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Sunday 8 November 2015

Recently my very spoilt cats were sent a lovely set of noms by to try out. Now the obvious thing to me, was to let them take control and let them review them! So Sinbad got his YouTube on and starred in his very own video.

As you can see, he rather enjoyed them! I have 3 cats, so their daily food for the next week or so became the goodies that sent. They had a bowl full of the Hills Ideal Balance Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Cat Food morning and night, and also shared some Felix Fish Pouch Cat Food. I like giving the cats a mixture of wet and dry food so it is more interesting for them. I'd get bored of eating the same thing all the time, so I'm sure they would too! Now the Felix pouches barely hit their bowls before they had vanished. All 3 of the furbabies adore wet food and basically inhale it! With dry food they are a little fussier. I like to give them a good quality dry food that is full of nutrients. Patches is an old lady, and Sinbad had glaucoma in the eye he had removed, so I want to make sure they get all the goodness they need. The Hills Ideal Balance food is a really high quality food and I was impressed with all the vitamins it included, as well as containing no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives. And man, how those cats chomped it down! They absolutely loved it and were so excited to for breakfast every morning.

They also had some Dreamies, which any cat Momma will know, kitties love! Patches and Stitches particularly love it and will do that adorable begging that cats do for Dreamies. They had the cheese and beef mix and really like them. I like that they sell different flavours and mixtures of their flavours, it makes it more fun for the kitties. offer free delivery on orders over £19.99, and they also offer a subscription service called Bottomless Bowl, which means you can get your pet food delivered right to your door, on a regular basis, which is brilliant! I have to admit that I find buying pet food in stores a right pain. Carrying kilos of food to my car, then into my house can be a nightmare, but this way it arrives right at my door instead. You can cancel it at any time, skip a delivery, change the delivery date, and schedule deliveries for anything from every 2 weeks, to 12 weeks.

I was really impressed with the customer service and care offer, and they really care about what they do. They even have a section called 'Reasons To Smile' that is full of cute furbaby photos, and have a link to encourage rescuing pets which is wonderful. All 4 of my furbabies are rescues and it is something that is very important to me.

Thanks for sending my babies goodies to try!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx