My Lucky Month

Wednesday 21 January 2015

December was kind of a wild month for me. Not because of Christmas, but because I seemed to somehow become insanely lucky! A lot of my favourite brands ran competitions on their social media, I always enter competitions but have never really won anything before. In December I seemed to win everything!

So I very occasionally use twitter. Like, I have it set up to autopost my photography tumblr and bloglovin, and sometimes I remember I should post on it rather than just let the internet robots use it so that people will actually follow me. I posted on it during December and the following exchange happened....

Now, I don't follow Tesco on twitter, I've never tweeted at them, I have no idea how or why they decided to respond to my tweet. The first thing I did was check out the twitter account to make sure it was legit. It was. So I figured what the hell and I DM'd them my name and address. Two days later I got a very excited call from Stu asking me if I had ordered him anything that would come in a big box for Christmas, and if I hadn't, could he open the giant mystery box that had just been delivered to our house. I told him he could and he better ring me straight back!

Inside was a brand new 42 inch Sony Bravia HD 3D television. Stu rang me back and I said 'Holy shit' a lot and cried. I couldn't believe it. We set it up in our bedroom and just wow. The remote has a built in Netflix button! I know it's all part of a marketing campaign they did at Christmas, but seriously, it blew me away. They made our Christmas. We could never have afford a new TV, and it wasn't something we could justify saving up for when other things were more important.

BloodyMary Metal ran a daily advent calendar competition on their instagram that I eagerly entered every day. And I won! And I was lucky enough to win one of my favourite necklaces from their site. They also sent me some metallic temporary tattoos that I am totally going to play with soon. Thank you so much!

Marks and Spencer's ran a fun Pass the Parcel game on their website that I played most days, because why not! There were all sorts of prizes available from little to big. I won a voucher for some Walnut Whips. Nom. I picked mint ones. There is no photo of those because they quickly went in my belly, soz!

I figured after 3 wins I was at the end of my streak. But I wasn't! Eustratia also ran a daily advent calendar competition, and I also won a prize in that! A £20 prize was my prize, and I put a little extra in so I could buy these beautiful moth earrings. I was so tempted by the other jewellery Eustratia also do, but moths are totally my thing, so moths it was! I opted for these because they make incredible latex and these combine moths and latex together.

Aren't they fab? I plan to hook them through my stretched ears and look fabulous in them.

Of course, December also featured a proposal for me as well.... so it really was the luckiest month ever! Because the best prize was the love of my life wanting to marry me (I know, groooooan at the soppiness).

Thanks December, you rocked!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx