I Love My Bedroom - The Art Wall

Tuesday 21 April 2015

I love my bedroom! I love having a room that is just 'ours', and that reflects our personalities. Our bedroom is the 'darkest' room in our house, with black furniture and flooring, and a black wall with skulls on, and it is so wonderfully ours. I love climbing into fresh bedding and snuggling up, watching our TV, sneaking the dog into the room for cuddles when Stu isn't looking and on weekends, getting the dog, and both the cats in the bed too for the snuggliest mornings ever!

Since we got our new wardrobes, we have redecorated our bedroom and have started the 'Art Wall'. I love the look of walls that are filled with different pieces of art in different frames and textures, so now we have the chance to fill a wall, I'm totally doing it! One of our walls is black with skulls, and the rest are white to make sure the room isn't too dark. It's monochrome, with flashes of colour thanks to the bedding and now, the Art Wall.

I am more than happy to do art trades with people for art for this wall, so if you wanted to swap prints of my photography or polaroids for your art, let me know! I particularly love moths and butterflies in art.

Sass & Belle Hanging Butterfly Ornament - no longer available

Sass & Belle Black Photo Frame £4.95

Lawrence Canham Moth Print

Anbhz 'bitchin'' Cross Stitch

Minimal Prints Pulp Fiction Print - no longer available

Minimal Prints Reservoir Dogs Print - no longer available

The Painted Skull Death Head Moth Roe Deer Skull

Fred George Cliff Burton Print

The Range Butterfly on Glass Art

Fred George James Hetfield Print

Sass & Belle Turquoise Photo Frame £4.95

And that's it so far! The photo frames from Sass & Belle just have what they came with in them right now, but I'd like to switch them out for something, they are just so small it's hard to know what to get to put in them. I have a few pieces I have my eye on so I can't wait to see it grow!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx