Screw The Fashion Rules

Thursday 3 December 2015

Being plus sized is hard. It’s harder to go shopping, you can’t just walk in anywhere and pick up something you like in your size. It’s harder to just exist, because there is so much fat shaming and abuse that happens simply because we exist. And it’s hard because there are so many so called ‘rules’ of fashion we are told we should follow because we are plus sized.

Well I say screw that! Wear whatever you want! Wear what you love. There are all real rules I’ve pulled from articles I’ve read over the years.

1)      Don’t wear horizontal stripes.

This is a personal bug bear of mine, because I love stripes and that nautical look. This idea that stripes are unflattering, or make us look wider, so we shouldn’t wear them, it’s just silly! If you want to rock the stripes, rock them! Flattering is just a concept after all.

2)      Emphasise your assets.

Maybe this doesn’t seem like a really negative rule…. But if you have a larger bust, do you really want every day to be a boob day? If you have a smaller waist do you really have to nip it in with a belt every day? That’s boring! Change up your silhouette and reject the notion that you have to play up what society tells you are your best assets.

3)      Use black to hide your ‘problem’ areas.

First off, you don’t have any problem areas. You just have areas that you’ve been told are bad. Don’t feel that you have to wear black because it’s traditionally considered a ‘slimming’ colour. Wear bright colours and prints and have fun with colour! Never feel you have to swathe yourself in black and hide away.

4)      Always wear shape wear.

There is nothing wrong with shape wear. Sometimes a fabric might show off your knickers a bit too much, or not quite lie right, and a smooth shape is preferable, but you really don’t have to smooth everything out. Personally, I haven’t worn shape wear in years and years, because I just haven’t found anything I think is particularly comfy, and I just don’t care! Rock that VBO (visible belly outline) if you want to. Humans don’t have smooth bodies naturally, we have all different lumps and bumps and shapes.

5)      Avoid baggy clothes.

I happen to love baggy clothes. The old rule was that baggy clothes hid our figures, so now they should be avoided instead. But sometimes you just want to be cosy and a baggy t shirt is the way to go! Baggy or oversized clothes can look really chic, a lot of my office wear involves oversized tops, and I love how they look.

6)      Don’t wear loud prints/show off your arms/wear shorts…

So this one is a more general one, because I hate seeing people being told what they shouldn’t wear. Ultimately, if you want to show off your legs, wear a mini skirt, buy those shorts! Want to get your arms out? Don’t be afraid, kick ass in that sleeveless dress! Want to embrace the trends and wear those fun prints you’ve been seeing? Do it! Funk up those prints, and mix them altogether if you want.

Rules were always made to be broken, so have fun with fashion, and screw what other people tell you that should or shouldn’t do. It’s your body and your life, so live it!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Yeeeesssss!! I love to break all the 'rules' too! You look fab in all these outfits. So glad that you have your own style and flip those fashion dont's the finger because you look perfect X

  2. I agree about shapewear, it is just so uncomfortable - how can you go out for a fun night out and be all yeuch !?
    Lynn @more4mums

    1. Isn't it just? I'd rather be comfy and lumpy!

  3. Your a beaut and I love this post - wear whatever you want ladies, there are no rules.

  4. My new fashion mantra: 'Change up your silhouette and reject the notion that you have to play up what society tells you are your best assets' - love it!!!

    C xx