The Missing Christmas Photos

Saturday 17 January 2015

On Christmas day my Dad took some photos of me and Stu and I wanted to share them because well... I love them. We look so happy. We are so happy. I have definitely become one of those people who used to make single me a bit nauseous.

My Mum wanted us to pose with champagne flutes to look all extra celebratory. I'm teetotal so this made me laugh, but I played along!

Stu's beard is magnificent.

I think these two are my favourites. We are planning on getting a photo from this lot printed so we can frame it, it'll probably be the top one of these two. I think I prefer the bottom one but it's slightly out of focus.

My top is from New Look @ ASOS, and my necklace is BloodyMary Metal. Stu's amazing shark jumper is also from ASOS.

Thank Skid Row I had a good hair day!

And for a bonus, another close up of my ring. Stu picked so good!

Thanks for the photos Dad!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx