On The Importance of Getting Bra Measured

Sunday 24 April 2016

I've always had a bit of a complex about my boobs. I'm essentially convinced that they are almost non-existent, especially for a plus size gal. As a result, I've just worn whatever cheap bra I deemed adequate, and assumed it was a done deal that I couldn't get cute bras that had small enough cups in my larger back size.

As it turns out.... I was wrong. With the impending nuptials, a bra fitting was in order. I didn't think I could really wear an ill fitting one for my wedding, that was a step too far even for me. I looked up some of the plus size lingerie brands and came across Pretty Woman in Cleethorpes who stock Elomi. Getting your boobs out in front of a stranger is an interesting prospect. As a photographer, women get their boobs out for me without a moment's thought. Being plus sized and body positive, I think women feel comfortable around me. However, I will be the first to admit that I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of being topless in front of someone else.

And now here I am sharing photos of me in my bra on the internet..... well.

The lovely staff at Pretty Woman put me so at ease that I just ended up with my boobs out and not a second though. My Auntie and Nanny also got measured the same day, and my Mum had been the week before. A proper girly day out haha! The staff really made you feel comfortable with them and when it came to the actual bras I was so impressed.

I've been wearing a 42C for years. The last bra fitting I had the store had no bras in in my back size, and told me I was a B cup and to wear a C because no one makes a 42B. Well, Pretty Woman got me sorted! It turns out I'm a 42E. I was wearing a bra 3 cup sizes too small! Cup sizes look different on every back size is the thing. An E cup might look enormous on someone with a 30 back, but on me they look relatively small. I have a literal hand full and nothing more. I'd been squashing my poor boobs into the wrong size for a very long time.

The Anushka plunge bra, I love the bright colours!

I knew about the 'swoop and scoop' and how it works for migrated breast tissue thanks to Caroline of Curvy Wordy, you can read her bra fitting guide here. Essentially, because we aren't wearing the right bra size, your boobs try to escape, the swoop and scoop forces the breast tissue back where it is supposed to be, filling out the cups properly. If I don't do this, the E cup looks huge on me. Once I've done it, it fits wonderfully.

Pretty Woman actually stocked a variety of bras in my size which is awesome. They stock a huge range of sizes because they believe that if they don't stock the bra size, how can they fit it properly? Love them for that! I tried on several different bras and snagged some lush Elomi bras. I'm now all about ogling different brands online as I know their bras will actually fit me!

If you haven't been measured in a little while, please do go and get measured by a store that stocks your sizes if at all possible. I highly recommend Pretty Woman if you are at all local to me!

Who are your favourite lingerie brands? I need to know all of the brands now!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. You look so great in this style, I want one! The colours are glorious! And yes ladies! Proper boob measurements are so important for a great fit. So glad you've found a boobie happy place :)

    1. What a fabulous looking bra! Such great colours. Elomi are a lovely bra company too!

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  2. I got measured this weekend too, although I made the mistake of going to M&S - I feel like as soon as you're anything over a D cup the measurements they give you are just random plus they can't look you square in the boob! Unlike, say, Bravissimo who are wonderful - but whose prices reflect it.

    I think my size is fluctuating a bit at the moment while I get into a fitness routine, but I'll definitely be going back there later in the year!

    Your new bra is GLORIOUS, love a pop of colour. I got a yellow one at the weekend!

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. that's what was so good about this shop, they had up to a K in as standard! Thank you :) xx

  3. There are some simple tips each women should know about size measurement. Great article Kitty :). I am glad i came upon your blog. I do blog about bras and measurements.

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