Lockdown Favourites

Monday 13 July 2020

In the spirit of maybe sort of getting back into blogging, I figured I'd share some of my favourite things I've been enjoying during lockdown.

The Mountain Range

We ordered my Mum and Stu's Mum Mother's Day gifts from Crafty Glass London, and I've previously bought gifts for my Nanny and Grandad from them as well. Their products are always beautiful, arrive so safely packaged, and I think offer a really unusual gift. I really need to get us something from their range for our house because I love it all and keep buying it for everyone else, except me! Who knew I'd need a stained glass ghost, or a shrimp, or a Snorlax? It's stained glass made modern and quirky and so much fun. I could happily buy myself half their shop if I had the funds! Shopping independently and supporting small businesses is more important than ever because of lockdown.

The Mini Monstera Leaf


For a game that requires you to go outside and play, they've totally overhauled the game to make it so you can play it from home while it hasn't been safe to go outside. I've particularly been loving the AR photography aspect of the game. I was a photographer before carpal tunnel took that from me, so AR photography using my phone has been a fun way to feel creative without the pain my real camera causes me over time.

They've made Community Day an event we could still enjoy, even though it has to be from your home on your own, and added so many quality of life updates. Shout out to Niantic for working incredibly hard to make a game that is designed to be played out walking so playable at home!

I actually have a whole instagram dedicated just to Pok√©mon, so if you are also a fan come follow me and the awesome AR community over at https://www.instagram.com/kittypokemonsalot/

Our New Wooden Floor

We got a new floor fitted in our front room about a week before lockdown started. Huge thanks to my Dad, Stu and Cameron for their hardwork getting it done! It meant we overhauled our front room, getting rid of a few pieces of furniture and making it a lot more minimal, and I love it so much more now.

The old carpet was a gross sort of beige sort of gray sort of pinkish colour with some bad staining in some parts I just couldn't get out no matter how I tried. It came with the house so was well overdue replacing. Now we have an ashy wooden floor and it has totally transformed the whole room.

The best and more unexpected part of our new floor is Patches complete obsession with it. She is 22 years old (yes really!) and like a kitten with it. She loves to slide on it chase her toys or anything else she can find that looks fun. Sometimes we catch her charging about on it and she isn't even playing with anything, she just loves to slide on it! It's made her so playful that I think most people would be really shocked to hear her age. She makes this little chirrupy meow when she's playing that I firmly maintain is the cutest noise ever.

What are you recent lockdown faves? I might share my TV show favourites soon.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx