November Favourites

Tuesday 1 December 2015

November seems to have been a month that couldn't have been over soon enough. It's so close to Christmas now so I am concentrating on that!

First up, I'm nominated for a Navabi blogger award! I've never won anything for my blog, and I don't imagine I will this either, but it's super fun to be nominated. If you want to vote for your favourite bloggers, click the picture below

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2015

I got a few exciting bits in November, so here are my faves.

First up has to be this Candy Strike dress. I ordered it a few months ago when they announced they were sadly closing, and I am so glad I managed to get something from them before they closed. I wrote a full blog post about it here.

Part of my Crown & Glory Glitterati box, this amazing painted rose flower crown was part of their Alice in Wonderland theme. And I am obsessed! It almost looks like blood which I love. This was exclusive to the Glitterati so isn't available for sale, sorry! I filmed an unboxing for this on my YouTube channel.

Ashen's new hi-vis jacket! As a furbaby Momma, their health and safety is top of my concerns list, and especially in winter I worry about how easy it is to see my babies. Ashen is predominantly black as a rottie cross, so whilst I always walk him on the lead in areas with roads/populated areas, there is always that risk that something could happen and he could get loose or panic unexpectedly. It's so dark at night now, that a hi-vis is a must for him. I want him to be incredibly visible just in case. I also have a light up collar on order for him that hasn't arrived yet. This one is really bright and the reflective parts are crazy bright! I got it from Amazon, and it is available in different sizes, Ashen is wearing the X Large.

Another Crown & Glory Glitterati box goodie! Our boxes were slightly late this month due to a delay in something being shipped to them, we were told right away and in our secret Glitterati group no one minded the extra wait, we knew it would be so worth it! They popped this silver moon hair clip in as an extra way to say sorry, which was so sweet. And I was thrilled. I'd seen a similar clip on ASOS and loved it but it was only available in gold, which is not my thing, so when I received the silver version I was so pleased. It holds really well in my hair.

I won a voucher from The Serpent's Club and bought this gorgeous Sabbat necklace. It is so striking and pretty, it comes in different stones, but I opted for the opalite as I adore it. I was worried it would rotate but it actually sits perfectly all the time which I was impressed with, the skull is weighted just right.

I buy a lot of my clothes second hand, from Ebay, Depop or other bloggers, and I snagged myself this dress from Kate London-James. It was originally from Yours Clothing, and it is such a 'me' sort of dress. I love a midi for autumn, especially with 3/4 sleeves, and the rose print is lush. This is so the perfect autumn dress. I bought this back in October but it arrived in November so I wanted to feature it in here.

So these are actually from October's Crown & Glory Glitterati box, but I've been wearing them so much more this month. I love butterflies, and I love the versatility of these clips. They have them in more colours I'd love Santa, just in case you are reading this! I'm quite surprised I've managed to keep hold of these, my Mum is always eyeing them up.

What are your favourites from November? Let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Well done for being nominated!! Will make sure to vote for you and I love your flower crown by the way

    Laura x

  2. Congratulations on your nomination lovely. :) I will be voting as I have fallen in love with your blog the little while I've been reading it. :) I love Ashen's hi-vis jacket!! He is so cute. :) And I love the hair goodies. :) Leah is getting these boxes too and I've been tempted. Seeing them here now makes me even more tempted. :) xxx Mookie

    1. aww thank you sweet! The Glitterati boxes are so much fun, the December box is dispatched today and I can't wait to get it! xxx

  3. Well done on your nomination!!! I love Crown and Glory, your rose crown is so cute :)

  4. I love that crown SO much! It's made me realise I need allll the bigger crowns. xx

    1. you would totally rock them! I can't wait to get this month's box, so excited for all the glitter! xx