Crown & Glory Glitterati Box - October

Thursday 8 October 2015

October brings with it my second Crown & Glory Glitterati box! I got my first one in September, and was hooked immediately. If you don't know what the Glitterati box is, it is a subscription service for hair accessories! I joined up after having Botox for my chronic pain and finally being able to wear things in my hair for the first time in years.

Each box comes with an insert telling you what you have been sent, and how much they would be without the subscription. The stars gave a hint of the theme....

This is the first ever personalised item in a Glitterati box! It is a lush black velvet with hints of glitter, mounted onto a silver headband.

And the stars are all the constellation of your birth sign, in my case, Aquarius. It is so so pretty! I can see this with a LBD being so glamorous and gorgeous. This is also a Glitterati exclusive so unavailable to buy.

It looks like a beret, isn't it so cute?! 

It looks cute worn on either side of my head, I felt so glam!

No Snag Hair Ties

I have wanted to try some no snag hair ties for a little while, and the galaxy and space colours of these are beautiful! You wouldn't mind these on your wrist, just in case you need them.

Metallic Star Printed Wired Headscarf

I love a wired headband! The way they hold the shape and sit on your head is fab. This comes in either navy or black, I got it in navy, which isn't a colour I usually wear, but it really works with the star print.

Isn't it so pretty? The stars are all over.

Starlight Comb £10

I absolutely love this hair comb. The grey and black glitter is so delicious, I can see me wearing this a lot over winter!

I was SO excited for this box to come. November already seems way too far away! I love that it's a themed box, and not at all what you expect for October. So gorgeous.

What subscription boxes are you signed up to? Are you also part of the Glitterati?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. Gorgeous! I love the sparkly, star theme - and that beret is so very glam. There's a touch of old h
    Hollywood about it :)

    Zoe xx

    1. thank you, it's a fab theme! I did feel very 1920's glam :D xx

  2. I am a part of the Glitterati. I love the star hair comb the most. xx

    1. yay! I've not 'met' someone else who is part of it other than in the group of course :) it's so lush isn't it? Excited for November already! xx