New Look Inspire Try On Session

Tuesday 8 December 2015

I recently popped into my local New Look which has an ever decreasing Inspire section. It had a sale section so I thought I'd try a few bits on I'd been eyeing up and see how they fit.

First up, a little tartan number that wasn't on sale, but I have been lusting after since it first appeared on the website.

Check Skater Dress

This dress is so damn cute! New Look stuff is often on the short side for me, but this was perfect for me. The check print and the fit are very me, and the fit is great. I might just have to go back for this!

Rust Suedette Stitch Panel Cami

I wanted to like this. Suede is really having a moment and this rust colour really works for it. I sized up as I hoped to wear it more oversized. The length was good, but the stitch panel wasn't quite right, I wish it was plain on the front.

Burgundy Suede Panel Skater Dress

I have looked at this dress a few times, and at £10 I felt it was meant to be. But sadly, it was not. It fit great, the suedette panels are cute and the colour is a favourite of mine for winter, but it has a problem I just couldn't look past.

The lining leaves this awful line in the bust area. I tried several different ways to fix it and lie it flat, and it just wouldn't. Such a shame! I would have loved this otherwise. It was all I could look at, so even for £10 on sale, I couldn't buy it.

So what do you think, do I go back for the tartan dress?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. That tartan dress is very cute, I really like it on you. I think I will have to pop in and try this dress on.

    1. thanks! Isn't it so cute? You totally should!

  2. I find that I have the same problem with lining, or lack of lining in New Look Inspire garments. So irritating, right? That tartan dress is PERFECT though! We may end up being dress twinsies again lol <3 xx

    1. hehe I can be the bad influence this time! :P you'd look amazing in that dress! It's so frustrating for a beautiful dress to be ruined by the lining! xxx

  3. I like the Tartan dress a lot. It looks great.