Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Hen Do Accessories

I'm pretty sure it's not just me. I have to say it. I'm just not a fan of the traditional hen do accessories. The L plates, the feather boas, it's just not for me. Sorry guys! These days however, there are some amazingly cute, as well as fun accessories that are a classy and fun alternative to the traditional pieces. Here are some of my favourites - 

I may have dropped serious hints about this headband. It's also available in silver glitter which is my preference... just in case anyone is reading who might be inclined to get me it. Maybe. It's so cute!

These are so much more adorable than the usual cheap sash! Available in a variety of different vintage prints, these are customisable and lovely.

How sweet are these? My Mum would totally love to have that Mother of the Bride badge, and to be able to get them with your wedding date and role on them is awesome.

Way better than a feather boa suspended on the wall, a glitter garland with whatever text you want on it! Everyone loves glitter.

If you and your dearest are tattooed babes why not add a temporary one for the day? They do all sorts of variations, and even stag do ones too.

I imagine this is the sort of thing Alabama Worley would have worn on her hen do if she had had one! It's trashy and magnificent fun. TuTu Factory have a huge array of different styles of fun veils with everything from flower crowns, to Minnie Mouse wears, to light up!

Sadly these aren't available in plus sizes, but I had to share them for the punk rock themes. They have Ramones inspired tees, ACDC, and more general alternative styles. So fun! I wish I could have one.

What are your thoughts on accessories for your hen do? Do you love the classic L plates? Or the feather boas? Or did you opt for totally different!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Budget Plus Size Bridal : On Taking My Husbands Surname

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

SimplyBe Outfit of the Day

 Last week my parents took me, Stu and one set of my grandparents out for dinner, and it seemed the perfect chance to rock a new dress. I've been hiding away in layers and not feeling like photographing my outfits with the cold, so it was time to look cute and dress up.

Dress - SimplyBe*
Jacket - Matalan
Leggings - New Look
Boots - Demonia
Necklace - Gift from my parents

I fell so in love with the monochrome print on this dress. It has long sleeves and a high neck, but is jersey material so not too warm, which is perfect for spring. Paired with a pleather jacket and boots it felt very me, just enough rock chick whilst still being cute.

My Mum and Dad bought me this necklace from a holiday of theirs and gave me it for Christmas. It is so different from anything I've ever seen. My rings are all by BloodyMary Metal, save for the black heart ring which is Pandora.

And the truly bad ass nail varnish is Hex Your Ex by Radioactive Unicorn. I have developed a serious obsession with them and need all of their colours like, yesterday.

And a selfie just because I'm cute and why not!

Hopefully now the weather will start to improve so outfits can be cuter. I always struggle in the winter.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*this dress was gifted to me by SimplyBe. In no way does this impact upon my opinions about it which are entirely my own.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

An Alternative Valentine's Gift Guide

OK. So let me get this out the way. I do not do Valentine's Day. My birthday is 2 days before, and I'm a firm believer in surprising your loved ones just because, rather than because a date tells you. However, V-Day does bring out some fab gifts that I just had to share with you guys. These would make such sweet gifts all year round.

Clarence and Alabama are like, my all time couple goals. It's my all time favourite film and Stu loves it too. This is everything!

Available in a variety of colours, and wearable as either a hair clip or badge, these are a super adorable shiny gift.

Given my general dislike of Valentines, this card is perfect!

It's a running joke for me and Stu that one of us says 'I love you', and the other says 'Well, I tolerate you'. I might actually have to buy him one of these just because.

I think a keepsake box is a must for everyone! I keep photos, gig tickets, festival wristbands, anything that means something to me in mine. This would be a beautiful way to store things that mean something to you as a couple.

I've shared something incredibly similar to this on my blog before, but I just adore it and couldn't resist sharing another variation on it. It's a soundwave of any song you like, whether that is a wedding song, or your song, it makes awesome art!

You add your 3 cutest photos, and Getting Personal fill your jar with flying saucers, Refreshers, Love Hearts and all your favourite retro goodies! I had some of these made as Christmas presents and they are so good.

Perfect for a poly romance, or a family, you can get your finger prints immortalised in silver on this gorgeous necklace. Maybe your love is shared between 2 or 3 or more people, and you can have them all on this.

These are freaking amazing!! These are available in purple... which is one of our wedding colours. We might need these.... We need them! A seriously brilliant twist on the classic carnival light up letters.

Do you do V-Day? What are you getting your partner?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Plus Size Budget Bridal Wear

Weddings can end up immensely expensive, with wedding dresses often being a huge part of the budget. These days there a lot of options, from having something custom made (which is what I am doing), to something high street! If you are a plus size bride wanting something on the more budget side of things, here are some fab pieces I've found whilst looking for ideas for my dress.

OK, so this might not be the cheapest of options, but as ASOS are launching a whole bridal wear range I had to share this dress. The lace overlay is beautiful, and I love the cheeky thigh split! Perfect for a more relaxed bride who wants some boho chic.

The high street can offer some seriously lovely dresses for brides these days! The high neck and lace are fab, very seventies.

For Her and For Him offer nearly all their dresses in totally custom sizes, custom colours and lengths, which is perfect for anyone who struggles with off the rack pieces. They also offer maternity versions too!


This dress is just freaking amazing. Felicity Hayward looks incredible in it! Who says you can't have a black wedding dress? I adore this!

This is just ridiculously pretty. Sequins and tulle are some of my favourite things, and the slightly grey tone is divine.

ModCloth always gives me serious lust, they have such quirky and unusual dresses and this is no exception! Go all out glamour with tulle and gold.

If you want a classic vintage style, a Lindy Bop dress is the ideal way to do it on a budget! They have a cute range of mid-length pieces, with even a Marilyn Monroe inspired dress from that iconic air vent photo.

While Chi Chi only go up to a size 24, they do have some really pretty pieces. The neckline on this is a great touch and the lilac tones would look so good on all skin tones.

If like me you love glam rock, then a November Rain inspired shorter at the front tutu, with a cute top could be a great alternative! TuTu Factory offer up to a size 32 as standard, and will custom make any size you could need.

For a more traditional and classic gown, this is just gorgeous. The chiffon overlay would give lush movement. And it is available in a whopping 63 different colours!

The scalloping and sequin details on this are such mermaid goodness. I can see it paired with a cute shell clutch bag and bare foot sandals on a beach or in a field. So cute!

And for my last dress, something totally different, a gorgeous rainbow summer dress.... with pockets!

Don't feel you have to wear a white or ivory dress, or pastels, it's your wedding, and you can wear whatever you want! Whether that's a jumpsuit, or all black, rock it how you want.

Much love,

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Introducing Radioactive Unicorns Nail Varnish

My name is Kitty, and I am obsessed with nail varnish. I love it, I must have easily 100 bottles! I love painting my nails bright colours and making a real statement with them, so when I discovered Radioactive Unicorns, I knew they were the brand for me. They are a cruelty free independent brand who make all the colours your dreams are made of. Whether you are a mermaid queen or a spooky delight, they have the most incredible colours I've ever seen!

I placed my order when I saw that they were doing a limited edition shade in memory of Lemmy, with the proceeds going to the Ronnie James Dio Charity. Perfect timing. At £6.95 each they are a little pricier than a standard drug store nail varnish, but I had a feeling they would be more than worth it....

(ignore the bandage, I damaged the ligaments in my wrist)

The first one I therefore had to try was Mr Lemmy Kilmister. It's a gorgeous mix of metallic colours, glitter and little sequins, and it has really great coverage. This is 3 coats, no top coat or base coat. These are just lit with a lamp in my house, and really don't show off how incredible the depth of the color is, so a little video in daylight was needed!


Just divine! Everyone who saw it commented on how amazing it was, and how they hadn't seen a nail colour like it.

Next up I decided to try out one of the glitters in 'BAD GIRLS!', a really bright pink. This is 3 coats, again with no top or bottom coat. Barbie wishes she had this colour! Something to note is how easy these nail varnishes are to use, I am terrible at painting my nails and always have to clean them up a lot, but these have a thicker consistency that most so are super easy to apply neatly. This photo really doesn't do the colour justice.

In tungsten light.

In daylight.

Next up I went for 'Hex your ex', which is a silver mixed with purples, pinks, greens and other pastel tones. I've truly never seen a glitter like it. Again these are photos without a top or bottom coat, so a top coat is going to make this into a glossy delight!


Isn't it so lovely? 

This is it with a really old top coat I had lying about, I need to get myself a good one!

And the last shade I went for is 'The necromancer', purple is my favourite colour so I couldn't resist. Again, this is with no top or bottom coat and it still looks fab. It's a really solid colour, this is 3 coats and it provides total coverage.

I am already eyeing up my next purchases from them, I've never used a nail varnish so easy to apply! They are well worth that bit more than drug store prices, for unique colours made by an independent and cruelty free company. I can't wait to see what they do next!

Do you have any Radioactive Unicorns nail varnish? I wanna see!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 31 January 2016

December and January Favourites

I didn't do a December favourites blog post, as instead I did a Christmas haul on my YouTube channel to show you what I got. So now January is at it's close I thought I'd get back to it! I'm going to share a variety of things I picked up between December and January, but not anything I got for Christmas, as I've talked about them on YouTube.

I have become totally obsessed with the app Neko Atsume. It's like, my idea of heaven. You set up toys and food in your yard to lure cats in to play and try to collect them all! It's so cute, and you can take photos of the adorable visitors you get. There are certain themed rare cats that are just adorable and need special toys and food to lure them in. So obviously I've dedicated all my spare time to finding them!

I picked up this adorable faux suede skater skirt in the New Look sale for only £6! I think it's the sort of piece that I'll be able to wear throughout the year in every season. It's very comfy, super cute and a really nice length.

As ever, my Crown & Glory Glitterati subscription box was a total win, with this adorable cloud hair clip/brooch being my stand out piece from it. It's so cute! And has been rather apt for the weather this month. You can see everything I got in this box in my unboxing video on YouTube here.

OK, so I said I wasn't going to feature any Christmas presents, but this one deserves a special mention! My Mum picked me up this Barry M Nail Corrector Pen and it's brilliant. I love painting my nails, but I am terrible at it, as evidenced in the photo on the left. This pen cleaned my shocking paint job up so quickly, and it smells like melons!

These holographic ASOS sneakers are a dream. I have been lusting after a pair of iridescent/holographic shoes for the longest time, and finally found these in the men's section in a size that would actually fit me, yay!

I have fallen totally in love with Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer. In this photo I'm wearing 'Keep lying for you'. They are super pigmented and last incredibly well. I bought 3, and ordered a few more straight away.

I bought this adorable velveteen dress in both red and black from Everything5Pounds. I love the 3/4 sleeves and the mini dress length, and what a bargain at £5. It's a different shape to what I would usually wear too which is always good to mix up.

I grabbed these in the January sale and I've worn them so much. Now I know Yours Clothing do a size 10 I'm forever checking out their site!

I actually bought this in summer last year, but only just got around to hanging it. It was bought from Ebay, and I love it. However Stu hates it haha! So I decided that the room I use for my YouTube filming is the perfect spot for it, so he doesn't have to look at it and I can all the time! It's so amazingly over the top, like an ugly jumper that rocks.

What bargains did you pick up this month?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx