A Scarlett & Jo Surprise

Thursday 26 November 2015

EDIT - While the quality of their clothes isn't in doubt, I cannot encourage anyone to buy from Scarlett & Jo or support their business for ethical reasons.

Recently the Scarlett & Jo launched their own website! I have been really excited to see this, S&J really care about what they do, and really love what they are doing. Their website is a wonderful thing, the range of models is so diverse, there truly is every body shape and size wearing their clothes and looking amazing. So many brands claim to care about all sizes of customers, but so few then actually use models who don't conform to the 'acceptable' side of plus size. Hour glass figures, big boobs, small waists, tall, white. So to see what Gifi has done with S&J fills me with joy!

I've been ordering a lot of Christmas presents lately, so when a box turned up for me I assumed it was one of those. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to discover a Scarlett & Jo box inside! I hadn't ordered anything, and had no idea anything was being sent to me, it was such a treasured marvel!

My beautiful surprise inside came wrapped up in tissue paper in this box, it's so well presented! I couldn't wait to open it.

And inside was this gorgeous fit and flare dress with lace shoulders! It is so very 'me'. The neckline is incredible. I don't have much of a bust, but it really played up what I have! It is very short on me, I'm 5ft 11 after all, but I paired it with some mesh leggings from ASOS, an old ASOS belt, and my favourite stompy boots, and I was well away. The dress hangs slightly longer at the back, so while it is short, my butt was well covered! I went out for dinner in this dress with my family and got compliments all round.

I couldn't resist an extra cheeky selfie in the bathroom at the Kingsway. It had a freaking chaise lounge in it! I added accessories in the form of a Rosa Pietsch necklace and a Crown & Glory flower crown. S&J were also kind enough to send me some truly lush midnight blue velvet leggings that I will post as soon as I have a good outfit photo of them. I often find velvet leggings to really slide when you wear them, but the stretch and fit of these doesn't feel like they will.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. What a lovely surprise! You look so gorgeous (as always) and I'm living for the Wednesday Addams dress too! So fab <3

    1. Isn't it fab? I can SO see you in that dress! Thanks sweet xx

  2. I really do like the fit n flare dress, the design is just stunning x

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! This dress is so you! There is a lot of great stuff on the website I must say. And so great to see models of all shapes and sizes.

    1. thanks sweetness! It makes me so happy seeing all those different babes, especially so many I know! xx

  4. thanks so much lovely! Oooo what did you get? xxx