Roswell Ivory & Alivya V Free Photoshoot

Tuesday 10 November 2015

I was recently lucky enough to spend the day shooting with both Roswell Ivory and Alivya V Free. What a treat! Two of my favourite babes in one day was always going to be an amazing day.

We were incredibly lucky to be given access to a beautiful swimming pool for our first location, and I was so excited. I loved shooting models in water, and a photo shoot in a swimming pool has been a dream for a long time!

It was such a wonderful experience. The pool wasn't heated, so props seriously go to Roswell and Alivya for being so brave and posing like rock stars even in freezing cold temperatures!

Alivya bought this white dress with her, and some chiffon material, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect concept!

Roswell sported some gorgeous lace latex by Lady Allura's Latex and went for a totally different look, with a more pin up theme.

And of course, they had to pose together, like two beautiful mermaids.

Sorry it was so cold! Forgive me!

Next up, I took them both back for hot shower and hot chocolates to warm up! Then Roswell donned a Lady Allura's Latex top for some moody head shots with still wet hair.

Alivya had some incredible latex from Kaori's Latex Dreams, and this lip print dress was my favourite. The lips are 3D rubber! So incredible. Kaori is amazing.

As Roswell and Alivya are a similar dress size, Roswell also slipped into some Kaori's Latex Dreams for some portraits together. Miaw!

Roswell had some beautiful lingerie by Louise Ferdinand to wear, so we decided to shoot something very different for us. Super simple makeup, hair down, and very natural.

Alivya then wore the pink Kaori's Latex Dreams dress, and oozed Hollywood glamour! I spent a lot of time with serious hair envy around these two.

Alivya is also an incredible designer, her company is Creations by Liv Free. She had this stunning piece with her and I had to shoot both models in it. Alivya is making my veil for my wedding next year, can't wait!

And finally, Alivya modelled this beautiful corset by Serinde Corsets. I adore the colours of this! Deep jade green with pale skin is always a winner.

I am so lucky to shoot with such inspiring people. I actually shot a behind the scenes video this day, so you can get an idea of how goofy we all are. Photo shoots look so glamorous... I assure you they are not!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. These photos are gorgeous!! Love the second one the most, the effect of floating in the water is spot on! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

  2. Brilliant photos but I don't envy those girls having to get in a freezing cold pool! So much for glamour!!

    1. It was so cold, they were so brave! Anyone who thinks photoshoots are all glamour has never been on one ;) but sssh!

  3. Such beautiful photos!

    C xx