Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Groomsmen and Usher Gift Ideas

Last week I shared my ideas for bridesmaid gifts, so this week it's the turn of groomsmen! As with last week's post, this is inspired by our actual wedding in which all our groomsmen were men. If you have any female groomsmen some of these ideas might work still, and if not hopefully my bridesmaid ideas will help. As our wedding was 4th June I can share what we actually got for our groomsmen as they already have their gifts now! I prefer wedding gifts for the bridal party that don't use wedding terms in them, so they can be used afterwards and are more versatile so your bridal party can think of the day fondly whenever they use or wear their gift again. So here are our ideas!

A hip flask is, I think at least, a total classic for the men in your bridal party, and for good reason. A hip flask makes such a thoughtful gift and this matte black style is lush. You could get their name and role etc on the flask as pictured above, or you could get your groomsmen's favourite song lyrics on it to make it more personal to them.

A good quality bottle opener and corkscrew are an essential household item, making this an ideal gift. It's classic, it's cool, it's a personalised gift your groomsmen can use for the longest time. The wooden handle looks fantastic and really adds something to this gift.


If your party are wearing suits, cufflinks are a great choice! Not everyone has a pair, and cufflinks suited to each groomsmen can be a fun individual part of each suit. Every groomsmen can have a different pair that fits their hobbies and interests. This is what Stu opted for and we had everything from basketballs, to pugs, Playstation controllers and drum kits.

Definitely a classy choice, these drinks decanters are so awesome. You can get a monogram or wording on the stoppers so each groomsmen can have something unique they can use afterwards to impress if they ever host a fancy dinner party. Plus, these just look cool as hell.

And for more of a budget option, you could get just the stopper part instead. This is great providing you don't have any teetotalers in your group like we did. These are only £5.99 and are really thoughtful, an ideal gift to treasure and keep.

What did you get your groomsmen?

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Taking Blog Photos When You Have Fur Babies...

A silly blog today! I'm still away on my honeymoon so thought I'd share some of the realities of taking blog photos when you have fur babies.

Sometimes your Navabi fringed jacket* might attract playful kitties who want to steal the tassels!

Or your giant dog creature might think your waving arms are calling him for fusses. Because moving arms are always for fusses.

You might set up a petal backdrop only for little ears to poke their way into the frame to bat your liquid lipsticks out of their very carefully placed spots. But a cat stealing petals is too cute to be cross!

They might even try to eat your props!

Or they might roll around at your feet looking ridiculously adorable until you give them the belly rubs they so desperately needed.

Or shout at you till you turn your camera to them instead.

And there will definitely be a few surprise butts in photos. Animals always want to show off their butts.

But it'll mean plenty of laughs while you work!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes a gifted item.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Matte Lips with MUA

My name is Kitty, and I am addicted to matte lips. Matte lipsticks, lip lacquers, liquid to matte gloss, I love it all. I'm forever trying new colours and brands, and my newest fave is MUA thanks to Just Me Leah. She kindly sent me 4 colours that I blogged about here, and I just had to get more.

This time I decided to try 2 different products, more of the velvet lip lacquers in more muted colours than the ones I have, and also the matte lipstick.

I love lip lacquers, but I was keen to try the lipsticks as I think for a day to day they are more comfortable than a matte liquid lip. The lip lacquers come in a matte packaging that I love, with a gold top and matte tube. They have either a black or gold top, and this time all the colours I ordered happened to have a gold top. The lipsticks come in a cute white case with silver font and accents, and the bottom of the tubes show the colour contained within, which is a touch I always like. It's much easier to spot a coloured end than a lipstick name when rooting around in your handbag.

How pretty is that matte packaging? I love the style of the font too, it looks very high end for a product that costs £3 a pop!

This time I opted to get more natural tones as Leah had sent me 4 very bright colours. 3 are more typical 'nude' colours, and the other 2 were a bit brighter. The names are all really cute, and I've swatched them in the same order I've photographed above to help you be able to identify them easily.

I like to do a jazzy shape when I swatch lately and these are my attempts at lightening bolts... don't judge me. I'm sure most people use a template! I just don't have a steady enough hand to draw properly. These velvet lip lacquers have a slightly moussey formula and are very creamy. They dry totally matte and smudge proof which is always a good thing.

The three nudes have similar tones but are very different. Harmony is the shade furthest left, and it's a light brown tone with cool tones. Next is Tranquility which is much more of a light brown and my personal favourite of the three natural colours. The final muted colour is Halcyon which has a slight coral tone to the brown. All of these are swatched in single layer to show the truest pigmentation I can. I'm very impressed with all 3! I think Harmony will probably be a little too light for my personal tastes so I suspect my Mum will want to swipe that off me.

Dash and Moxie are more pink toned and less neutral. Dash is the brown toned pink and Moxie is a blue toned pink rose colour. Both again are swatched in one layer. I think Dash will become one of my day to day colours, it's beautiful. I love the tones of it so much.

Here are all 5 swatches under a flash, the above swatches are in natural light. I think you can see more clearly in this shot the different between the 3 natural tones.

And these swatches are of the matte lipsticks. These are so soft and feel great on the lips, very moisturing whilst still being matte. Again I opted for some more natural tones, and also a purple, which I can never resist!

These matte lipsticks are only £1 each, so if you want to try out a matte lip these are a bargain. Top is Totally Nude which is a very light brown creamy colour, and bottom is Fawn Fancy a more middle toned brown, Unlike the lip lacquers these aren't smudge proof, but I have yet to find a matte lipstick that is.

The lilac colour is called Lilac Belle and is more pink toned than I expected, but I think it'll be a really fun colour for summer. These aren't as pigmented as the lacquers, but again, I wouldn't expect them to do as a lipstick. With lip lacquers you usually aren't going to have to reapply during the day unless you eat oily or greasy food, but the lipsticks definitely need reapplying to keep their pigmentation.

I'm really impressed with the MUA matte lip ranges, especially the velvet lip lacquers. The packaging is totally adorable and the pigmentation is fantastic. I can't recommend them enough for the price range they are!

What are your favourite matte lip colours and brands? I always want to try more.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Traditionally at a wedding bridesmaids are given a thank you gift from the bride for being a part of their day and for their help. I have four amazing bridesmaids who I cannot wait to see all dressed up and have spent a lot of time plotting what I could get them! I'm not going to share what I've gotten them but I will share some of my ideas to help you come up with quirkier ideas for your friends.

My bridesmaids are all women, so what I'm sharing here is for women, but I do plan to make a groomsmen gift guide too. Of course your bridesmaids and groomsmen don't have to be their traditional gender, so if you have female groomsmen hopefully this will help you too! I'm not a big fan of gifts that have something totally wedding related on them, or that have bridesmaid on them, as I wanted my bridesmaids to be able to use their gifts after the wedding as much as possible.


If your bridesmaids like a cheeky drink, these adorable Skinnydip hip flasks from ASOS are just perfect! Glittery, holographic, available in a variety of adorable designs. I kind of want one and I don't even really drink.


How fun is this? Most women need a bag at a wedding and your bridesmaids are no different, so a fab sequined clutch that is also personalised is a wonderful touch. You could get a lyric from you and your bestie's favourite song on the tag so she is forced to think of you whenever she uses the bag! Perfect if you want a gift they can use on the day and afterwards.

I love the idea of a personalised gift, maybe you and your bridesmaids have an in-joke you could get stamped on these lush silver bracelets, or there is a life affirmation you love to help remind your bridesmaids that they are bad ass babes. They can wear these on the day, and any day after.

Sugar & Vice has a whole collection of personalised jewellery available, but their name necklaces are a classic I love. You could get different styles and colour to suit each of your bridesmaids, or match them all together. These look awesome with a tea dress so could easily be worn on the day too!


If you are on a tight budget, these cruelty free nail collections from Makeup Revolution are only £5 each! They come with 5 polishes and there are 11 different colour ranges to choose from. So if one of your bridesmaids is a classic french manicure sort of gal, there is a set for her, but if another is a gothic vamp there is a collection for her too!

What did you get your bridesmaids? I really hope mine like their presents!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Guest Post : Miss Kitty Kaos on Body Positivity

Hey Cats, 

As the lovely Kitty Rambles is off getting married I jumped forward to guest post because Kitty is pretty rad and we share a love of alternative make up/fashion and True Romance! I am sure you're all with me when I say a huge congratulations and are waiting eagerly to see pictures and posts about the big day. 

Well I am Kitty Kaos and I blog over at Adventures Of  A Riot Grrrl ( I blog about fashion, feminism and more. I haven't always been very body positive and grew up the fat grrrl. All my friends were super slim and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb and then I discovered the amazing world of riot grrrl packed full of kick ass women who didn't care what the world thought of them and weren't afraid to speak their minds. So I am going to share some things I have learnt along the way. 

The media around us today is becoming a little more inclusive but there are always huge slip ups that when faced with it can hit you. Like when self centred you tubers make horrible videos or a brand you follow posts a negative tweet. You can suddenly feel like you're back at the start.  What a lot of people don't tell you is that's normal. Body positivity is a journey and it takes time to build but slowly you start to notice yourself making small steps like wearing a sleeveless dress or not wearing leggings. You know what you discover when you do? The world doesn't stop spinning, nobody points and laughs at you and on those sunny days you are so much cooler it can be so liberating and freeing that you may find yourself never looking back.

Experiment with fashion that you never would have dreamt of trying. You may never have thought of trying a bodycon dress or a tube skirt or even wore a dress at all. For the longest time I told myself I couldn't wear dresses I was that mopey teenage girl who wore baggy jeans and big band T shirts to try and hide the fact that I was fat. Let me tell you a secret...your body shape will still be there and you will still have lumps and bumps but dressing them in clothes that make you feel amazing will make you feel so much better about yourself. One day that mopey teenager saw a dress and thought what the hell and tried it on and never looked back. Now I constantly push my own boundaries and keep surprising myself. Sometimes I love the things I try and sometimes I don't but that is all part of the fun! 

Ignore the labels, honestly it sounds crazy but I can wear anything from a size 18-24 depending on where I am shopping. So many shops get their sizing so wrong. Which is why bloggers are great to follow because we will tell you if an item comes up small or big. Don't  take it personally if you put on a dress and it is a size that scares you. You don't have to share that with anyone else if you don't want to. Most importantly look at how it fits you and how it makes you feel once you take the labels away. Instead of focusing on the negatives think of the positives, does it make your bum look awesome? Or is the most comfortable wearable skirt you ever found, even better if the answer is both! 

Surround yourself with positive influence. If you find that magazines you're reading aren't making you happy or representing you then find new ones. I love reading fanzines, blogs and Slink magazine caters for plus size awesomeness. Social media can be a great place to dive into as there are so many body positive and welcoming communities now like #pizzasisters4lyfe or #whatfatgirlsactuallywear. Go drool over the awesome style and start planning your next killer outfit. You can find me on Instagram too ( come and say hi. There are also some amazing artists you can find on social media like Melly-Em Clark ( and Murder of Goths ( When you surround yourself with positive media and people you will feel a lot happier inside and out. 

Most importantly remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You're beautiful and you deserve to be happy we only have one life so start living it! 

Do you have any tips for body positivity or a story to share? 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Guest Post : Busy Little Fee on Weddings

I always find it funny when people ask for photos of fat brides etc, because I never thought of myself as one – I was just Sophie, who was getting married. But as body positivity becomes more and more accessible to the masses, the idea that everybody is entitled to exist exactly as they are is sneaking across into the bridal sector. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

As a bride-to-be, you get all the usual questions – “have you set a date?”, “how did he ask?” and then the only question anybody actually cares about: “did you find your dress?”. That’s right – not ‘a dress’, but ‘your dress’ because much like soulmates, your ideal match is out there somewhere and completely irreplaceable.  Personally, this makes me a little bit sad when I think about planning my wedding. I was still very much getting used to being acceptable as I am, and I was terrified of visiting a dress shop to be told that nothing would fit me and leave there red-faced and empty-handed. So I never got to visit one dress shop. Yep, that’s right. I never took my Mum and best friend to sit in the waiting room, poised and ready to gasp at my beauty. It never happened, and maybe because I thought that even if something did fit me, I would definitely not look like a beauty.

I blogged about my ‘stress with the dress’, because nothing I was finding was quite what I had in mind. In the end I decided to go for a Honeypie Boutique custom made dress, which was around £150, and an ASOS one-shoulder dress for the registry office the day before our ‘service’. While it fit me perfectly and was in tone with my wedding, I do have little heart-pangs when I see the dresses available to size 24+ brides that there are now. I haven’t even been married a year, and there are gorgeous options, actual bridal shops and everything! Shopping for my dress 100% made me feel less than worthy, and it is my only sad memory of wedding planning. Perhaps I will have a vow renewal in 2025 and there will be ALL kinds of options!

My next disappointment was very much to do with shoes. Now, this isn’t strictly because of my size. There were lots of beautiful wedding shoes available to people with extra wide feet. My issue was that I didn’t want pretty white court shoes, or anything with a heel. I had a redneck garden party as my reception, and this hillbilly needed some white cowboy boots! I was unable to find anything within my budget, in the UK, which fit my 19” calves. After months of trying, I gave up. I ended up getting some little brown shoes from Tesco. They did fine, but again, they weren’t my ideal wedding shoes. Yes my needs were specific (though I did eventually relent and say I’d accept shoes that weren’t white, as long as they fit!) but I felt like I was constantly “just too big” for everything I liked. It was so easy to get demoralised, and in that awful headspace where you want to punish your body just for existing.

ENTER, UNDIES. Wedding underwear is a must – and ladies, you’re in luck! There are gorgeous underwear sets for big ladies, many many specialist sites and an increasing number of high street stores who are selling us extended hip, cup and back sizes for the same price as we’d have paid if we were straight sized. And I kind of feel like if wedding planning is making you feel frustrated and held back because of your body’s mere existence, get your mojo back by throwing on some gorgeous undies. Revel in the way your body looks. Stand in front of the mirror and practise your poses. Love every fold, every squishy bit, every soft curve. Bam. You’re wedding-night ready.

The only other aspect of the wedding day that I have heard of people worrying about is sweat. Now, my wedding was a little different because it was outdoors and it was literally on the hottest afternoon of 2015 (clearly I prayed to the God of Summer just a little too hard when I asked for no rain…) so I basically dripped sweat the entire time and my thighs were chafed to buggery for a week or so afterwards – yes I was wearing shorts under my dress! – but to be completely honest, your wedding could be in mid-December and sweating is just something that is going to happen. You’re usually in a fitted dress for a start, but even without the dress you’re surrounded by a bunch of people, you’re moving around constantly, chatting to everybody, having cuddles and kisses – it is just going to be a sweaty day. In fact, most hair and make up artists will tell you they’re doing certain things to counteract sweat in pictures etc, which goes to show that every bride worries about and probably experiences wedding-day sweat!

Finally, dieting. I never considered dieting for my wedding. I think pre-wedding crash diets are absolutely heart-breaking, and the idea of adding pressure to this already stressful time for the sake of a smaller dress or “better photos” honestly makes me feel really sad. I cannot stress this enough: if you are a plus size bride (or a straight-sized one, for that matter) losing weight is not an expected element of wedding preparation. Please don’t feel pressured. Please deflect questions, if anybody is rude enough to ask you any, by saying “I want to marry my husband/wife as the person I am, and the person I intend to be for the rest of my life”. And then get to your wedding, dance the night away and have the time of your life. Congratulations! 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

We're Married!

We did it! I can happily and loudly and proudly declare that on 4th June 2016 Stu and I tied the knot and I become Mrs Kitty Morris.

It was the most incredible day, and I'll be posting all the details and photos as soon as we are back from honeymoon and we have them.

In the mean time, here's our first official photo!

Photography by the wonderfully brilliant ClickClickBang.

Much love,
Mrs Morris