Skinnydip London Bag Haul

Thursday 26 January 2017

In the last year or so I have become bag obsessed. I used to be a one bag kind of gal, it served me for work, day, night, it didn't matter, I lugged the same old bag about. But in recent times I've began to really lust after bags, Big ones, small ones, totally impractical and ridiculous ones, and for Christmas I was lucky enough to finally fulfil one of my bag dreams, and I was given not one, but TWO Skinnydip London bags for Christmas! Skinnydip make the coolest bags and I've been dreaming of owning one for a while, and now I own two I had to share them, yay! (I know, I know, two bags is not technically a haul, but I wanted to call it that anyway!)

First up is this faux leather shoulder bag. It has an 'everyday' sort of style, but is a mini size and it's so cute. I can't find this bag on ASOS or the Skinnydip website anymore (sorry!) but it's too sweet not to share.

My favourite thing about this bag is the hardware. Rather than a traditional metal tone, they are an awesome oil slick sort of metal. I love it so much! It really adds more dimension and some extra fun to the bag. All the hardware is this sort of metal, even down to the zip on the inside.

While it has a secure flap that clips in nicely, this bag also has a zip up inside which I always like in a bag. I just feel a bit more secure in knowing that nothing is going to fall out of my bag, or potentially be sneaked out of it either.

EDIT - this bag broke the first time I used it. So disappointing!

The other bag is still available, and is the 'Druzy Ray Cross Body Bag'. I am obsessed with holographic and iridescent materials and I cannot resist a bag in them most of all. It has a really long silver chain so it is a true cross body bag, despite being the size of a clutch. It is tiny, and is definitely a bag that is more suited for nights out because you can pretty much only fit a lipstick, your phone and maybe a teeny wallet in it. It has no stretch or movement to it, so it's not a bag designed for daily use.

With the nature of the design this bag is technically reversable. One side has the poppers, the other is plain with the Skinnydip logo at the bottom. This is always handy when you are out and have maybe had a drink or two and have just thrown your bag on your shoulder, it looks adorable either way!

The texture on this is so neat, it's a sort of 3D prism and it reflects light beautifully. It's not the most practical because of the size, but it's so shiny that it had to be mine. I'm like a magpie with iridescent goodies!

Have you got any Skinnydip bags? I think I might need more, they have some really glam rock looking bags right now. I'm all about the holographic snake skin.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Both bags are beautiful but I am in love with the Druzy Ray Cross Body Bag; it is incredible! I've never actually heard of Skinnydip London before but it looks like they make some great things. It's a shame the faux leather bag broke when you first used it though! Hopefully that's not a reflection of their overall product quality.

    1. I've heard some mixed reviews, but generally things seem to be positive. I'm hoping I can get it swapped and sorted!

  2. I love the first one! I like the shape of it and it looks high quality

    1. Sadly it broke the very first time I used it :( I was gutted!

  3. I absolutely love Skinnydip like a ridiculous amount! These are super cute and I love anything with a mermaid vibe. As you know!

  4. Love them both but such a disappointment that the first one broke so quickly! The druzy ray is stunning and i'd quite like that myself! Xx