Cones and Bones x Lazy Girl Club Plus Size T-Shirt Dress

Thursday 2 May 2024

 Hey it's uh.... been a while hasn't it? Almost three years actually. Four years since my last fashion blog if we're counting. These days I can't say it ever really occurs to me to want to take outfit photos or talk about what I'm wearing, but I recently had something special made so I wanted to share.

I found Lazy Girl Club on Instagram a little while ago, and immediately knew I had to hunt for the perfect t-shirt to have made into one of their amazing dresses. I'm not too much of a t-shirt sort of person, but I knew I'd find the ideal one at some point.

Cut to my birthday earlier this year, and my lovely pals at Cones and Bones released a most excellent t-shirt that I knew was the one. Based locally in Grimsby, I'm a huge fan of Cones and Bones, and my husband owns most of their collection. The 'Greebo' t-shirt had to be mine, and it had to be made into a dress. Greebo is a term that was such a part of my youth, one that would be shouted at me from car windows by townie kids as they drove past me. Where I grew up it was the term for skaters, moshers, goths, whatever you wanted to call us, we were greebos. Combine in the classic death metal writing and I had found the perfect t-shirt.

With Lazy Girl Club you can pick from a solid fabric, to half and half (which I opted for), patchwork or scrappy. You pick the length, the actual fabrics, the sleeve styles, whether or not it has pockets. It is slow fashion, and totally custom, with a rough turn around time of 4-6 weeks. My parents very kindly bought me my dress for my birthday, and I was absolutely blown away when I got it.

It's so comfy, so cute, and I got so many compliments when I wore it out to Hull Minster Beer Festival. It may be my first Lazy Girl Club dress, but it certainly won't be my last! Combining it with my local faves Cones and Bones was spot on.

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Much love,