Photoshoot with Indie Fox

Tuesday 24 November 2015

I hardly ever put out casting calls on PurplePort, but I did recently and was totally thrilled when the gorgeous Indie Fox responded to it. I love shooting plus size models, and I really try hard to have as much diversity in my portfolio as I can. I think it is so important to showcase all the different kinds of beauty, and believe it is one of my responsibilities as a photographer. We worked together to produce a bunch of different sets for Zivity, a paysite I shoot for. I love Zivity because it is body positive and so inclusive.

First up we shot a simple set with this fab Killstar tshirt. I love a mix of casual and sexy!

Next up we shot some classic black and white lingerie photos. Hasn't Indie got the most beautiful face?!

We had so much fun working together. I clicked with Indie really well and we nattered while we worked.

Just look at that face!

You know I couldn't not shoot this amazing leopard print ensemble! I think the blue of this location, combined with the leopard print and Indie's red hair look so good together.

I don't do much in photoshop, just some colour adjustments. Indie has great skin and posed her butt off.

I fell in love with this velvet dress! It's like, something teenage Wednesday Addams would wear. Love it!

Sometimes I like to do a bit more of an unusual edit, and with the pleather corset I thought this red look would work so well. Fetish glam!

For our final set of the day I had a rather.... unusual concept in mind. I proposed it, and got a yes! I always love when models are up for something crazy. I went out in the garden to prepare the concept while Indie got ready.

How many models would get naked in a bath full of autumn leaves for you?

I absolutely LOVED shooting with Indie, and I really hope we get to work together again soon.

I also filmed a little behind the scenes vlog!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2015


  1. Looks great, you're such a good photographer!

  2. What awesome photos, she must have been freezing in that bath! x

    1. I promise it was filled with nice and warm water! Unlike my last photoshoot which had a model in a freezing cold pool :S thank you! x

  3. Kitty you are so talented! I love the leather corset and red photo and the bathtub full of leaves ... amazing!!!

    C xx

    1. thanks so much lovely! That was the only photo from the leaves set I could actually share haha, too much nudity for my blog