is so neon and I cannot wait to wear this. Lace is a colour I think I'll get a lot of wear out of, I often use the super shock shadows as eye liner and this will definitely be a shade I use for that. You can see that Stereo is that bit more bronze, but the pink glitter really shines through. Envy is something I've never seen before, I love it! The glitter is really striking and I think you could use this in a really dramatic smokey eye.

Colourpop have had a few sales lately, so expect a few more blogs of their products coming soon!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

#DeafAwarenessWeek - My Story

This week is Deaf Awareness Week. It's not something I often talk about, but I have hearing loss so I wanted to talk about my own experience with partial deafness and how you can be a better friend to someone with hearing loss.

 I've had hearing loss since birth. No one knew till I was at primary school and the school did the standard hearing tests they do on all students and I failed them all. My parents were called and after some exploring it was discovered that I had a 'normal' right ear, and hearing loss in my left ear. At the time my hearing loss was considered moderate, over time it is now considered moderate to severe. My right ear now has some loss but is still just about within the 'normal' range. With my left ear I can hear no high or low pitch sounds, and have less hearing across the more central pitch range.

I didn't get my first hearing aid till I was 21 years old. I sort of fell through the cracks a bit in terms of my hearing being tested regularly, and mistakes were made. When I was 18 I was sent for MRI's and checked to see if I was a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant, I am not. It wasn't until 3 years later when someone asked to service my hearing aid that I realised that the audiology department I was under mistakenly thought I'd been given a hearing aid before. Once this mistake was realised, the process began to get me one.

The first time I wore my hearing aid, I was amazed at how loud the world was. I was quite horrified at times actually. In the car with the window down I was baffled to hear a bird when we were parked at traffic lights, and slightly traumatised to discover that when your stomach rumbles it makes a sound that other people can hear. I'd always thought it was a feeling! I was so embarrassed. I cried the first time I held my ear to my cat and heard him purr properly, it was the most wonderful sound in the world. I realised that I'd never been able to hear the bass in songs I loved, and that I missed most of the drum beats. I found the sound of paper being shuffled sent shivers down my spine like people say nails on a chalkboard does for them. The first time I flushed a toilet I literally leapt in the air at how loud it was! I spent a lot of time asking people to be quiet, I was aghast at how loudly I spoke, and background noise became even harder to deal with than it had before.

A post shared by Kitty Morris (@kittyramblesalot) on

I'm 29 now, and I haven't worn my hearing aid in well over a year. There are many reasons people with hearing loss don't wear hearing aids. They aren't the most comfortable thing to be quite honest, they rub and shift around, and your brain takes a long time to learn how to process the new sounds. The world suddenly being so loud can almost feel like drowning, it's scary and overwhelming. Not all people with deafness or hearing loss want to be hearing, we have our own version of normal and our deafness does not stop us from living full amazing lives. For me personally, I suffer from a condition called otitis externa as well as eczema, both of which affect my inner ear. My hearing aid exacerbates them and it can be really painful and uncomfortable, so I don't wear it. People with hearing loss or deafness are not missing out because of our hearing, we just experience things in different ways. There is a belief in the deaf community that deafness isn't being deficient, it's just a difference. Many view it not as a disability, but as a whole cultural identity. Please never assume that someone who has deafness will want to be hearing, not everyone does and that's OK too. Some of us wear hearing aids, and some of us don't.

Infographic by Action on Hearing Loss

When it comes to being a good friend to someone with hearing loss, there are things you can do, and I love this infographic created by Action on Hearing Loss. I spent many years wondering why people would tell me when they met me that they thought I was a bitch, or that I was better than them, until they revealed that it was because I didn't seem to join in conversations in groups or ignored people when they spoke to me. I've had to explain many times that this isn't something I choose to do, and is because of my hearing loss, not me being rude! Conversations can be hard to follow in a group because when you need to lip read to fill in the gaps that you can't hear, a group jumps around too much to keep up. When you go out with as a group, consider how you can help your friend be included properly, even how you sit can help. As I have such substantial loss in my left ear, I always ask to sit on one end of the table in a restaurant, ideally right on the end so I'm facing in towards every one, or if not with my right ear facing in to the action. It gives me a chance at least!

Using your mouth to really form words can help, mumbling or putting a hand over your mouth is really hard for people with hearing loss. I absolutely love people who enunciate well because I can see the words they are making with the shape of their mouths and it helps so much. You don't need to exaggerate, but don't mumble. You don't need to speak loudly, just clearly.

One of the biggest things that has bothered me for many years, is that often when I ask someone to repeat themselves, that they actually do repeat themselves, and never ever say 'it doesn't matter', or 'never mind' to me. Nothing makes me feel more worthless than someone who decides I'm not worth repeating themselves for. When you give up on helping us hear you, you give up on us and dismiss us. When you say 'it doesn't matter', it feels like you are saying 'you don't matter'.

Hearing loss and deafness aren't limited to the elderly, and you may be surprised by those around you who have it but don't talk about it. It affects people of every age and from every walk of life. As a person with partial deafness I am immensely privileged and often 'pass' as a hearing person in my life. When I mention my hearing loss I'm often surprised by those around me who then tell me they have similar, so I'd love to see more people talking about their own experiences this Deaf Awareness Week.

I hope this has been informative for you, and I appreciate you if you read all the way to the end!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pink Linen with Navabi*

You might have noticed that I haven't shared many outfit posts lately, and there's been a reason, it's because my camera decided it didn't want to focus anymore and well, without a camera I didn't feel like I wanted to share outfit photos. I know I could have used my phone, but I'm a stubborn creature so I just sort of stopped for bit. And then suddenly, my camera seems to have decided it will focus again after months of not focusing, so fingers crossed I am back baby! What better way to get back into sharing outfits than with a beautiful dress sent to me by my faves Navabi?

This is the Navabi linen fit and flare dress*, and I've never owned anything like it before. Stu my husband is always telling me how comfy and cool linen is but I've never worn it, so when I saw this dress crop up I figured it was the perfect time to give it a go! I definetly should have ironed it (sorry Navabi!) but honestly I'm super lazy and never iron anything so I didn't. The quality of this dress is something else. It's fully lined and just immaculately made, which is standard Navabi if you've ever tried anything from them. I picked out the pale pink colour (I'm feeling all sorts of inspired by Amanda Apparel's colour palette lately) but it's also available in black and a green that is absolutely to die for. It has no stretch to it at all, so if you are inbetween sizes or are particularly busty, I'd opt for a size up.

To make this outfit a bit more 'me' I popped on a pair of pink Converses and my beloved Plus Equals pleather jacket with zip off sleeves. And of course massive oversize sunglasses! The fabric of this dress means it'll be nice and light and comfy for a full day of wear which for me is always key, I love to be comfy. I've not worn much pale pink but I am loving this colour and think I need more now.

It has no sleeves and a cute little cut out on the neckline that I think it the perfect detail in a relatively simple dress. You could easily add a sequin jacket to this and it's perfect for a summer wedding. How I've styled it is really casual, but it's a versatile piece with a lot of ways you could wear it. Navabi offer something different for the plus size fashion world in long lasting high end designer styles. While their pieces are more expensive because they are high end, I think there's room in the fashion world for every kind of fashion and am grateful to Navabi for bringing this to the plus size world!

I'm so looking forward to warmer days and summer dresses!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

*denotes an item gifted to me for review purposes, in no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Colourpop Blotted Lips

I'm a big fan of Colourpop, so when they launched their new blotted lip range I was really curious. They reminded me of lip stains but in a lipstick format and I just had to try them. They recently had a sale on so me and my Mum placed an order and I grabbed a couple of shades I thought looked like my sort of colours because I was intrigued.

The packaging is pretty standard for Colourpop, matte white with silver font and a good 'click' when you put the lid on that means I never worry about them floating about in my handbag without the lid on.

 I picked up Lolly and Ice Cube, the names of the whole collection are adorable. These are designed to look like you've just eaten a lolipop, or have lip stain on, and the names are totally appropriate for the range.

The applicator is quite big compared to the Colourpop lippie stix, but it actually works really well. The shape of the product means that the centre of your lips gets a bit more product that the edges which really adds to the blotted look. 


One swipe of Ice Cube, layers of Ice Cube, one swipe of Lolly and several swipes of Lolly.

Depending on how you want these to look, you can apply these in a single swipe or build up the colour more. I like how they look both ways but when I wear these out I tend to build the colour up more so as they wear they end up looking like the single swipe later on.

Single swipe of Ice Cube and several layers of Ice Cube.

Single layer of Lolly and several layers of Lolly.

I wore Lolly out on a hen do I went on recently that involved a 3 course meal and quite a few drinks, and while it faded, it didn't need reapplying once. It faded beautifully and I was really impressed with the staying power, especially considered I had soup, pasta and ice cream and am not a tidy eater. These are only $5 each and feel so creamy and comfy on my lips, not drying at all. They aren't transfer proof but I wouldn't expect them to be.

I think these are going to be a go to look for me over the summer, especially in the day time, and I may have already ordered more to try out. What do you think of these?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sugar & Vice SS17 Collection

Anyone who has been following my blog for a little while will know that I am a huge fan of Sugar & Vice. They just launched their new Spring Summer collection and I fell completely head over heels for it and just had to share it with you guys. It's a collection themed around oddities and cruelty free taxidermy, and you can shop the whole collection here. I haven't been wearing much jewellery lately and this whole range has made me fall back in love with striking and unusual pieces. Here are some of my absolute faves!

Look at all those teefs! The detail in this one is sublime. It's so unusual and eye catching, the whole collection is full of fantastic statement pieces.

You know I can't resist a butterfly or a moth, and a deaths-head moth is the ultimate goth moth! One day I'll have a tattoo of one, till then, this will totally do.

I'm so in love with this piece, it's quirky and awesome and makes me want to shout 'Feed me Seymour, feed me!' Truly inspired, the addition of the single fly in particular really makes this necklace stand out to me.

My absolute favourite from the collection is this epic tiger paws necklace. I'm obsessed! I've never seen anything like this before and I want it. I need it, I have to have it. I will not rest till this is round my neck.

Sugar & Vice make so many beautiful things, but one of the things I love most about them is that every necklace is available in different chain lengths, 16", 18" and 24", as well as a variety of metal finishes. The different chain lengths might not seem like a big deal, but it means their jewellery fits absolutely everyone and is truly size inclusive! No more having to buy necklace chain extenders, these will fit any neck perfectly.

This collection has a lot more treasure in it, from crab claws, to mounted skulls, to beetle wings and even a shark jaw, all in cruelty free acrylic! Please do check them our and support a wonderful independent business whenever you can.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

All photos copyright Sugar & Vice and used with their permission.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Disconnect with the Blogging World

Recently I've been feeling a little disconnected, physically and emotionally, from the blogging world. The blogging community can be amazing, but there are times when it also feels like the loneliest place in the world. In fact, this week is the first time in well over a year that I haven't posted three times. I didn't feel up to it, or inspired, so I actually let myself skip one of my scheduled blogging days.

When it comes to the UK blogging scene, everything is focused on London. I'm in Grimsby, two hundred miles, four hours and two train rides away. Two very expensive train rides away at that. So I don't do events. I can't afford to quite honestly. Unless a brand is willing to help me out, I don't go to London. I haven't been to London for a couple of years, and that was to get tattooed rather than for anything blogging related. I've said no so many times to brands that they've just stopped asking now. When there are events in the North, they are still a couple of hours way but much more do-able, but I don't get invited. London is a place that brings opportunities a small town never will, and I've struggled with that recently.

When you live physically so far away it's easy to feel like you're invisible. No amount of social media work can make up for the fact that you're just a face on a screen. When others can catch up and chat in person, it feels completely different to emailing back and for. It can be hard to accept that sometimes location really can be everything. I'm never going to leave my hometown, it's where I'm meant to be, and that means there are some things I'll never be able to do.

I can be a little bold, a little abrasive, I'm more than happy to call out brands when they screw up, and I know that means brands aren't going to be so happy to work with me because my honesty can be risky. But I'd rather be honest and authentic and feel like I'm being true to myself and never work with a brand again. So much of our blogging self worth seems to rely on who will work with us, and it's important to remember that your voice is yours, and that's what makes you a wonderful blogger, not the brands who work with you.

I had a bad day over the bank holiday weekend, doubting my voice, doubting my self worth, and wondering if anyone even cares, or if I've made a difference to anyone. Ultimately that's why I do this, because I wish I'd been able to see plus size bloggers in the media when I was growing up so my journey to self love could have been a little easier, and it's why I now share my story and my loves and my style. And it's important to remember why you do this in the first place. Whether it's one person or one hundred, it's so worth it if you can help someone on their way.

The blogging community can feel so tight knit, I've made some wonderful friends, but at the same time, when you don't see people more than once a year, it's easy to feel forgotten. I have a lot of anxiety related to social situations and friends, so it's hard for me to process the realities of what online friendships really mean to me sometimes. I know that realistically, I probably think I'm better friends with people than I really am, it's how I've always been. I'm a very all or nothing kind of gal. Trying to focus on my real life friendships rather than the ones that pretty much live exclusively in my computer, is so important. I've been trying to spend more time outside my house, away from my phone and laptop, more time with people I can see.

I love the blogging community, but it's important to remember that it's not always real life. Sometimes for my own mental health I just need to step away from the internet for a few days, and that's ok. Sometimes it's scary to think about stepping away for a few days because the blogging world moves so fast and your page views can be impacted, but you have to self care first.

I recently spent some time unfollowing nearly every brand I follow on instagram and trying to make my feed more positive. The algorithms on it are so messed up that it can be really hard to see real people when brands get so much more of a push on their platform. I was initially concerned that I might upset brands by unfollowing, but when they have hundreds of thousands of followers, I'm just a small drop in the ocean. Unfollow people who don't inspire you, or who bring you down. Sometimes people can be trigger for you, so remove them if you have to. Muting people can be a great tool on twitter, you can mute people you follow so that their tweets don't show up in your stream, but you don't risk any drama by actually unfollowing them. You can also mute people you don't follow so that you don't have to block them, so even if people retweet them, you won't be able to see it. I tend to use this option a lot, when someone has blocked you, if you go on their profile you can tell, if you mute them, they can't. You have to do what you need to do to protect yourself on social media.

Know that most bloggers have self doubt, and that we feel left out, and that we are miles away from other bloggers, whether physically or emotionally. Blogging can be lonely when you are left alone with your laptop cooped up in your house, so visit those friends you can physically hang out with. Take that walk and go outside. I like to just hang out with my husband, walk our dog, drink a soft drink in our local with our friends, go sing along to a cover band, or watch trashy tv curled up with our cats.

It's OK to feel disconnected from the blogging world, you just have to reconnect to what really matters to you.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

5 Things I Consider Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes to my wardrobe, there are styles and pieces I find myself going back to over and over again. Whether it's literally the same piece of clothing, or I keep buying similar items, some things are just too good to resist. So here are 5 things I consider wardrobe essentials!

1) A good pair of Converses.

The thing with Converses is that I think they get better the older they are. I love the worn look and Converses seem to be really indestructible, I've got pairs I've owned for years and years that I still love. They look great with jeans, adorable with skirts, and there is no better shoe for with cute dresses in the good weather. I've no preference for the height, high and low tops are all good and I can't stop collecting them.

2) Skinny jeans.

I know, apparently skinny jeans are on the way out but I'll never let them go. I have no preference witht he wash of the denim, black, pale, acid wash, dark, I love them all. They are rock and roll and just damn cool.

3) A faux leather jacket.

I wear my faux leather jackets with absolutely everything. To work, over party dresses, with jeans, they work with anything! This particular beauty is from Plus Equals and the sleeves zip off making it even more versatile than your standard pleather jacket. I had a pleather jacket in my hotel room for my wedding even, just in case it got cold to throw on over my wedding dress. I take pleather jackets very seriously.

4) A pair of black boots.

A good pair of black boots can go with almost anything. My personal preference is for biker boots because my style is a bit more alternative, but I think investing in a sturdy pair of boots is totally worthwhile. Boots are something you can wear pretty solidly through autumn and winter and when you find 'the' pair, you'll know. I've owned 3 of this exact pair of boots now. They've been discontinued so I've ordered a near identical pair but a bit shorter in length to replace these as they have holes in.

5) A denim jacket.

In the summer when it's too warm for my pleather jacket, it's denim jacket time. Particularly for summer, this is a key item in my wardrobe. I don't do double denim, but for me summer doesn't really means jeans, so I wear it with skirts and dresses galore!

What do you consider your wardrobe essentials to be? I could have probably named a few more but then this wouldn't have fit in my 5 things series haha!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx