I love a surprise!

Sunday 1 June 2014

I got some extra pennies recently and decided that I would treat myself to something from Sugar & Vice. They are one of my very favourite companies, but they have SO many awesome goodies I just couldn't decide what to order. Thankfully for me, they offer Lucky Dips! I went for the Lucky Dip 30, you spend £30, and get £50 of Sugar & Vice goodies. There are options for cute, creepy, or 'surprise me!', and you can choose whether or not you have pierced ears or not. I went for 'surprise me!' and I always mark that I don't have pierced ears, while I do actually have pierced ears, I have my first piercing stretched, and in the other 2 piercings in each lobe I only wear silver hoops, so as awesome as Sugar & Vice's earrings are, they just aren't for me.

I am SO thrilled with what I got! They come in a gorgeous matte black gift box, you can actually buy these gift boxes from the website in small, medium and large sizes, starting at £1.50. It's a lovely touch and they are such high quality.

This is a shot of all the awesomeness that I got in my lucky dip, with Sugar & Vice you always get sweeties in your order, Stu loves this part in particular because it usually means a Moaom and he loves them! I also got a cute heart lolipop :) it's a touch that always makes me smile when I get a parcel from them.

First up, this amaaaazing Multi Alien Necklace. It's part of Sugar & Vice's new 'The Girl From Another World' collection, so much awesome! This is a necklace I had been drooling over and was so pleased to happen to get! It is made of a stunning pearlescent acrylic, I wish I could get a photo of it that did it justice.

Next up the adorable Mended Heart Necklace, this is one I cooed over at Halloween, I got it in an ace Zombie green! It's also available in red, but I love that green is an option. So much fun!

Next, the incredibly detailed Mandala Necklace. Just wow. The level of detail in this wooden necklace is just stunning, it really shows the talent that Sugar & Vice have. This isn't one I would necessarily have picked for myself, but I think for the summer it will be my first choice with pretty maxi dresses! It's so unusual and pretty.

And finally, a cute Diamond Gem Clip. This is part of Sugar & Vice's collaboration with Janine Basil, a super talented hair accessories creator. Now the thing I love most about this is, it is so light weight. Because of my chronic pain condition, I have to be incredibly careful with what I wear in my hair, or what style I wear it in, any pressure of weight can exacerbate it and that's the last thing I want! This however, is so light I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wear it for a full day. I own another of Janine's hair accessories and the quality is awesome, she hand makes everything and I can't speak highly enough of her. This little pink diamond will add a cute flash of colour to my 'do!

I am so pleased with the selection I got, I love the sense of surprise with ordering a lucky dip, and getting things I wouldn't necessarily have picked for myself, plus the added bonus of getting more for my buck.

This is not a sponsored post, everything here I bought with my own pennies!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx