Sunday 19 April 2015

2 years ago I photographed the ever so gorgeous Twig, and I finally got the chance to again in March. Twig is so awesome. She's a proper little heavy metal chick who transforms into this glamorous and elegant creature when you point a camera at her. She specialises in lingerie modelling, and has the most amaaaaazing collection of underwear ever!

There was no way we weren't going to use these adorable kitty ears that Twig has. The cuteness!

Last time I shot with Twig the hair flip photos we shot were our favourites, so we had to go for more this time! Lingerie set is from Kiss Me Deadly. I went for something totally different with this shot, let me know what you think! This one doesn't look great on blogspot for some reason, the quality is pretty off.

Possibly my favourite shot of the day, I knew this one was going to be fab when I took it. See what I mean about Twig having the most incredible lingerie collection?! Robe and corset are from Kiss Me Deadly, the pasties, knickers and harnesses are by Karolina Laskowska, who is like, an insane lingerie genius. The Lingerie Addict liked this on instagram, made me day!

Now this is the real Twig! This is the band t-shirt she was wearing when I picked her up, She's a badass.

So I think this is Stu's favourite photo I've ever shot! I've had to link it via my tumblr as when I uploaded it directly to blogspot it haaaated the reds, so if it looks a little off, blame blogspot!

I love shooting with Twig, and I can't recommend her enough.  She's a lovely gal, and such a pleasure to work with, hopefully we'll get to shoot again later this year, no way we are letting it go 2 years this time!

Find more of Twig at the links below - 

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx