A Morning at The Crafty Retreat

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Now that Stu's birthday is finally gone, and I've given him his present, I can share with you what I got him! With the wedding coming up we decided this year we would get each other silly presents and spend less money so all our funds could go on the wedding instead. I had no idea what to get him! Then thanks to my friend Rachel I got a stroke of genius. I popped to see her at her business The Crafty Retreat Ceramic Studio in Scartho, Grimsby, to pick up a prize she has kindly donated to my next blog giveaway (coming soon!) and I saw the perfect thing on the wall. A few days later I was back at The Crafty Retreat with my future step-sons to create.

What I saw on the wall was this incredible shark mount! I just had to come back and paint it for Stu for his birthday. We have a bunch of stag heads on the walls, and this would be a hilarious addition. 

And for the boys to paint, their own sharks to give to their Dad for his birthday.

At The Crafty Retreat you paint and decorate beautiful ceramic pieces, then are then put into a kiln for you to seal. There is everything from cute phrases, to dragons, owls, monsters, hearts and more. It doesn't cost any extra to sit in and paint, and you are provided with 23 different colours, paintbrushes and paint trays.

This tile is a particularly nifty table addition because it shows you what the paint colours will look like after they've been through the kiln. They are a lot more intense.

First up you take a sponge, slightly dampen it and rub over the whole piece. Then the painting can begin! You'll need a couple a layers to get a really solid clean look.

We all decided to go for totally different looks. Cameron went for a purple background and an Arsenal theme as they are Stu's fave, and Ciaran went for a rainbow!

Cam's finished look pre-the kiln. Thierry Henry wore a 14.

Rainbow with a moustache from Ciaran!

And because I'm super witty and hilarious, I painted a tiger shark....geddit! Stu loves a Dad joke. I couldn't resist the pun.

I took forever to paint my shark, and Rachel kindly gave the boys a tile each to paint on the proviso that she could keep them for her walls. Ciaran went for a cat in the fog, and Cam went for a Minecraft cube.

I forgot to take my actual camera with us on the day we did these, however once we'd given Stu the final products, which he loved, I had to photograph them properly!

Didn't the boy's sharks come out amazingly?! The high shine is brilliant.

And mine. I can't wait to get this mounted on the wall. I'm really quite proud of myself!

I totally recommend The Crafty Retreat as a brilliant day out. They host hen do's, birthday parties, painting lessons, or just anyone who fancies a day crafting! I totally plan on going back and creating more.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

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  1. I love these. Such a great idea for a present. I'd love to see a picture once it's mounted on the wall.


    1. thanks! I'll be sure to post a photo on my instagram once it's up :)

  2. shark! shark! :) I really want to paint one now, sounds like fun!

  3. Wow these sharks are amazing. I am rubbish at arts and crafts

    1. thanks! I thought I was too but apparently I've become rather crafty lately

  4. Aww, this is such a lovely idea! Such a cute idea. Hand made gifts are always the best type of gift, and there is clearly a lot of talent in your family with those designs! :) x