The Enchanted Garden

Thursday 16 July 2020

Supporting local small business is more important than ever with the pandemic and economic downturn, so I wanted to share my favourite Grimsby based florist, The Enchanted Garden.

We've used The Enchanted Garden as a company several times, in both sad times and for their fun workshops, and every time we've used them they've been fantastic. The photos above are photos they took of the flowers they made for me and Stu for my Grandma's funeral tribute. Gina from The Enchanted Garden really has a way of understanding what you want, even when it isn't the most typical of requests. Asking for a star shape, and for succulents to be involved, as well as hot pink, is certainly not your standard funeral arrangement, but Gina listens and really takes care to try to understand who the flowers are for so she can create you something beautiful. She also did the funeral flowers for my Grandad G and did a stunning job with them. Using succulents in them also means we were able to take small parts of their flowers with us, and my parents have propogated dozens of succulents from their funeral flowers that we all have in our homes and gardens, which I think is such a lovely touch. Gina even managed to make us an arrangement for our friend Andie who passed away recently during lockdown, with only 2 days notice, and make it so fitting for who he was as a person. To do that on such short notice was amazing and meant a lot to us.



They do wedding flowers, and any other occasion flower you might want, as well as gorgeous bunches of flowers, and also host workshops. I've done their Christmas centrepiece workshop and a Spring Wreath workshop and both were so much fun. I'm usually the youngest one who attends these as they are really popular with the older generation, but I love flowers and floristry and highly recommend giving one a go!

If you are based in the Grimsby area I can't recommend The Enchanted Garden enough. I decided to write this blog not because I was paid to or sent products or anything like that, but because I think the company deserves the small amount of promotion I can give them. When you see someone take such care and put so much love into what they do, it should be shared.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


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