September Favourites

Sunday 4 October 2015

I tend to start writing my monthly favourites blog as soon as I get anything I want to include in it! So I generally start writing it about the 10th of the month and add to it so I don't forget anything. I get so excited to share my favourites, it's the videos I love the most on Youtube, and my favourite sort of blog too!

So technically this is an August fave, but I got it done so late that I didn't manage to include it in my blog. My beautiful, one session off being finished, leg sleeve by Keely Rutherford of Jolie Rouge. Read the full blog post about it, including lots of progress shots, here. It's a London based studio, but well worth the travel. They have such incredibly talented artists, and are a bunch of sweethearts too!

One of my selfies got featured on the Eff Your Beauty Standards instagram and facebook was pretty awesome! I took these mirror selfies in my local feeling super cute and was so thrilled to see them shared! I'm also wearing a new fave dress in this photo from Pink Clove, that I loved so much I bought the black version too!

Crown & Glory Rainbow Rose Headband

When I saw this headband on Crown & Glory's Depop at £12.50 I immediately bought it! Apparently it is a 'slight second'. I have no idea how! I bloody love it.

ASOS Curve Dress

I bloody love this dress! I love how 80's it is, and I love that it is such a different colour from anything I've ever worn before. I wore it to a wedding (full blog post and more photos here) and felt amazing. It also comes in orange, which is seriously tempting me!

Brave Soul Sneakers from ASOS

Stu really loves this style of shoe because they are ridiculously comfy, and whilst eyeing him up a silver faux snake skin pair, I spotted these and had to have them. £7 in the sale! Since I got them they've basically been glued to my feet. You can see how I wore them here. If I don't have to wear socks, I'm happy!

Crown & Glory Lotta Rosie Headband

Part of my Glitterati box (full blog post here), this is the piece that stood out for me. The colours remind me of berries and hawthorn, perfect for autumn!

This Missguided dress that I blogged about here. I feel so cute wearing it!

My first Lindy Bop dress, read the full blog post here. I felt so cute!

I went to Hull New Theatre to see Northern Ballet perform their version of Madame Butterfly, and just wow. I've been lucky enough to catch the Northern Ballet perform a few different pieces, and this has to be my favourite. It was so incredibly well done, utterly heartbreaking and devastating. I had been curious as to how an opera would translate into a ballet, and they did the most incredible job. That last scene.... just wow. It moved us all to tears. Stunning use of lighting and music really amplified every emotion.

My photoshoot with Charlotte Hatt and Mary Burgers, which you can find the full details of over here. A true plus size collaboration! They are both such bad ass and inspiring babes. Mary has moved back the the USA for now and I miss her so much!

And finally...

The Curve Fashion Festival, which I have blogged about here, and here! It was so much fun, and I met so many wonderful people. I can't wait to go to another event and see these babes again.

What were your September faves? I love autumn, so share with me please!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. Love, love love the floral headbands - they are so pretty! Also your tattoo is stunning, especially the range of colours in it! :)