My Favourite Photos of 2016

Tuesday 10 January 2017

I didn't do all that many photoshoots in 2016, something I absolutely plan to work on this year, but I do feel like I produced some work I'm really proud of! I always like to take the new year to reflect on my old work to see what I can improve on, and also share the work I'm still happy with. I tend to end up picking at my old work and thinking about what else I could have done, or how differently I could have done it, so if I still like it at the end of the year, I figure it must be OK!

2016 had a recurring theme of flowers and baths. I can't resist the way the water looks on camera, and I love real flowers so much. This set with Twig was a favourite for sure.

I met Paigey Christie and she is a total babe, I love her vulnerability in this shot of her wearing a tutu.

I was more experimental this year, and focused on head shots, and this photo of Roswell Ivory was from a session lasting about 10 minutes with my ring flash.

I never used to take many head shots, so Alivya was a great challenge to only shoot head shots, and getting the focus just right on her eyes was a mission!

Possibly my favourite set of photos from the entire year, 'The Wild Queen'.

More flowers, another bath! Felis is such a beauty.

I also took my camera along to the Curve Fashion Festival to photograph random babes throughout the day, including Steph of Nerd About Town in Navabi. This location was just made for that outfit!

Naomi of Diamonds & Pearls just filled my heart with glee when I took her photo, what a smile!

I plan to fill 2017 with more plus size babes, and more concepts, and hopefully a few more photo shoots than last year!

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. Wow! Some gorgeous photos. I can't see where you might look to improve them, but that's probably something you know better than me. My favourites are the headshots. I also like the first one with the flowers; I like the colours x

  2. Oh my gosh these are all beautiful but my favourites have to be the bath ones. Just stunning!!!

  3. Ooh there's some gorgeous photos, you are really talented. I love the look of the bath shoots! xo

  4. The baths are my utter favourite - goals right there!

    C xx

    1. Aw thanks honey! 2017 shall be our year for a shoot I am determined! xx