Colourpop Eyes

Tuesday 30 May 2017

When I first fell in love with Colourpop I was all about their lip products, but my more recent obsession is their eye makeup products. They've got some fantastic and bright colours and I can't resist them. I picked some of these shades up a while ago, and some more recently, but thought I'd share them together.

Both of these super shock shadow shades are no longer available, and were part of their really fun Hello Kitty collaboration. The white shade is 'Rainbow', and the grey is 'Bento Box'. Rainbow is a pretty odd choice for the white shade, but it's memorable for sure!

I always do my swatches with one swipe so you can see the colour pay off, and you can see that Rainbow is incredibly sheer. It's pearlescent and pretty and would make a good blending shade, but to get a really solid colour you'd have to build it up with layers. Bento Box on the other hand is solid and has great opacity right away. I love the slate tone of it, grey eye shadow is a fave of mine and I think this will be one I reach for a lot.

I also picked up three of the creme gel liners. I've had some of the creme gel colour pots before but found them a bit harder to apply, so I prefer the liners. I love makeup but I'm not the best at it, so the eye liners are the easier option.

Left to right - Teaspoon, Punch and Kicker.

I love a super bright cat eye and all of these are so pretty. Green is my go-to colour so teaspoon was an easy choice, it's one I reach to several times a week. Punch is so unusual that I couldn't resist, whoever has seen a bright yellow eye liner before?! I think it'll look great on it's own, or paired with a black for a double flick that makes you stare. Kicker is a true silver that I had to have. Ideally I'd have liked it to be a bit darker because on my skin it's not the best tone, but again it'll work for a double cat eye or layered with another colour.

I absolutely plan on getting more more of the gel liners, they last all day and do not budge!

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. That yellow is such a stunning shade - I'm a sucker for using yellow underneath my eyes to make the blue in them pop a little, but have been looking to switch to a pencil rather than a cake as the weather gets warmer. I think you've just pointed me in the right direction! :) xx

  2. Those eyeliners are so amazing! Like the colour just pops (Lol I just did that)

    1. you are too cute haha. The green has become my total day to day quick makeup xx