A Morris-Wood Wedding : Wedding Photos Galore!

Thursday 7 July 2016

So, we did it! We got married 4th June and it was the most perfect and wonderful and emotional day we could have dreamed of. It all went so smoothly and we had so much fun. Our guests all seemed to enjoy themselves, everyone looked gorgeous, and we ended the night to a massive Rage Against the Machine mosh pit! I plan to blog a fair bit about the details of the day but for now I can't resist spamming you with some of my favourite photos!

Photography - ClickClickBang Photography
Dress - Designed by me, made by Katmaren Designs
Flower crown and veil - Creations by Liv Free
Hair and makeup - Alivya V Free
Additional hair and makeup - Samantha Lyann
Groom and groomsmen's suits - Brides and Grooms
Wedding rings - Celia Rose Jewellery
Balloons - Peacocks Partyware
Dressing gowns - Silk and More
Paper flowers - Made by my Mum and me
DIY help - My Auntie and Nanna
Expert ribbon cutter - Chief bridesmaid Fal
Other bridesmaids - Roswell Ivory, Alivya V Free and Jessica Abidde (all amazing models you should go look up!)
Cake topper -Sugar & Vice
Cheesecake - Lincolnshire Poacher
Cake cake - Beckie-Anne Burnett (family friend)
Signage and invites - WedFest
Postbox - Uncle Rob
Music by Carl Poelstra and Decoy


It was absolutely perfect. I spent the whole day happy crying (as did Stu!) and it was just incredible. We spent the whole day feeling so loved, and so lucky. There aren't words for it.

Best. Day. Ever.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. What a glorious wedding, totally loved looking through your photographs, and you looked stunning. Congratulations.x

  2. Oh my goodness! I loved watching you putting this wedding together through your blog, and I love how incredibly YOU it all is. What a beautiful day, and what a special way to make this commitment. Love to you both x

    1. thank you so much lovely <3 it was the best day of my life! We wanted it to be super chilled out and us and I think we really achieved it. You'll get to meet Stu and the British Plus Size Awards cause we are totally coming down for it! xx

  3. I adore that black and white one of you and Stu. Even though there's lots of people about, you're just looking at one another like there's no one there.
    The one in the forest is really stunning as well. They all are, to be fair.

    Also your bouquet is AMAZING. Succulents everywhere!

    Congrats to you both x

    1. thank you lovely, with the bubbles? It's Stu's fave. We're getting the forest photo in a really awesome malificent-esque frame. I collect succulents so we just had to have them! Thank you so much <3 xx

  4. Oh wow you both look amazing! Glad you had such a wonderful day. I love the Wedstock 2016 posters, such a clever festival twist for the big day

    1. thanks so much! WedFest were such a good company to find :)

  5. Congratulations. I absolutely adore your photos. Beautiful. I also love that you had two cakes!

    1. thanks so much! My Mum and my now-husband were obsessed with the idea of the cheese cake so it had to happen!

  6. These photos are incredible - you both look so in love! Watching your blog series culminate in this ending has been so brilliant to watch - really enjoyed reading about it!

    Lottie xx

    1. thank you honey <3 it was the best day of my life xx

  7. These photos are so full of joy and they made me smile so much. As a rock/metal chick, I love the cake and the Wedstock thing. :) Congratulations! xx
    Just Me Leah

    1. thank you honey, you'd have loved the music in the evening, all hair metal and rock! xx