5 Movies That Make Me Happy

Thursday 15 December 2016

So, new blog series time! After the success of my 5 Songs That Make Me Happy post last week, I've decided it's high time my blog had a new series, so welcome to 5 Things. Picking just 5 songs was ridiculously difficult, so in keeping with impossible themes, this week I'm going to share 5 movies that make me happy. These aren't necessarily my favourite films, but they are ones that never fail to make me smile.

1) Hairspray (2007)

Yes, I really do specifically mean the remake, which I know some people consider a travesty, but I love it. The songs fill me with glee, I want to dance along, and I love that it features fat beautiful babes who don't change to achieve their dreams or find love. Queen Latifah is a total dreamboat in it and Elijah Kelley who plays Seaweed is everything. This is my go to movie for when I'm sick, it always brightens my day.

2) True Romance

So this list isn't necessarily all my favourite films, but this is my all time favourite film. Stu loves it too, to the point that we have quotes from it on our wedding rings. Patricia Arquette has never looked better than in this film and the fashions are incredible. We have an original VHS advert poster from this on our living room wall too, and we own at least 4 different versions of this on DVD and blu-ray. If you haven't seen this, watch it. It's cast is a veritable Hollywood who's who, yet so many people haven't even heard of it. You're so cool!

3) Con Air

The cheesiest action film ever made, and I bloody love it. When I split up with my last boyfriend the first thing I did was order myself a DVD of this on Amazon because I knew he would take it with him and I love it that much. I must have seen it 70 times. It is completely over the top and absurd and that's why it works. Nic Cage is just too funny in it, that accent. Put the bunny back in the box!

4) Stranger Than Fiction

I have to confess, I am not someone who finds Will Ferrell's particular brand of comedy funny. He just sort of comes across as man child shouting things loudly, and I don't really get it. However, Stranger Than Fiction shows a different side of him, and he gives a really nuanced performance you would never expect from him. It's a beautiful love story, and the 'flours' moment still makes my heart all gooey.

5) Mallrats

I am the first to acknowledge that all of the men in this do not deserve their happy endings, they are in fact, all arseholes. However, I remember seeing this film for the first time so vividly. I was 15 and with my boyfriend at the time, and he had done that cliche teenage boy thing of putting a film on to lure me into making out. Unfortunately for him, he put Mallrats on, so he got absolutely nothing out of me save for my hysterical laughter and immediate obsession with this film, Sorry Jon! Our friendship and my love of this film lasted much longer than our actual relationship did haha.

What are your go to feel good movies?

Much love,
Kitty xxx

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  1. I haven't seen Con Air for years, I use to love that movie!!! Happy isn't necessarily what I always want from a movie, my favourite films are devestating ... like Dangerous Liaisons or Moulin Rouge. I love an unhappy ending ... guess that say's a lot about me!

    C xx

    1. I have some really dark films I love too, Thirteen is probably my fave xx

  2. Ohhh! What a great list! Love, love, love Mallrats - I might have to dig it out, it's been years since I've seen it! :) Have you ever seen the alternative ending? I'm still not sure I've recovered! ;)

    1. Yes, I have haha! I'm a bit obsessed with Kevin Smith so have the different versions on DVD :) x

  3. I have only seen Con Air and Mallrats out of these. my favourite movie is The Pursuit of Happiness

  4. What a list! These sound like quite a variety. Hairspray - I really it despite it not being my usual thing, but feel I still need to see the original. Love True Romance and Con Air doesn't sound like my thing. Stranger than fiction, not sure I'm a fan of this, but have to agree that Will Ferrell is good in this. Mallrats sounds like one for me to see! I don't feel I have a particular "favourite film" x

    1. The original Hairspray is a totally different film but really good in it's own right :) x