Thursday, 19 January 2017

Colourpop It's Vintage

My lovely Auntie got me this Colourpop ultra matte lip set for Christmas so I just had to share it on my blog! This set is called 'It's Vintage' and it features 5 mini ultra matte liquid lipsticks. These mini lipsticks are 0.64g of products, whereas the full size ones are 3.2g, and this set retails for $18. 

They come in a cute little cardboard pack, which makes them an ideal gift. The mini size is also perfect for popping in even the tiniest of handbags, I have some ridiculously small clutches for nights out and these will fit quite happily!

The packaging is just a mini version of the full size, but the classic holographic font seems to be a plain silver on these instead. They feel just as sturdy as the full size, just more handbag sized! It's a great way to try out new shades you aren't sure about without buying a full size product that might go to waste.

The applicator is the standard doe foot applicator, which I always like as it allows for precise application. And now for the swatches...

Love Bug

Tulle is a lovely terracotta burgundy, Bianca is a mauvey pale pink, Notion is a deep red with a slightly pink tone, Love Bug is an orange toned brown, and LAX is a red toned brown. I really like all these shades and think they are a good mix of spring and winter colours, and can see myself getting a lot of wear from this set.

Colourpop's liquid lips take a couple of minutes to dry down, and then will not budge until oil touches it, whether from food or an oil based remover. I love knowing I don't have to reapply when I'm out for the day! Definitely a cruelty free makeup fave for me.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Alternative Work Wear OOTD

Shirt - New Look
Skirt - New Look
Leggings - ASOS
Boots - Demonia (no longer available)
Bag - ASOS
Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Necklace - BloodyMary Metal

Work wear isn't something I usually blog, mostly because I can wear whatever I want to work so it's not an integral part of my wardrobe. However, just lately I've been really loving shirts and slightly more work type looks, so I took the New Look sale as my opportunity to try it out, albeit with still a 'Kitty' sort of feel to it.

I've been looking at this chiffon shirt on and off for ages but couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Brown and khaki aren't really colours I usually wear but the animal print is very me. When this came into the sale I couldn't resist! For £11 it was a bargain. It has a slightly oversized fit, so the sleeves are long enough for my 5ft 11 frame which I was most concerned about. I always size up in New Look and it was the right decision with this shirt. It fit really nicely and didn't gape at the bust at all. It has split sides but I wore it tucked in for this look.

This mesh skater skirt has been in my ASOS saved items forever. It was originally £27.99 which is a little pricey for me, but patience paid off and eventually it went on sale on New Look for £14 and it had to be mine! It sits just below the knee on me, with the lining being a little higher. The lining is only attached at the waistband, so you will need to make sure to adjust it too. I'm really glad I got this skirt, I've been missing skirts as a part of my wardrobe and this is so cute. They also have it in red and I am very tempted...

My Mum got me this bag from ASOS for Christmas, but it's been a bit of a pain unfortunately. While I love the faux croc print and the satchel style, the shoulder strap is a nightmare. It kept attaching itself to the bag itself and damaging the faux leather, and then it just broke on one side entirely. I'm going to exchange it for a non-faulty one and hope it was just this one that was dodgy.

I'm a huge fan of Quay Australia sunglasses, and these 'Sorority Princess' rose gold sunglasses are over sized cat eye perfection. I have quite a big head (I'm a big person over all!) and I find their sunglasses such a comfortable fit. With my chronic head pain, comfort is key for me when it comes to sunglasses and these really fit the bill. I won my necklace from BloodyMary Metal in an instagram competition a couple of years ago!

I know the boots aren't exactly classic work wear, but they are very me and I couldn't resist. The mesh, the leopard print, the boots, peak work Kitty! I wore this outfit to an afternoon party we had for my Mum's birthday and got so many compliments on it. I think I need more shirts, I felt so cute in this one and love how it still felt a very me sort of outfit.

Where is your favourite place to shop for shirts for work?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Personal Style Discovery

Discovering your own personal style can be a mission. It's a lot of trial and error, a lot of self discovery, and when you take being a plus size gal into account to boot, it can be incredibly difficult! If you find a style you love and feels like you, you then have to be able to even buy those sort of clothes in your size too.

I feel like 2016 was a year of discovery for my personal style. Certain key pieces popped up in my styling time and again, and I found myself throwing back to my teenage years and finding my inner rocker all over again. My friend Roswell Ivory once described my style as a sort of 'heavy metal Hello Kitty', and just lately I feel like I've finally been getting there.

When you are a fashion blogger, there are certain pressures that go with that. You feel like you have to follow trends to work with brands, or that you have to wear certain things to look enough 'like a blogger'. You have to wear new things, style things elaborately with accessories and really plan outfits and well, that's just not me. Heavy metal Hello Kitty describes me well in that I love a cutesy print or a girly dress, but you also best believe I'm going to style said dress with my favourite biker boots and faux leather jacket time and time again.

I'm going to forever love fringing and draping layers because they make me feel like Stevie Nicks, and I'm always going to love cowboy boots and faux suede because my love for Dolly Parton knows no bounds. I'm going to re-wear pieces I love, and blog the same jacket over and over again, because it's who I am, and it's my personal style. I was always the girl trying to make the high street work for her aesthetic, rather than trying to fit theirs, and I lost that somewhere along the way.

In 2016 I finally realised that my style is my own, and that it might not mean my instagram ever really grows, or that brands think I'm cool, but it is authentically me. Some bloggers are absolute high fashion dreams on the daily and I love them for it, others wear the same biker boots till they have literal holes in them because they love them so much. (RIP favourite Demonia boots, I loved thee well).

2017 is going to be about my personal style, and what fits that. I've tried to push myself to be something I'm not because I had an idea in my head of what a fashion blogger should be, but that's not me. So expect skater dresses with daft prints, acid wash glam rock jeans, leggings and cute midi skirts, and definitely expect me to try and replace my beloved biker boots ASAP.

I feel like I've gone back in time to the Kitty 17 year old me always wanted to be but never felt brave enough to be, herself.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

.... I also apparently discovered posing with one hand in my hair.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Abyssrium : My New App Obsession

I'm not hugely into gaming, but sometimes I do get super obsessed with apps on my iPhone, and my newest one is the fish collecting, aquarium building adorable that is Abyssrium. It's a free app, I saw someone post about it in a Facebook group I'm in and curiosity led me to download it... and it is so damn cute.

With Abyssrium you are introduced to Lonely Coralite, your very own coral who has no fish friends. Your aim is to grow Lonely Coralite, add corals to them and gain fishies. To grow the goodies to get the fish you have to collect vitality which is obtained through tapping Lonely Coralite, and growing your corals. With vitality, you can then get fish!

There are so many adorable sea creatures you can collect, from goby and clownfish, through to jellyfish, whales and sharks. My personal fave is the oarfish, pictured in the photo on the left because it is hilarious. It wiggles it's way around the screen in a way that makes me laugh every time it appears. You can unlock new fish in a variety of ways, usually by collecting vitality, but there are also secret hidden fish you are given for doing certain actions. For example, the Narwhal (seen below left) is given when you have tapped the top left corner of the screen 5000 times. I googled how to unlock them all because I have turned into an Abyssrium nerd and found a website with all the info you need, Sir Tap Tap. Also, handy tip, some of the fish are unlocked only through sharing photos you've taken them on social media. There is however a glitch in the game that means the game thinks you've shared a photo as soon as you click share to twitter, if you then cancel and don't actually share it, it counts!

I find the game weirdly relaxing, the little fish floating about are kind of soothing, and you can collect gems to change the colour of your corals and the water to make it look as pretty as you like! Lonely Coralite even has costumes! There are ads in the game, you are given gems and vitality for watching them, but it is entirely optional to watch them (they just make progressing quicker!).

If you want something cute, fun and free to play, I totally recommend Abyssrium!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

PS. This isn't a sponsored post, I just really, really like this game.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Favourite Photos of 2016

I didn't do all that many photoshoots in 2016, something I absolutely plan to work on this year, but I do feel like I produced some work I'm really proud of! I always like to take the new year to reflect on my old work to see what I can improve on, and also share the work I'm still happy with. I tend to end up picking at my old work and thinking about what else I could have done, or how differently I could have done it, so if I still like it at the end of the year, I figure it must be OK!

2016 had a recurring theme of flowers and baths. I can't resist the way the water looks on camera, and I love real flowers so much. This set with Twig was a favourite for sure.

I met Paigey Christie and she is a total babe, I love her vulnerability in this shot of her wearing a tutu.

I was more experimental this year, and focused on head shots, and this photo of Roswell Ivory was from a session lasting about 10 minutes with my ring flash.

I never used to take many head shots, so Alivya was a great challenge to only shoot head shots, and getting the focus just right on her eyes was a mission!

Possibly my favourite set of photos from the entire year, 'The Wild Queen'.

More flowers, another bath! Felis is such a beauty.

I also took my camera along to the Curve Fashion Festival to photograph random babes throughout the day, including Steph of Nerd About Town in Navabi. This location was just made for that outfit!

Naomi of Diamonds & Pearls just filled my heart with glee when I took her photo, what a smile!

I plan to fill 2017 with more plus size babes, and more concepts, and hopefully a few more photo shoots than last year!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Colourpop Eye Shadow Haul

My Mum completely spoiled me with some amazing Colourpop eye products for Christmas, and I just had to share them on my blog. I had only tried their lip products previously so was super excited to get my hands on some of their eye range too!

This stunning quad of eyeshadows is the Kathleen Lights collaboration 'Where The Night Is'. The colours are L-R Porter and Weenie in the top row, and Midnight and Telepathy in the bottom row.

I also got the 'Studio 1400' quad, in the top row are Static and 8 Track, and in the bottom row Donna and White Rabbit. The packaging is nice and sturdy and has a good 'click' when you twist it shut, and when I managed to drop one of these on the wooden floor it was totally unharmed!

Rather than swatch them in their quads, instead I've put the similar colours from each quad together to show how different they actually are.

This is Porter and Static. Porter is a stunning red tone with gold glitter in it, and Static is a burgundy toned bronze, both have a pearlised finish. All of these swatches were done with my fingers, and only one swipe onto my hand. The pigmentation is absolutely unreal! All the eye shadows are so buttery and soft, I've never felt an eye shadow like it.

This is 8 Track on the top, and Midnight on the bottom. 8 Track is a khaki toned bronze and Midnight is a black with gold glitter. This is only one swipe, so with a second it would be a really true black.

This is Weenie and White Rabbit, and they are absolutely divine. Weenie is a stunning deep rose gold, and White Rabbit is a an orange toned metallic. On the website White Rabbit was described as a pink copper, but I don't really see any of the pink in it.

And I saved the best for last, Donna and Telepathy. When I swatched these I literally gasped out loud at how gorgeous they were, these are some of the prettiest eye shadows I have ever seen. Donna is a delightful emerald green and Telepathy is a yellow toned green, a chartreuse. Green tones are my favourite in eye shadows, and these are unbelievable.

I did also get two of the creme gel eyeliners but I couldn't actually get them open to swatch them. I need my husband's muscles for that one!

What are your favourite Colourpop products?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Size 10 Shoe Haul!

Some of my more regular readers may know that I have pretty big feet. They are a UK size 10 in fact! It makes shoe shopping rather interesting, especially as I don't wear any animal products. This Christmas was a rather unusual one for me, as I got shoes galore! As I have size 10 feet I thought I'd share all my new shoes and where they are from so other big footed types might get some inspiration too.

First up, my husband Stu totally surprised me and got me these amazing fringed faux suede ankle boots from Yours Clothing. I am obsessed with these! I shared them on my Facebook dropping serious Christmas hints and Stu ordered me them as soon as he saw them.

These are like the Dolly Parton boots of my dreams. The heel is cute but not too high, and I can't wait to wear them. I just wish they also did a longer calf length version too!

I've been wearing Converses constantly since I was about 12 years old, and I also dropped major hints about these as a potential Christmas present idea. I've got a few pairs of hi top Converses but no lo tops, so these produced instant lust.

These are part of the Andy Warhol Converse collection, and this particular style is available in up to a size 13 which is awesome. The lips featured on the shoes belong to Marilyn Monroe and I love that they are pink and red.

I'm not a Warhol fan, but these were too much fun to resist. A pair of quirky Converses can really finish off an outfit and I can't wait for dryer weathers to wear these constantly. Thanks Momma!

I've shared my love for the men's shoe section on ASOS before, and these were a great find. My Nanna kindly got me these River Island iridescent trainers and they are so cool. As with all the shoes I've featured, these are faux leather, and the iridescent patent area is like a beautiful oil slick in the sun. The photos really do not do these justice!

These are available in up to a size 12 and the 10 fits me great, because they are from the men's section they tend to be a wider fit which is great for babes with wider feet. Never be afraid to shop the men's section! Gender is a construct society made up, feet do not have a gender.

Now these I didn't actually ask for, but my Mum saw them and got me them and they are SO cute. Another Yours Clothing special, these go up to a size 10 too. These are the open toe platform shoes and I don't think I've ever owned such a 'normal' and 'fashion' pair of women's shoes. Discovering Yours do a size 10EEE has been a revelation!

These has a platform on the front so the heel is less intimidating. I find platforms so much more comfortable than heels without.

And the final pair (I told you it was a shoe heavy Christmas!) are another Yours Clothing find from my Nanna. I love a good gladiator sandal and the other ones I have from Yours are ridiculously comfy so I am hoping these are too.

My shoe collection has drastically expanded this Christmas and I really need to rearrange my shoe cupboard now!

Much love,
Kitty xxx