Colourpop To and From Lippie Stix Set

Sunday 18 December 2016

As much as I love a liquid lip, Colourpop's lippie stix are definitely my preference for winter. Cold days and central heating mean dryer skin, so they are just more comfortable than a matte liquid lip. When I saw this limited edition holiday set To and From, I just had to have it.

For starters, the packaging is amazing. The lippe stix come displayed in this record packaging, which was held in the box above. They aren't particularly Christmassy colours, or holiday themed, but they are amazing.

Inside is this matte leopard print pattern, and 6 lippe stix in limited edition holiday packaging. Instead of the usual holographic font and glossy white, they come in matte black with silver font. I love it!

Top to bottom these are Parker in a matte finish, Cami in matte X, Baewatch in matte, Pack Pack in matte X, Weekender in matte X, and Tutu in matte. I love the holographic font Colourpop usually use, but I actually think I prefer this matte black to their usual white packaging, it's more my aesthetic and so cool.

I tried to be clever and swatch these in the same order they are listed above, but as they are on my non-dominant arm I ended up photographing them upside down, so these are the list above top to bottom, but instead right to left, so Tutu through to Parker as you look at them. Oops. I absolutely love the matte X finish, it's like velvet. I think Weekender is an absolutely perfect velvety red, and the three pinky nude tones are so pretty for day to day wear. I think these are actually colours that work all year round, the three on the left are more autumn/winter, and the three on the right are more spring/summer. 

Sadly this set was limited edition and has sold out, but I couldn't resist sharing it, sorry!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. It's a lovely set and would make a great gift.

  2. Wow, this is such a lovely and creative packaging and the pigmentation looks beyond amazing!!

  3. Such a lovely set - do you have pictures with the lipsticks on? I'm tempted to order as trying to transition my beauty products to cruelty free as old ones run out!

    C xx

    1. I don't! I really should take some. My skin hates this time of year so I haven't taken any selfies for far too long xx