Paint Pouring : My First Swipe

Sunday 17 January 2021

 I recently blogged about my new lockdown hobby, acrylic paint pouring, and since then I've been really obsessed with practicing and improving. I bought some new supplies, Pebeo paint as it comes highly recommended and has been on sale at Hobbycraft, Pebeo pouring medium, which is mixed with the paint for a smoother flow, and silicone oil. You use silicone oil to make what are referred to as 'cells', they allow paint of different densities to rise to the surface of the painting.

I decided to do two paintings inspired by my Grandma. She always wore a pink flowery scarf, and in the summer loved a cream silk shirt. I picked colours that made me think of her and decided to do a style called a 'swipe', with silicone oil to make cells. When using silicone oil, a blowtorch is handy, yes really! It helps pop air bubbles within your paint, and also activate your cells. As the painting dries, the cells will change and grow, so a wet painting will look quite different to a dry one. I also used iridescent paint, which isn't obvious when wet.


The left photo is it straight after pouring, the right a couple of hours after. You can see the cells become more prominent and more colour has come through. It takes a long time for this sort of painting to dry, so once it was finally dry, this is what it looked like.

The photos really don't show the iridescence well, but I also took some close ups of the details. Once dry the gold comes through a lot more, as well as the shine of the paint.



I'll post part 2 of this series with the matching piece soon!

Much love,