Paint Pouring : My Second Swipe

Saturday 23 January 2021

 In my last blog I talked about making two paintings as a surprise for my Grandad, I shared one, but not the matching one. The first one I shared here, was done with exactly the same colours as this one, but with white, and this was done with black. My aim was to create a sort of Spring/Autumn diptych, inspired by my Grandma's favourite clothing items. This is Autumn.


These are both wet, you can see the changes as it develops. The drying really allows the gold to come through, and the colours to show properly with these sort of methods.

This is the final finished piece. I used iridescent paints from Pebeo mixed with water, Pebeo pouring medium and silicone oil for these. Once dry, that sheen from the iridescent paints really comes through beautifully!


Some close ups that really show off the colours and details better.


I'm loving my new hobby!

Much love,