Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Colourpop Lips

I love me some Colourpop, but their products have to be my absolute stand out product. They're always releasing new products and one of their newest products has quickly become an absolute favourite of mine.

I had already tried out the blotted lips here, but the ultra blotted lips were new to me. Much like their ultra matte lips, these come in a clear tube with a doe foot applicator. Colourpop were known for their holographic fonts but they wore off the tubes very quickly, so they've switched to silver which doesn't wear off. I picked out Split and Cherry on Top as they seemed to be perfect summer colours!

I've also gotten really into brown toned nude lip colours lately, so I grabbed Boys Town and Bonus Points in the creme formula of the lippie stix. The creme formula is a lovely creamy finish, but not too glossy.

Left to right - 
Split, Cherry on Top, Boys Town, Bonus Points.

I'm wearing Split in both of these photos, which is the more pink toned ultra blotted lips. I am absolutely in love with this product! They've somewhere between a lip stain and a diluted matte liquid lipstick. It dries down completely and is smudge proof, but isn't as heavy duty or solid as a traditional liquid lipstick. These are so perfect for summer and I can't stop wearing them. They only budge when you eat oily foods and are really comfortable on the lips.

I am definitely going to be picking more of these up!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Daisy Kinderwhore OOTD

Every now and then I see a dress that I just have to buy. This time, it was ASOS with the dress that had to be mine. It screamed of the nineties and kinderwhore fashion and it had to be mine. And so it was done.

Dress - ASOS £28
Sunglasses - Quay Australia £45
Converses - Old (no longer available)

Kinderwhore fashion was loved by the likes of Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland; it was baby doll dresses and fishnets and boots, the dresses were short and the styling was easy. Kinderwhore was a grunge kick into feminism, it took all the good girl parts of fashion and screwed with them. As a woman who loves punk rock, seeing women in rock and roll be hyper feminine and bad ass made me happy, but as a teenager I never dared look to them for fashion inspiration. But the Kitty who is now 29 (eek) is all that those mini dresses!

This is a more 'casual' version of those classic kinderwhore looks, because it was way too warm for my biker boots and I didn't fancy platforms. I actually wore this dress on mine and Stu's first wedding anniversary for chips and cheese on the beach while we were away on holiday. Top romance!

I love a comfy over size dress and this is a lovely light fabric, so even on the beach it kept me cool. I stayed simple with the accessories wearing all my usual BloodyMary Metal rings and adding a BMM stag necklace. And of course, I had the best accessory in the form of our pooch-face Ashen. I swear, he poses way better than I do!

Maybe by this point he was a little bit fed up of posing! He is a handsome beastie. ASOS have another dress in this sort of loose fit shirt style and I might just have to get my mitts on it. It's definitely become a new fave very quickly.

Disclaimer: I walk Ashen with a harness (he was arthritis and it helps his be more comfortable) and I totally fell over after taking these photos on the wet decking outside our log cabin leaving me with some epic bruises. These photos also really make me realise I need more leg tattoos.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Girly Millenial Pink OOTD

I seem to be on a bit of a roll lately with online competitions, and recently I was lucky enough to win one of Yours Clothing's #winitwednesday competitions on twitter. It was a on a day that's always hard, on my dear friend Jess's birthday who sadly was taken from us when we were 17. We shared a mutual love of butterflies and it seemed like a gift from the universe to make me smile when I suddenly won a dress covered in butterflies!

Jacket - Matalan (old)
Shoes - Converses

This dress is quite possibly the girliest thing I've ever owned. In fact, this whole outfit might be the girliest thing I've ever worn! I ended up channelling Amanda Apparel for this look completely by accident. I wore this outfit to a hen do I went on, and when I realised I only had 20 minutes to get ready I gave my youngest step son a bunch of random choices to pick me an outfit real quick. He was feeling the all pink vibes, so all pink it was!

The dress is typical Lady Voluptuous, beautifully made, with a lovely print, and well fitted. Lady V offer dual sizes, and I find them very true to size. This is probably a little more low cut than I would usually wear because I don't have the sort of bust that gives cleavage, but I love it either way and think it would also look amazing on a busty babe too!

The print is a delight, flowers and butterflies in different shades of pinks and hints of blue. The sleeves sit at about elbow length with a fold up that has a really unusual shape, it actually peaks into a 'V' shape in the middle of the sleeves. I really like this detail, it's such a small thing but it's lovely. The top of the dress is a wrap over style, for me personally I might have to pop a stitch in the bust area because it does gape a bit because I don't have much to fill it out, but I don't think anyone with more of a chest would need to do that.

The bottom of the dress is probably my favourite part, the two pleated sections give it a great shape without being too full. You could probably pop a petticoat underneath it if you did want to add more fullness though!

It felt really odd to go out not wearing all pink, but I think the Converses and the pleather jacket made it feel 'Kitty' enough that I wasn't uncomfortable. I might just have to let my step son style me again seen as he did such a great job with this look!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Today is mine and Stu's first wedding anniversary! We're spending it away on holiday with some dear friends of ours, but I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos from our day and some of the things I've learnt during our first year of marriage.

I've learnt that really, marriage doesn't change a whole lot. Life is pretty much the same, we still binge watch tv shows on Netflix, hang out in our local with our friends, pick on each other relentlessly, but now we do it as husband and wife instead.

I've learnt that in Stu I have a husband who supports me and is literally there through sickness and in health. He's been there with me when I've been at my most ill, and held my hand and looked after me, and I'm so so lucky to have that.

I've learnt that I'll always smile when I look at my wedding ring, but that I will eventually manage to stop crying every time I hear one of our weddings song! They fill my heart with complete delight and take me back to the day itself.

I learnt that you can absolutely have a wedding playlist filled with metal, rock, pop punk, ska and glam and still fill the dance floor all night long. I know a lot of more alternative couples worry about having music that they love and people getting up and dancing, but our dance floor was filled all night long. You might be surprised to discover that your Uncle from Wales is actually a massive metal head, or that your cousin's husband is a punk rocker at heart. I was so surprised at what people loved! We had a ridiculous mosh pit to Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name and I broke my dress head banging and it was SO much fun.

I learnt that once you've been married for 6 months the baby questions start and never seem to stop. From total strangers to family friends, people seem to think it's OK to ask when you are having kids. I'm not having children, it's just not something I want from life, and I don't understand why people think it's OK to ask you questions about this. While I've made a choice to not have children, plenty of others have that decision taken away from them and I can't imagine the hurt of having people pry about it. I've also learnt that people look at you like a monster when you say you don't want children of your own. I have 3 wonderful step-children that I'm so lucky to have in my life, but having children isn't for me.

I've learnt that time apart is important so you can both do your own things. We do so much together, but sometimes it's also awesome to just chill out on the sofa on your own in your pants eating pizza and watching Ru Paul's Drag Race. Sadly Stu is just not into Drag Race despite my best attempts! Sometimes when you are married people see you as a solid unit, so you are invited every where as a couple and it's expected you'll do everything together, but it's important to do your own thing too and not lose who you are as an individual.

I've learnt that being silly together is so important. Weddings can be really serious, but that's just not us. Being ridiculous and daft is so integral to our relationship that it had to be part of our wedding too. Take time to laugh and just be together and be delirious and happy that you are married. In our daily life play fighting and tickling and laughing at cat memes on the internet is the stuff that keeps us laughing and together. Memes are important stuff!

I've learnt that all my favourite photos from our wedding are the unposed ones. It's the photos taken when we didn't even know any photos were taken that we really love. Like the photo above, we were getting ready to have our photo taken and Stu was pretty er... tipsy by this point, and he just came over to me laughing and cuddled in and it's probably my favourite photo from the whole day. It's so natural and us. Let your photographer follow you around and capture you in your natural habitat! I'm so happy we booked Donna of ClickClickBang and her husband as a second shooter (which was a decision we were lucky to be able to make about a week before the wedding!) because so many moments got captured that could have been missed by a single shooter because they just can't be everywhere at once.

And I've learnt that being lucky enough to marry your best friend in the whole world is everything. Being best friends as well as partners makes our lives so much fun, and I feel so lucky to have been able to meet Stu.

I just hope he likes the present I got him!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Thursday, 1 June 2017

I Don't Want Children, And That's OK

It's been almost a year since Stu and I got married, and one of the questions that seems to pop up more and more since we hit that 6 month mark is, 'When are you having children?'. There are whole bunch of reasons that asking people this is problematic, and why we should stop asking this question. 

So, first things first. I hate this question. It's invasive and it makes certain assumptions. It assumes that we want children, and it assumes that we are physically able to have children. I have no idea if I can have children or not, I've never had any desire to try to have one and I've never been pregnant, but I do know a great many people who have tried to conceive and have been unable to, or have struggled to. I've seen the pain in people's eyes when people have asked them about babies, and seen the hurt those questions have caused. I can't speak about other people's pain, but I can suggest that asking very personal questions about people's ability to conceive is certainly not going to help. In the future I hope people stop asking what I consider to be a very private question, that is really only a subject to be discussed between partners.

I don't want children. I've never been filled with the desire to have them. I'm not someone who is filled with delight at babies. I've never been that way. There's nothing 'wrong' with me, despite what people have suggested over the years, it's just not for me. I have 3 awesome older step children, and I know some great kids, I'm better with them once they are a bit older. I'll make a fantastic bad influence of an Auntie once your kid starts getting an interest in music! People talk about the 'maternal instinct', whether it exists or not is a different debate entirely, but I know I don't have that feelings others seem to have when they see a blooming pregnant belly or a baby bouncing in a pram.

I've heard all the usual platitudes people offer when I say I don't want children. 'You'll change your mind when you get older' (I'm almost 30), 'It's different when they're your own' (but what if it's not?), 'But who'll look after you when you get old?' (what a terrible reason to have children!) and more. I think my personal favourites are 'You're being selfish', because surely it's more selfish to bring an unwanted child into the world, and 'What will you leave behind when you're gone?', and well, I'd like to hope that people see people who have children as more than just parents. I'd like to think that I'll leave behind writing that might have helped someone, or photos that have inspired someone. And if I don't achieve that, then my life won't have been hollow and empty simply because I didn't have children.

It seems to be a question that is aimed far more at women than it is at men. I'm not less of a woman because I've made a decision to not have children, having children does not make someone a woman. What defines being a woman is simply someone defining themselves as a woman! There is a huge amount of pressure on women to fulfil certain roles in society, we are to be wives, mothers, cleaners, carers, we are to meet a man and have 2.4 children and a white picket fence and a dog. It is incredibly sexist to assume that because I am a woman, I should want children. It's not something people seem to ask men is it? I can't recall anyone asking my husband about him having children, whereas I've been asked dozens of times since we got married.

Not everyone wants the same things from life, and that's what makes the world go round! Some people want to travel the earth, some have fantastic collections they've accrued over the years, other people fill their lives with rescue animals, some want to write and others feel music deep within their souls. All these things help make us the diverse and unique individuals we are, and that includes whether or not we might want children. The world would be a very boring place if we all had the same desires.

Asking people when they are having children is such an invasive and private question. Many people want children, and a growing number of us don't, and that's OK! So next time you might want to ask someone when they are having children, just take a moment and reconsider before you do.

Much love, 
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Colourpop Eyes

When I first fell in love with Colourpop I was all about their lip products, but my more recent obsession is their eye makeup products. They've got some fantastic and bright colours and I can't resist them. I picked some of these shades up a while ago, and some more recently, but thought I'd share them together.

Both of these super shock shadow shades are no longer available, and were part of their really fun Hello Kitty collaboration. The white shade is 'Rainbow', and the grey is 'Bento Box'. Rainbow is a pretty odd choice for the white shade, but it's memorable for sure!

I always do my swatches with one swipe so you can see the colour pay off, and you can see that Rainbow is incredibly sheer. It's pearlescent and pretty and would make a good blending shade, but to get a really solid colour you'd have to build it up with layers. Bento Box on the other hand is solid and has great opacity right away. I love the slate tone of it, grey eye shadow is a fave of mine and I think this will be one I reach for a lot.

I also picked up three of the creme gel liners. I've had some of the creme gel colour pots before but found them a bit harder to apply, so I prefer the liners. I love makeup but I'm not the best at it, so the eye liners are the easier option.

Left to right - Teaspoon, Punch and Kicker.

I love a super bright cat eye and all of these are so pretty. Green is my go-to colour so teaspoon was an easy choice, it's one I reach to several times a week. Punch is so unusual that I couldn't resist, whoever has seen a bright yellow eye liner before?! I think it'll look great on it's own, or paired with a black for a double flick that makes you stare. Kicker is a true silver that I had to have. Ideally I'd have liked it to be a bit darker because on my skin it's not the best tone, but again it'll work for a double cat eye or layered with another colour.

I absolutely plan on getting more more of the gel liners, they last all day and do not budge!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Bell Sleeves & Stripes with LovedRobe*

When it comes to this season's trends, one of my absolute favourites is bell sleeves. It really throws me back to my wannabe goth youth that involved a lot of very long and dramatic sleeves and floating about. When it came to picking out a new piece from LovedRobe's range to try out for my blog, it had to have bell sleeves, and I knew right away what I wanted to try.

Leggings - ASOS
Trainers - Rose gold Converses (old)
Sunglasses - Quay Australia Princess style (old)
Bag - ASOS (old)

I mean are those sleeves not an absolute dream?! I'm obsessed! I'm loving monochrome right now, so once I saw these vertical stripes along with the bell sleeves I had to have this. It's a nice lightweight material so it's great for the transitional weather, I can see myself wearing this throughout autumn too.

You guys, those sleeves, just look at them! I want to twirl about and do my best Stevie Nicks impression in them, and for me, that's always a good thing. The top of the neck is a V neck, it's not too low but it gives a nice shape to the top of the dress. It doesn't need much detailing because the sleeves and the stripes say everything you need the dress to say.

I'm 5ft 11 and the dress sits just above knee length on me, so on most it would probably be just below the knee. I love the length, I could wear this for work happily if I wanted to! I was originally going to wear this to a meal we were going out to so I made it a bit more 'me' and put on these new fishnet leggings and some converses. The fishnet leggings are from ASOS and they have a jersey panel along the inner thigh so there's no risk of chub rub, genius! 

The fit of the dress is pretty good overall. It doesn't have any stretch to it, and it is a little tight across my back, but not in a way that really worries me. The waist is elasticated so you could wear it with more of a loose sort of style if you wanted to by pulling the waist up to right under your bust. The arms have plenty of room in them and I have quite chunky upper arms so I don't think that would be a problem in terms of it, but if you are bustier it may be worth sizing up just in case because of the snugness across the back.

This is definitely a new favourite piece that I've added to my wardrobe in a while. It's flamboyant and fun and vertical stripes aren't something you see often enough! It also comes in 3 other prints, all gorgeous florals, and I might just have to get my mitts on one of those as well because I think for £35 this is really reasonably priced.

Are you loving bell sleeves too this season?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*indicates an item gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.