Photoshoot with Paigey Christie

Sunday 27 March 2016

I've had the gorgeous Paigey Christie on my facebook for a little while, and when she posted some lush new selfies I told her to come and get in front of my camera instead. And as luck would have it, she happened to be only an hour away from me at that particular moment so a few messages later, and the next day she was on a train to come and work with me! I love it when a surprise shoot happens!

As it was a rather last minute shoot and Paigey wasn't expecting a photoshoot, I provided the outfits from my own wardrobe, which I think worked out rather well. Depending on where you work, this may well be considered NSFW due to lingerie and implied nudity.

Pastel rainbow tutu - Tutu Factory*
Rainbow flower crown - Tutu Factory*
Bra - model's own

We went for a very un-Paige like look to start with, a cute pastel rainbow look! Isn't that tutu just gorgeous?

She's like a beautiful candy Princess.

As we shot such a cutesy look, something totally the other end of the spectrum was needed....

Black tutu - Tutu Factory*
Gothica flower crown - Tutu Factory*
Pentagram - Malice

Isn't Paige the perfect vampy gothic goddess?

And last up, we went for a bright lip and a bra with jeans. Very reminiscent of the old 90's jeans adverts.

I loved shooting with Paige. Photographing other plus size babes is so important to me, and as a photographer I feel it is my responsibility to ensure my work is diverse and celebrates all kinds of beauty.

And if you want to work with me, get in touch! for booking.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*these items were gifted to me in my role as plus size brand ambassador for Tutu Factory.


  1. She is just beautiful - and great styling/photography your work always blows me away!

    C xx

  2. This photoset blows my mind!! Paige looks incredible and I love your style of photography- you're so talented!

  3. She is gorgeous, fierce and a great model!
    And your pictures are beautiful! x

  4. Amazing photos! Paige looks stunning! I love the different looks and the tutu is so cute!

    Sarah xx

  5. She looks gorgeous and I love the photography!

  6. YASSS! What a gorgeous shoot! Paigey is a total babe and I love the looks that you guys have created here. That pastel tutu is just everything. xx

  7. Love the tutu pics. You guys are a match made in heaven! And I am still determined to shoot with you when life gets a little less frantic!

    1. thanks lovely, totally! Once my wedding is all done (eek) I'll be back to normal :) xx