Tuesday, 27 February 2018

So... I Turned 30!

Hey blog. It's been a while! Some things have happened since I've been gone, one of the biggest being that I officially joined The 30 Club! On 12th February I turned 30, and it was awesome. I know a lot of people find turning 30 to be intimidating, but I have to admit that I didn't. My husband Stu is 13 years older than me, and in our circle of friends I'm basically the baby of the group, so 30 just didn't seem that big of a deal.

Now that I'm 30, things have changed somewhat. I've decided to tone down my wardrobe, stop wearing wild prints, and dye my hair back to a natural colour.....

Or not. I plan to carry on being the same old Kitty! I threw myself a massive party two days before my birthday. I last had a party for my 21st birthday. An ex threw it and eight people came. Those eight people included the barmaid and myself. It was an utterly miserable and lonely experience, and since then, I have to admit, I've been the birthday Scrooge. I've refused to have gatherings or parties for my birthday, but Stu gave me two choices. Organise your own party, or be thrown a surprise party, you're only 30 once. The idea of a surprise party is truly terrifying to me, so I organised my own instead.

My 30th birthday party left me feeling so very lucky and loved. Family and friends travelled from around the country to spend the evening with me, I was truly in awe. One of the best things about getting older has been turning my family into my friends, and my friends into my family.

Turning 30 has made me realise that my life might not be necessarily headed where teenage Kitty thought it would be, but that it is headed to exactly where it is meant to be. With my husband by my side, with incredible friends, with a wonderful family, and with a house full of furry critters to cuddle. I have a job I enjoy, and my chronic pain is well controlled. Comparing my life in my early twenties, to my life at 30, I couldn't be happier! Early twenties Kitty was in an awful relationship with a horrible man, had life wrecking undiagnosed chronic pain, lived in a tiny box flat and had no real friends nearby. 30 year old Kitty is married to the man of my dreams, has a diagnosis and a means of treatment that works, lives in a beautiful bungalow and has the sort of friends I can only dream of!

Rather than being scared to get older, I took 30 as a chance to look back on my journey and how far I've come. And I discovered that I've come a long way and that I love the direction my life has taken. 30 has me feeling like everything is coming up Kitty. Sure life has it's issues and it's drama, but when I look at the big picture, all I can see is serendipity.

Much love, 
Kitty xxxx

Monday, 15 January 2018

Being Bridesmaid For My Bestie

As a kid, I was an adorable bridesmaid for my Auntie. I'm still adorable, but as an adult, have only managed to be bridesmaid successfully once, despite being asked twice. Both of the times I was asked, I was asked by people I considered my dearest friends. For the full story on the unsuccessful time, you can read about my Demotion Story, and my tips for how I recommend treating your bridal party. But this post isn't about my failures as a bridesmaid, this is about my absolute joy at finally being a bridesmaid, for my oldest and dearest friend Fal.

So first thing, all these amazing photos are by Christopher Waud of Go!photo. He was absolutely brilliant, the photos are stunning, and he made everyone feel so at ease. He comes highly recommended from me (and the bride and groom!). At some point I want to book a couple's shoot with him, that's how much I love his work.

Fal and I met on 9/9/1999. I can be that specific because it's the day we started secondary school, and a very memorable date. We've basically been inseparable ever since. This photo is probably a good example of how much I love Fal. Note how squished my nose is with my enthusiasm for licking her face.

The morning of the wedding was a super chilled out affair. I spent the morning sat on the floor awaiting my turn with getting my makeup done, messing about mostly. We talked about controversial wedding photos, vagina steaming and why you shouldn't do it, and this was my impression of Billy Joel. Fal actually spent the morning waiting in the queue to get Billy Joel tickets for her and her Mum, she was successful so you knew it was going to be a good day!

At a guess, this smug facial expression was probably to do with me saying I had good eyebrows, or nice skin or something else about myself that I'm pleased with. I did my hair, but the wonderful Samantha Lyann did my makeup. I met Sam way back in 2007 I think, she was the first ever makeup artist I worked with as a photographer, and I've worked with her dozens of more times over the years. She's a good egg!

As Fal's bridesmaid, I had very few actual duties on the day. We set up the room the night before as best we could, and after breakfast finished setting up the rest of the decor. After that, my aim was to keep her calm, smiling and happy as the morning progressed. Before the final stages of getting the dress on, when I was totally ready, Fal wanted to sneak out for one last cigarette. Panic was starting to sneak in. So what's a gal to do when your best friend is about to get married and is nervous? Leap across the car park pretending to be Batman obviously.

Let's be honest, these are probably some of the best photos of me ever.

Our amazing bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS. Fal's bridesmaids varied from just over 5ft, to 6ft 3 (yep, not the tallest for once!), and a mixture of straight and plus sizes. Fal was adamant that her concern was that we were all comfy and liked what we were wearing. Well this dress from the Maya range looked amazing on all of us, was long enough for us giants, whilst somehow also short enough for the petite, and available in straight and plus sizes. If all brides were as thoughtful about their bridesmaids, the world would have a lot of happy bridesmaids! What a treasure.

Check out our paper bouquets, aren't they magic? Fal made them! Her wedding had a horror movie theme, and she used pages from her favourite horror novels including The Shining and American Psycho to make the bouquets, and to make table confetti. So clever and such a cool nod to what brought Fal and her husband together.

See, I told you, still adorable.

Chris the photographer very kindly took couple portraits of as many couples at the wedding as he possibly could. He didn't need to do that, but it's just another example of how above and beyond he went all day. What a star. You can also see my husband Stu's horror themed shirt to match the theme of the wedding! Isn't he so handsome?!

Fun fact, me and Fal are both married to our very own Stus! We like to joke that we've taken being best friends so seriously that we had to marry men with the same name. What are the chances of that? Fal introduced me to my Stu, so I'm forever grateful for that.

We may possibly have been somewhat drunk by this point. Maybe.

And a cheeky selfie with Chris the photographer! 

Being Fal's bridesmaid was a privilege. To be by my best friend's side on her wedding day meant the world. I basically cried happy tears on and off from the moment I saw Fal till the end of the night! The whole wedding was unbelievable fun, lots of dancing and being silly, good food, great company, and so much love. Fal's only desire for us bridesmaids was to support her, and be there to listen to her, and hold her hand when she needed it. I think that's what being someone's bridesmaid is truly about, about being by the side of someone you love on one of the most important days of their life.

Fal, it was my pleasure and honour to be with you on your wedding day. Thank you. I love you!

Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 11 January 2018

My 2017 Favourites

I've written about my favourite outfits of 2017, and shared some of my highs and lows, but I just can't resist doing one last 2017 blog, sharing some of my general favourites from the year. These range from apps, to beauty products and more, just things I have to share that I might not necessarily have blogged about during the year.

First up, the app I just couldn't stop playing, PokemonGo!

I've played this app every single day since it's release in 2016, and got even more into it as 2017 progressed. The introduction of the raid system brought a whole new social side to the game we hadn't had before, we saw the introduction of gen 2, and the first waves of gen 3, meaning a whole loads of new Pokemon to catch. My personal favourite new aspect of the game is the very new weather system. It means increased spawns, and totally different spawns depending on the weather system. That there are now weather specific spawns is so exciting and definitely encourages me to go out no matter the weather!

I tried my first Lady V London Lyra style dress, and ended my year with three of them. Absolutely obsessed! I always thought a wrap over style dress was something more suited to those with a larger bust and wouldn't look great on me, but I LOVE the Lyra. I've got one short sleeve and two long, and my only gripe is that the long sleeves are nowhere long enough for me at 5ft 11. I just push the sleeves back and wear them anyway because I love them so much. I'm desperately hoping they release more spooky/alternative style designs like the one I'm wearing!

One of the biggest changes I made this year, and absolutely a favourite, was to start the Curly Girl Method. I started back in March and cannot believe the difference to my hair! I plan on doing a full update blog post soon talking about all the products I use and my exact routine because I think I've got it pretty nail on now. I never thought I had curls like I do, but I've even been asked when I started getting my hair permed!

My favourite beauty product of 2017 was an easy choice, Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. I have hooded lids and no eyeshadow has ever stayed on my lids like these do. I apply them with my fingers, and once on, they don't move. They never crease or build up in the folds in my lids, and even my Nanna loves these, I've ended up doing bulk orders for her and all her friends! If you struggle with eyeshadow I really recommend you give these a go, they are cruelty free too.

I finally found a cruelty free mascara that I truly love! The Elf 3 in 1 mascara. The brush is amazing, it has a normal section for applying the normal coverage, and then a larger ball section on the end that really helps you get all those small lashes and really get some length on the corners of your eyes. I've really struggled to find a good cruelty free mascara, my previous fave was discontinued so I was thrilled to find this.

What were your favourite finds in 2017?

Much love, 
Kitty xxxx

Monday, 8 January 2018

What I Got For Christmas

I know, I know, Christmas seems forever ago now, but I always do a what I got for Christmas type post, and I wasn't going to not do one even though it's late. This year, I'm only sharing two of the presents I got for Christmas, both from my husband Stu. Both of these presents made me absolutely sob, so I had to share the story behind them.

Before I opened this beautiful necklace, I opened a lovely photo frame with a picture of our dear Sinbad the one eyed cat who passed away in 2016 in it. That got me all emotional, and as I started to open this necklace, I realised what it was. It's cremation jewellery, it contains a small urn inside for you to place the ashes of your lost loved one inside, so they can be with you when you wear it. I have wanted one of these for such a long time, Sinbad was the first cat that was 'mine'. I rescued him, he rescued me, we were inseparable. I was heartbroken when he passed away and this was a perfect present from my husband.

Now the second present, and why it made me cry, need a little more explaining. Any 90's kids have any guesses as to what it is? This, is Fetch Armstrong. Fetch Armstrong was the doggy sidekick to Stretch Armstrong, a superhero with an elastic body that could stretch huge amounts. My brother had Stretch, I had Fetch. I bloody loved Fetch, despite his rubbery body and solid face, he slept in my bed with me at night and I carried him round with me wherever I could.

As it turns out, you can stretch these super stretchy toys too far, as my little brother discovered when he stretched Stretch too far and ripped him. All his stretchy gooey insides leaked out and he was broken. Angry he had broken his toy, he decided it was Fetch's end time too, and he overstretched poor Fetch much to my horror. I was gutted! My brother will tell you it was an accident but there's no telling me otherwise, I know the truth! (I forgive you bro.... maybe). A few years ago someone we know got their kid a Stretch Armstrong for Christmas, and I told Stu this story. I had no idea they had brought them back and thought it was really cool.

So imagine my surprise, when on Christmas day, I opened my present to discover inside, my very own Fetch Armstrong. Stu had been hunting for one since I had told him the story, and they had finally started making them again. It was such a thoughtful gift, I howled with laughter whilst also crying at how much it meant that he had remembered my love of my original Fetch!

Fetch is now proudly on my bedside table and will be going absolutely nowhere near my not-so-little-anymore brother.

What did you get for Christmas?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 4 January 2018

My Favourite Outfits of 2017

Is it really a new year if you don't do the odd round up post to show your faves from the previous year? I don't think so! I have plans for two favourite blogs, this one will be all about my favourite outfits that I shared on my blog in 2017. I didn't share anywhere near as many as I would have liked, particularly late in the year because of my operation, but hopefully 2018 will be much more fashion themed! So, here's my fave looks that I shared last year.

One of the few 'work wear' looks I've ever done, and a real outfit I wear regularly! 2017 reignited my love of skirts, and got me into shirts, something I had never really worn before. I've worn this look or a variation on it so many times since I first photographed it!

Quite possibly my favourite outfit of all time! This mesh dress is my absolute go-to for nights out. I damaged the hem recently and desperately got my Nanna to fix it because I am obsessed with this dress. Lace and mesh and a harness, it's a perfect 'me' outfit. Being plus size often means settling for things that aren't quite your style, this look is 100% Kitty with no settling at all. It's me, truly.

2017 was also the year I fell in love with oversized, relatively shapeless pieces. It's one of those things that plus size bodies are told to simultaneously wear to hide their shape, and never wear because it doesn't give the illusion of shape. Bare legs, a comfy dress, and a cameo from my pooch, can't go wrong.

I could easily have included basically every outfit I wore last year that featured Navabi, but this grunge inspired look is my fave. Glittery boots and a dress that matches my hair, love! Navabi are my stand out brand of 2017 for so many reasons (but that's a whole other post) and this dress is one of many reasons why.

2017 was a year of skirts and dresses for me, what items did you fall in love with?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 31 December 2017


2017, it's been a year! I've been MIA from my blog since my carpal tunnel surgery in November, but my hand is healing nicely now so I'm hoping to get back to some regular scheduled programming ASAP. Politically 2017 was a terrible year, and I'm aghast at the direction our planet seems to be going in, but this blog is going to be about my personal 2017 in an attempt to finish the year with some positivity and reflection.

2017 had it's highs and it's lows. Family members and friends were ill, thankfully these illnesses seem to be under control or on the mend now, and I am more grateful for the NHS than ever. Friendships changed, and I learnt a lot about being able to tell myself that it's OK to give up on people who let you down or hurt you. I had my first carpal tunnel surgery (full blog post on that coming soon), I'm still waiting on the other hand after that operation was cancelled last week. I scarred my face and managed to lose a good chunk of eyebrow in May, which very much affected how I felt about myself, and was a whole journey to accept the changes that I wasn't expecting. Note to self - the kitchen floor is extremely slippery when wet!

In the highs of the year, I had the absolute privilege of seeing three of my nearest and dearest get married this year. My little brother two days before Christmas, my darling cousin Hannah, and my best friend Fal. I was bridesmaid for Fal, and any long time reader will remember my being thrown out of the last wedding I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in, so it was a joy to finally be trusted to be a part of someone's day.

My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary whilst away on a wonderful holiday with two of our best friends. We also went to a whole bunch of incredible gigs this year, we were lucky enough to see Metallica, Stone Sour, Inglorious, Wayward Sons and Bigfoot. We're hoping to make 2018 even more music focused and already have some gigs planned.

Blog wise, things all went to the wayside from November because of my surgery, but I still hit some personal targets and achieved some things I'm very proud of. I hit 200,000 views, something I had wanted to hit before the end of the year, and I hit yesterday, so I did it with a day to spare! I wrote 37 articles for She Might Be, 3 of which were some of the most successful pieces on the site for the entire year. I did my first ever photoshoot on the other side of the camera, with the truly amazing Shannon Swift, I cannot recommend her enough! If she can make an awkward turtle like me look so glam, she's got skills.

I was published as a blogger in a print magazine for the first time, in the brill Blogosphere Magazine. I can also now very proudly announce that I'm in the magic Bethany Rutter's book Plus+ that is due out 15th February! I've already pre-ordered it and cannot wait to get my mitts on it.

I'm hoping that 2018 can bring about more travel, more music, and more good times. I know my blog will have another hiatus when I have my other hand operation, but it's well worth it because hopefully my hands will be greatly improved and I might even be able to pick up my camera again.

Here's to hoping for a kick ass 2018!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Head Shave to Raise Money for Macmillan!

When I was 11, I met my best friend Fal. We've been pretty inseparable since we met, both being bridesmaids at each others weddings and hell, we both even married men called Stu. We take being best friends super serially. We've been together through thick and thin, good times and bad, and right now, Fal and her family are having one of those harder times. Fal's awesome Mum Sally is fighting breast cancer, and to support her, Fal has decided to shave her head to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan are an incredible organisation who have been a great help to Sally, and are such an important charity.

To borrow Fal's words, 'I can't be with my mum through the sickness she gets from chemo or the constant 'what if' thoughts she has but I can support her through losing her hair'.

I'm so proud of Fal for deciding to support her Mum in this way, and I want to support them both in the way that I can, and that's to share her fundraiser with you guys.

Cancer touches so many of our lives, and I'd love to help Fal absolutely smash her target! Every penny counts in supporting those who are facing cancer and allows more incredible Macmillan nurses to help.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx