A Painting Update

Saturday 18 September 2021

 Since I last posted about painting, it has really taken over my life! I share all my work on my facebook page, and have many pieces for sale and am available for commissions. I don't have a shop currently but I plan to soon!

This triptych is 'Yveltal', three 8x8 inch canvasses. £50 for the trio, plus postage.

I painted 'Islands' when I was missing the sunshine. It is 30cm x 40cm. It is available for £45 plus P&P.

This is 'Phoenix Rising' and it is on a 20x30cm canvas. It is hard to catch on camera, but the background is actually a really deep blue that I love using. It is for sale for £30 plus P&P.

'Sunset over the Galaxy', a 30cm round canvas of purples, with hints of white, pink and orange. For sale, £45 plus P&P.

This was so fun to make and it I just love the colour tones.

'The Forest Breathes', a 30cm round canvas of different shades of green, blue, aqua and gold. £45 plus P&P.
This has the same colours in it as 'The Forest Waves' (below), buy them both together for a discounted price of £70.

'The Forest Waves', a 20cm x 30cm canvas. For sale for £30 plus P&P.

And below are two pieces that already have their new homes. The black and white painting is up in Labyrinth in Grimsby, so if you get pierced, check it out!

This piece is in the amazing artist Betty B's home, which fills me with joy!

I'm having so much fun creating, and I love them!