Sunday, 24 July 2016

Halternecks and Flowers

I snagged myself 3 bargains in the Lindy Bop sale, and this is the last one I have to share. You can see the others here and here. This was the dress I felt I took the biggest risk with, as halternecks are always an interesting fit, but I am really pleased with it!

This is the 'Dominique', it has a black base and waist, with bright yellow, pink and red floral patterns. It has a frill on the lower hem which is a really sweet touch. The halterneck is nice and secured once tied, it didn't budge at all. It has a very light padding in the cups which meant I was safe without a bra. It isn't the most secure if you are larger busted, but I just about to got away with it. Though my Mum did insist on safety pinning the cross over section haha!

I couldn't resist pairing a girly dress with my trusty Matalan pleather jacket and black converses. I know, I know, I always style dresses the same way. But I'm still in love with this jacket and I wear it constantly. And obviously I had no objection to Ashen's smiley face posing with me! The shirring on the back of this dress means it's really comfy and the material is soft and lightweight. This is definitely going to be one of my go-to dresses for summer parties, and I hope they have it in more colour schemes and prints too.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Robes by Silk and More

My Mum came up with a really beautiful idea for the morning of the wedding. She wanted to get all the girls matching dressing gowns to wear while we got ready. Super cute for the photos and an adorable keep sake too. These were a gift from my Mum that just made all the getting ready photos!

We ordered the robes from Silk And More who are based in India. They offer a lot of custom options and a really good size range. They fit very true to size, we were a little nervous and ordered a size up but really did not need to. You can add a lining to the robe if you want to, and also pockets are an additional option.

You can also customise the length of the robes, choosing from 6 different lengths, and you also get to give the height of the person wearing the robe to ensure they are just right! I'm 5ft 11 and it's the perfect just below knee length on me as ordered. The height options go from 4ft 9 to 6ft 3 so cover most people, and the sizes go from an extra small to a 4XL which is the equivalent to a size 28. They are generously sized so I think a 30/32 would be able to get away with a 4XL.

We got the same print in 3 different colours, I got a true purple, the bridesmaids had lilac, and my Mum, Auntie and Nanna all had pink. I loved that you could easily match with the print but also pick different colour bases.

They have a huge range of colours and prints that are just lovely. They are mostly florals, but there are also birds, butterflies and even chevron prints for a funkier look. I'm seriously tempted to get myself another one in a different colour because I love it so much!

They have a little tie for the inside of the dressing gown so there's no risk of any flashing which is always a good thing. I'm not a pajama kind of gal so if I'm rocking my dressing gown it's not usually with a whole lot underneath!

The robes totally made the photos from the morning and were such a beautiful gift. They took 3 weeks to be made and delivered all the way from India and are so lovely and soft. I can't speak highly enough of Silk And More! Perfect bridesmaid gifts, or a great place to treat yourself from just because you need a new summer robe.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

All photography by the incredible ClickClickBang Photography.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pink and Black and Yellow and Summer

I've already blogged one of the outfits I got in the Lindy Bop sale here, so I thought as I've shared my favourite, I'd share Stu's! He has the knack for picking out clothes for me that I might not usually wear that turn out to be awesome. However, I was so with him on this one right from the start.

I love bright colours contrasted with black, and this yellow and pink combo is lush. It has a bardot neckline (always a fave of mine) and the body of the dress is actually quite long. It sits a little longer in the waist than I would usually like but the print is fun enough that I can forgive it. I got my usual size and it's quite roomy on the bust, so if you are a larger busted lady you should be fine with your normal size. It has some stretch to the fabric which I prefer for that extra bit of comfy.

It falls to below knee on me, so on someone of average height it'll be about mid-calf. It is very long compared to most LB dresses! It comes with a black patent belt but as tends to happen with LB, it hasn't been sized up appropriately as the size of the dress goes up so it is too small. I swapped that out and wore a pink belt with it instead. It works, but it's a shame that the black is too small because the shine of the patent and the extra pop of black looks so good in the photos on the LB website.

I plan to keep an eye out for more dresses in this style now I've tried one. A bardot neckline is my favourite style and this is so lovely.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Pineapple Dress of Dreams

Oh this dress. What a mission this dress was to even get my little chubby mitts on. I first ordered it at the beginning of March as a pre-order, only to find out 2 months later that it wasn't coming into stock. I was told it was an error, it had never been in stock and never would be. My dreams were dashed. Then I saw Lottie L'Amour post that she had it! What?! I messaged Simply Be who confirmed that the dress was now available after all, so order number 2 was placed and it finally arrived.

I'm kind of obsessed with pineapple print, so this was always meant to be mine. I never wear white, so it's a big change for me! I saved it for the last few days of our honeymoon to show off whatever tan I managed to accidentally get. I wore factor 50 and sat in the shade all day and still ended up super tan, for me at least.

There are two key things to mention about this dress. The first is that it is seriously short. I wore my favourite Chaffree shorts underneath to preserve my dignity because I would have absolutely ended up flashing when I was walking around without them. I am 5ft 11 and was rocking a whole lot of leg. The second thing is how sheer the dress is. You can't tell in this photo, but I was wearing a lime green bra underneath it and you could totally see it. You need skin coloured underwear for sure. I still wore it out anyway because whatever, I was on holiday!

It has a high neck and a little key hole cut out in the back in a triangular sort of shape. I'm really broad so I opted to size up as there is no stretch to this at all and I am glad I did. It's a little loose around the arm holes but I'd rather that than a snug fit over the bust. I now need to host all the summer barbecues so I can wear this a whole bunch. It's adorable.

While it was a real mission to get hold of this dress, it was worth it in the end. There are several different prints in this style dress and for only £20 I might not be able to resist!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : DIY Succulent and Rose Letters

I shared a lot of my wedding DIY in the run up to my wedding, but I wanted to save my personal favourite till after the actual day. Any time someone mentioned the DIY on the day I proudly waved at this creation and told them how awesome I was for making it. Because I am all kinds of proud of it! So, here is my tutorial for how to make succulent and flower filled letters.

First up, here's what you need - fillable wooden letters, paint, a paint brush, fake silk flowers, fake succulents and a glue gun.

I bought these wooden letters from Hobby Craft, they have a lip so are ideal for filling with whatever you might want to decorate them with.

These only cost £3 each, so are a pretty cheap DIY option!

Any paint suitable for wood will work, make sure you paint the inside of the letters, the inside of the lip, the front of the lip, and all of the outside of the letters. You never know what might show through once you are done so it's better to be safe than sorry!

I needed several coats with this particular paint, I didn't do as many on the inside of the letters as I knew the majority of it would be covered.

Next you need to grab your weapons! Whatever you want to fill the letters with that is glue gun safe.

I used two different kinds of silk flowers, you can buy all sorts of them really cheap on Ebay.

I also got two different kinds of plastic succulents. Our wedding had a lot of succulents featured in it, I collect them, so they had to feature in the letters too!

You don't have to use flowers. You could use pom poms, or crystals, anything you want that matches your own wedding theme.

If you are using fake succulents you will want to figure out your positioning for them first. As they are bigger you don't want to worry about squeezing them in afterwards. I decided on the positioning, and then went back and glue gunned them in one by one.

Next up, the little flowers! Chop off the flower heads and randomly place them inside the letters. Make sure your different colours are evenly spaced out, you don't want clusters of one colour.

Ta da! Here is the finished product. I am so damn proud of these. We had them on a window sill in the reception room during the wedding, and I'll be putting them somewhere proud of place in the house so I can continue to tell everyone that I made them.

A close up! You won't want to smush the flowers down too much or else they'll look a bit squashed and the effect will be less 3D.

If you use any of my tutorials, please let me know! I'd love to see what you make.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

PS. be sure not to let any wild beasts steal your flowers!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Converse Pride Sneakers

Sometimes you see a pair of shoes and you just have to have them. Usually when this happens to me they don't come in my shoe size. I wear a UK size 10. However, when George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust shared some shoes recently, they not only had them in my size, but I actually had the funds to buy them for once. George is a bad influence in the worst kind of way!

These come in two different size ranges, I needed what ASOS consider the 'men's' option which is available here. They also come in smaller sizes in the women's range, but pretty much all of them are out of stock as I write this. These sold out so quick!! These are part of the 'Pride' collection which features a range of hi and lo-tops in rainbow and LGBT+ inspired designs.

These are the more subtle of the range... if you can call them subtle. They have a totally black base with rainbow paint splash speckles all over them, other than on the laces. I love that the pattern extends onto the rubber soles too, it's so fun.

I think these will look really adorable with an all black outfit as fun rainbow pop of colour, especially with my favourite black pleather jacket for extra punk rock vibes.

The soles of the shoes are the real star of the show, with a rainbow covering the entire sole. SO MUCH FUN. The flashes of colour as you walk around will be incredible. I need to wear these to a gig and go dancing in them.

The rainbow motif even covers the inside of the shoes which is a really cute touch.

The converse logo has been rainbowed up too. The logo on the sides of the shoe is plain black with the paint splatter effect.

This is just inside the tongue of the shoes. The pride collection has the 'Proud to be' theme through out. I love the concept of the collection, but I wish that Converse were making a donation to an LGBT+ charity with the proceeds of this collection.

Even the aglets are rainbows. I absolutely love these shoes, but I feel really iffy about Converse using LGBT+ symbols for profit without donating back to the community it is commodifying. I didn't research before I bought these, and I wish I had. If you are going to use symbols from a community to celebrate them, support their charities and actually help support them, rather than just act like you are supporting them. Converse is a huge company, they can really make an impact and can afford to donate.

So Converse, please step up, do the right thing, give back to the community and really show your pride.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Lindy Bop Honeymoon Bargain

Lindy Bop's sales are kind of legendary. The website always crashes, you have to queue to get on it, but once you are in... oh the bargains to be had! After much queueing and tantruming I finally got onto the website and there was so much to choose from. I managed to snag myself a couple of dresses in the most recent one and this is my personal favourite.

This is the 'Lily' dress in an adorable tropical print. I was so hoping this dress would be in the sale and was thrilled it was. And it was only £9!! I love the pattern of it so damn much. A good tropical print is always a summer must have. It's a thicker stretch fabric than most Lindy Bop dresses that makes it feel higher quality. It doesn't crease and holds it's shape without a petticoat really well. I think a pink petticoat underneath would really make the dress pop and look so cute too.

The neckline has 3 small keyhole cut outs in both the front and back which is a cute touch, and it comes with a contrasting pink belt. I've had problems with the belts from Lindy Bop not being sized up as the sizes of the dresses go up, but this one was the right size. That the belt came in bright pink was a really cute touch, it picked out the colours of the print so nicely. I'd have opted for pink because of my hair so it worked out!

I paired it with black shoes from Yours Clothing and pink heart sunglasses from ASOS. I felt amazingly cute in this outfit, especially with my recently touched up pink hair. Stu took these photos before we ate dinner in the Italian restaurant in our hotel as the sun started to set. He managed to get himself the nickname Instagram Husband from some of the other guests... oops!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx