I started a YouTube channel!

Tuesday 19 April 2016

I'm not sure if I've really mentioned it before on my blog, but I started a YouTube channel in late 2015! I vlog, film hauls, makeup swatches, all that good sort of stuff. I'm teaching myself video editing and having a lot of fun learning new things. At the moment I'm trying to post twice a week, so pretty consistently!

This is a recent plus size clothing haul with Yours Clothing and New Look goodies, getting ready for our (hopefully happening) honeymoon!

One of my favourite types of YouTube video to watch are monthly favourites, so I just had to film my own! I talk about any favourite bits and pieces I picked up during the last month and any cool adventures I've been on.

I also love a good YouTube tag! It's so fun finding more out about bloggers and Youtubers I admire, that maybe someone might like to learn more about me too. Maybe.

I LOVE watching good YouTube videos. I watch them most mornings while I get ready for work, so I also want to share some of my recent faves with you.

Fat Girl Flow is just everything. She is so inspiring, and so awesome, I just adore her! Seriously, if you don't follow Corissa you really need to sort that out.

I've been watching Helen Anderson for a few years and she's fab. I love her style, and she has the cutest pups. Her fiance is hilarious too. She does talk about dieting/weight loss, so if you find that triggering she might not be the best channel for you. I really like how she films her videos and she's really cute.

I've followed Kiera Rose for years, even when back when she was Scarlet Saint. I actually photographer her a long time ago! She's genuinely adorable and has the cutest ratty babies.

Steph of Nerd About Town is one of my favourite bloggers, a good friend, and a fab YouTuber too! She talks about diversity, being plus size and so much more, please check her out.

Now, who are your favourite YouTubers? I am always looking for more plus size YouTubers to follow in particular!

I also got Snapchat! I add to my story daily, add kittyrambles to see more of my daily life, which is mostly my furbabies, which is no bad thing!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx