Monday, 19 January 2015

The Internets

Since I started this blog I've changed a lot of my URLs, and gotten some new ones, so I thought I'd post a blog updating them all!

This is my photography tumblr. It is NSFW! I post a lot of my work on here so it's probably the best free way to check out my work.

This tumblr is my personal tumblr. It is fat-positive, political, full of fluffy animals and I post previews to my full blogs on here on it.

Aaaaand this is my other tumblr. On this I reblog art I love, mostly photography. It is also NSFW. I do my best to feature a diverse range of models as much as I can.

@kittyramblesalot is my instagram name. I update this the most! I post selfies, fur baby photos, outfits, my photography, all sorts!

My blog facebook page. I post to this most days, expect a lot more random selfies, links to companies I like and general personal-ish ramblings.

My photography facebook. I try to upload different photos on this to tumblr so there isn't too much cross over, updated a couple of times a week.

I recently got lookbook and am trying to remember to post all my outfits on there. If you use it please go follow me and hype my outfits, I'm all lonely right now!

Patreon is a new platform for artists to share their work for people who pledge a monthly subscription. To access my work it starts at only $1 a month! This gets you access to some exclusive sets and regular updates. $10 a month gets you access to ALL my content! There are higher monthly amounts that also include prints and goodies sent out each month. Supporting independent artists means the world to us. $10 a month is a bargain for the amount of content I have, but it means I can carry on producing art!

Twitter! I don't use it so much, but I really should.

Thank you for supporting my blog and my work <3 Don't forget to also follow this blog!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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