Keeping Cool in Turkey With Simply Be*

Tuesday 5 July 2016

When we picked Turkey for our honeymoon I was expecting it to be in the low-mid 30's in the evenings while we were there. Instead it turned out to be hitting 46 degrees on the regular which is just not remotely comparable to even the best of British summer heat. It meant a lot of my evening outfits were out of the question because it was still so damn hot you wanted to dress as cool as was possible.

And come to the rescue was this Simply Be halterneck dip hem maxi dress*. Simply Be very kindly sent me this for my honeymoon as a wedding present which was so sweet! I haven't owned a halterneck in years but the pattern on this really intrigued me so I picked this out.

The halterneck style meant a lot of shoulder out which totally helped keep me cool once the heat really hit the highs. I wore this twice because I also realised I could absolutely get away without a bra in this dress. Which was heaven! It's a super light material which only creased very lightly in the suitcase which was great. I took a few bits I ended up not being able to wear because of creasing and I wasn't about to pay for my clothes to be ironed. This dress has a shirred back which is always great for a comfy fit and allowing for extra room for those of you who are more blessed in the bust department than I am. I tied the halterneck up in a double knot and it didn't budge once tied, very reassuring!

The pattern on this dress is the real star of the show. It's a sort of zigzig patchwork and I love it. It's really quirky and different and both times I wore this I got so many compliments! The dip hem gave great movement when I was walking around, I love a dress that helps make me feel dramatic. This was the outfit that I wore on the hottest nights and I still felt totally adorable. I have to admit though, once we'd taken these photos my hair went up!

Thanks so much for the cute summer dress Simply Be!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes an item that was gifted to me, In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. The dress is beautiful, those colours are so perfect for sultry sunny weather. Congratulations on your wedding too.x

  2. Congrats for your marriage! I hope Turkey was wonderful for you! The dress looks wonderful! Perfect for a summery evening and hot weather! Beautiful colours too!

  3. I adore this dress, and I particularly adore it on you! You look like a BABE!

  4. Love the print, and the shape is great on you. I love a dip hem :)